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It’s the holiday season, and online spending is already breaking records, with the latest figures from comScore showing 14% year-over-year growth for the first 32 days of the season.
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But while e-commerce sales growth might be outpacing in-store sales growth (and getting more of the buzz as a result), it turns out that most Americans prefer shopping in-store to online, according to survey results from Ipsos. 59% of the Americans aged 18-64 surveyed online said they would rather make a purchase in-store than on their computer (31%), on their mobile phone (6%), or on their tablet (3%). For example, women are almost 25% more likely than men to prefer shopping in-store (66% vs. April findings from Bazaarvoice showed that they’re happier with those purchases, too: close to three-quarters of female survey respondents in that study gave the product they purchased in-store a 5-star rating, compared to slightly more than half of the men who bought in-store.

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