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Shipping containers are manufactured out of COR-TEN steel, a rust resistant process that helps to keep the container in good working condition for decades.
There is a lot of surface area to cover on a shipping container, and high quality paint will keep the shipping container protected from the harsh elements of the nature while in transport either on the high seas, or highways.
It's important to remember that all of the assumptions above are based on new shipping container prices at the factory.
We’re big fans of shipping container-based architecture here at Gizmag, and the latest such project to grab our attention comes via JYA-RCHITECTS and its Low Cost House. Based in a small rural village in South Korea, the Low Cost House is the second in a series of inexpensive homes from JYA-RCHITECTS to be sponsored by the Korea Child Fund in a bid to improve the living conditions of low-income families. Though the plot originally held a previous property, it was in such a state of disrepair – and so blighted by rats – that any notion of undertaking a renovation was sensibly jettisoned in favor of a fresh start. With the project's cost of paramount concern, shipping containers were chosen to provide the main living quarters, but this resulted in unsatisfactory insulation from the elements and insufficient free space. The additional roof and exterior walls offer a new shared space between the containers, and allows easier movement for the family. Completed this year, the Low Cost House measures 101 sq m (1076 sq ft) in all, and its partly-translucent roof, bright colors, and sliding wall sections provide a dynamic and cheerful space to raise a family. Low Cost Guest House Of A Shipping Container - DigsDigs Search for: BEGIN TYPING YOUR SEARCH ABOVE AND PRESS RETURN TO SEARCH.
Unlike other assets owned by shipping lines and container lessors, shipping containers grow old and are cycled out of service because of the condition, not because they became obsolete and out dated.

Given that the majority of the container is steel, it's no wonder that steel accounts for 60% of the price of a new shipping container.
Top quality paint is produced specifically for shipping containers, and the companies that produce it go to great measures to keep the cost in line while providing the most protection available to the container. It needs to be able to withstand heavy abuse while being loaded and unloaded, strong enough to support a full load without bowing or breaking under constant pressure, and able to hold up in humid conditions without delaminating or succumbing to fungal attacks. Given that an overwhelming majority of the dry shipping containers in the world are produced in China, as the cost of labor increases in China so will the cost of shipping containers. Shipping containers at your local depot or dealer, both new and used, will also have a transportation element included in them. The sellers listed on the container auction represent shipping lines and leasing companies from around the world, and are able to provide you with quality shipping containers at competitive prices. The budget-friendly dwelling features three shipping containers placed within a surrounding structure in order to provide a safe and attractive home for a family of seven.
Just as importantly, the container roofs were made available for use, and an attic space was also created. With that in mind the factory price of new, 20' shipping containers fluctuates based on a very few variables - steel, paint, flooring material (normally wood), and labor. Any change in steel price around the world, and you can bet that the factory price of shipping container will change. Okoumé wood from Gabon is currently the most widely used woods for the marine grade plywood used in shipping containers, and it represents 15% of the price of a new container.

However, given the volume of goods produced and exported from China, until the cost of repositioning an empty container becomes competitive with the change in labor costs, container manufacturing is safe in China.
For example, a shipping container in Denver, Colorado is typically more expensive than a shipping container located in Los Angeles. That’s why reusing old materials, things, transforming or recycling them is so popular – in every sphere, including design and architecture. However, shipping lines are continually experimenting with different woods and flooring types to find the most cost effective solution based on available materials. Poteet Architects have created many objects of repurposed things and materials showing us how they can be adapted and transformed into sustainable solutions that combine modern design and low cost.
January 10, 2014 Shipping Container Dimensions November 18, 2013 Now Offering Mobile Offices For Sale September 6, 2013 Where to buy a shipping container? Have a look at this cool guest house – could you imagine that it’s an old shipping container?
The container has a bedroom, a toilet, a sink and a green roof, and moreover, it’s a very low cost solution. The interior is modern and bright; it was insulated with foam and covered with bamboo plywood.

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