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Click here to send MH news, tips, links, documents, factsor factory-built housing related news story suggestions. TweetWhile MODS (Modular on Demand Structures) International of Grand Chute, Wisconsin has sold 300 modular homes worldwide converted from shipping containers, Jose Atencio and his girlfriend, Aubrey Lorge, are combining four of the units to make a 1,100 square foot home to be sited in Menasha, WI, the first of its kind in Fox Valley.
An employee of MODS, Atencio, noting that the home costs about $100 a square foot, designed the two-bedroom unit that will include an office, bathroom, kitchen and even a basement and all the amenities that go with a home. HGTV intends to film the construction of the home in October as part of a TV reality series titled “Living in a Box,” as postcrescent informs MHProNews. MODS President Douglas Larson conceived the idea after seeing a motor home parked next to a shipping container, and noticing the similarity in size, thought he could build a better option for temporary housing. The 'mYPads' - which cost A?20,000 each - are designed to allow young people to have their own rental accommodation but at a price that allows them to save up for a deposit. Louise Stephenson, 30, is a former Forest YMCA resident who hopes to be one of the first people to take advantage of the scheme once the sites are completed.
Forest YMCA chief executive Timothy Pain said: a€?Wea€™ve been overwhelmed by the support the mYPad project has received since its inception. The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline.

The modern micro-home is designed and manufactured by the Costa Rican company Cubica, and is geared towards acting as a holiday home, but I can see (as I’m sure many others can) the potential for the house to serve as a full-time home for a single person, or perhaps a couple. To maximise on the living spaces provided by the unit, Casa Cubica features an exterior deck at both the ground level and on the roof. The shower can be accessed from both the inside and the outside, a nice detail if you need to clean up before entering the main section of the house.
For more container homes check out the Tin Can Cabin, a hand-built container home created for just $36,000. I see the unit at Casa Metta Hotel has now glassed in the outside deck area creating a much bigger living room. This is an interesting use of a shipping container, sort of a version of the Port-a-Bach that might work a bit better for full-time residence. They originally planned for the home to be in Winnebago county, but encountered regulations that did not account for solid metal sides of a single-family home.
Single units have about 320 square feet of space, making them ideal for hunting cabins, summer cottages and oil field workers in North Dakota. It is thought each of the homes could save taxpayers A?25,000 each year by taking people off housing and other related benefits.

The receptionist said: a€?The idea of being able to get your own place for A?75 per week and not have to be living with a shared bathroom in London is just unheard of. This shipping container called Casa Cubica is a great example – it looks great both inside and out.
You’ll find a kitchenette, bathroom, laundry facilities, a bunk bed, and a main living space that can be converted into a dining room, or a bedroom with its clever wall-bed-like design. They’ve also cleaned up the exterior, making the shipping container look less like a hulk of metal and more like a contemporary home (which it is).
The awning over the deck can be lowered to provide some extra privacy, or to lock up the home when it’s not in use. This model of the Casa Cubica is on permanent public display, and you can rent an almost identical version, called the Lotus house at Casa Metta hotel.

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