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If you recycle just two gallons of used oil it can generate enough electricity to run the average household for almost 24 hours.
We are all familiar with recycling newspapers, aluminum cans, glass and plastic bottles, but you may not be aware of the efforts of the petroleum industry and other groups to promote used motor oil recycling: providing convenient collection sites for the purpose of keeping used motor oil out of our waterways and ground water supplies and getting used oil into the recycling system. Recycling your used motor oil into oil recycling containers keeps it out of our rivers, lakes, streams and even the ground water. Used motor oil that is collected by "Do-It-Yourselfers" (DIY) is critical to the used oil recycling system. Anyway, my 10-year-old 8-quart el cheapo plastic oil pan just cracked at the bottom, creating a mess on my driveway.
Searching the web, many people are unhappy with Flotool thin plastic that breaks in 1 week! So I searched a bit further and found people are happy with Harbor Freight Pittsburgh Oil Drain Pan!!!
At our Mtn home I schlep gallon milk jugs of used oil down the mtn to our local dump, as I go there once a week anyway, and they have a big plastic tote for collecting used oil. This pan is THICK, you have to be very strong to fold it in half (I can't, but maybe Arnold Schwarzenegger can!). Five new recycling containers for used cooking oil will be installed in different areas of Calasparra during April. Residents can apply to the Town Hall through the webpage, www.imaginacalasparra for a container to be installed in their area. Cooking oil is one of the worst contaminants: one litre of domestic cooking oil can contaminate up to a thousand litres of water and is particularly difficult to separate from other waste, however, once recycled the oil can be reutilized.

Our wide-range of Stackable Bulk bin offer the flexibility, strength and durability that are demanded in todaya€™s storage and distribution systems. We supply options such as extended length, extended height, added reinforcement, fixed walls, hopper bottom and a choice of colors.
Cost-per-trip studies show that consumers can save up to 70% when switching from expendable cardboard packaging to reusable plastic packaging and transportation products. Our Plastic Bulk Containers can be customized to match your requirements, give us a call and a customer service representative will help meet your needs. Many individuals who are unfamiliar with the importance of recycling used oil are unconsciously harming the environment by throwing it away with their normal garbage or emptying their used oil into storm drains.
In many cases, that means keeping it out of our drinking water, off our beaches, and away from wildlife. The oil you take to a collection center is held in oil recycling containers until the oil is to be recycled. If you change your own oil, be certain that you take it to a collection center for recycling.
Next time you change your own oil, remember, you can make a difference by recycling the oil from your car, truck, motorcycle, boat, recreational vehicle or lawnmower. I was draining hot oil (oil temp maybe around 80C or so), so the hot oil was probably the last straw for the old pan.
Wait about 1h after a drive for the oil to cool down, maybe 50C (warm to touch), then it is better. Mine is decades old and still holds the 8 qts from the X, and slides under 2 of my 3 scoots for their oil changes.

The BMW name, marks, M stripe logo, and Roundel logo as well as X3, X5 and X6 designations used in the pages of this Web Site are the property of BMW AG.This web site is not sponsored or affiliated in any way with BMW AG or any of its subsidiaries. Accessories include label placards, identification plates and lids.Collapsible Plastic Containers can be used for automotive, appliance and furniture components - plastic molded components, food applications, grocery distribution, hardware, plastics and rubber, resins and powders, retail distribution, textiles, and tools. What we do with the used oil from our cars plays an important role in balancing our desire for convenient transportation with our desire for a clean and healthy environment today and for future generations. If you take your car to an automotive service outlet, you can be fairly certain that they recycle the oil that they change. By dropping off your used motor oil today you help prevent pollution and conserve energy for a safer and healthier tomorrow.
Many of our containers are collapsible and, when empty, can be quickly collapsed to reduce the storage space requirements and transportation costs.
To put it into perspective, just one gallon of used oil can contaminate 1 million gallons of water. Recycling used oil allows us to continue to enjoy what many of us take for granted every day – clean water. It can be reprocessed and used in furnaces for heat or in power plants to generate electricity for homes, schools, and businesses.
It can also be sent to a refinery that specializes in processing used oil and re-refined into lubricating base oils that can be used to formulate engine oils.

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