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How I designed and planted my Proven Winners Porch, plus 5 tips for successful flowering container gardens. One of the most enjoyable aspects of early summer is designing displays of annual flowers in containers.
Some of the Proven Winners plants used in this display were sent to me by the PW company, and others I got at the garden center. The first thing to consider when planting pots is where the container is going to be placed. In this pot the Euphorbia Diamond Frost has a fine texture which contrasts with the other plants heavier leaves and flowers. This pot contains three plants that repeat the yellow color (Supertunia Limonchello, Osteospermum Bright Lights Yellow, and Sanvitalia Sunbini) with different size flowers. Fill the container completely to the bottom of the pot, and don’t cover drainage holes. Use new potting soil…if the container is large or tall you might recycle some of last years mix in the bottom third of the pot, breaking it up if there are still roots there, and throwing in some fertilizer. Mix together equal parts of a time-release synthetic fertilizer and organic granular fertilizer and work this into the potting soil before you plant.
I fill the pot to near the top, and don’t pack it down much, but let the water settle things in. Order Picking Contianer Carrier Trolley designed to house 4 x GC0003 containers, or containers of an equivalent size. The Infosys global supply chain management blog enables leaner supply chains through process and IT related interventions. In next 2-3 blogs, I will lay out the various picking methodologies and system capabilities and present the right combinations of methodologies and systems that warehouses must adapt. As one picker is fulfilling the order, order accuracy can be easily tracked back to the picker.
This process allows the total travel distance to be minimized for pickers and they become more familiar with items located in their assigned zones. In the second, different containers for multiple orders batched together are placed on a cart and item sorting takes place during picking.

Batch picking improves productivity since the picker makes one trip to pick a number of orders. It must be highlighted that all the above methodologies can be accomplished using paper picking. In the next blog, we will look into various picking systems and the relevant business scenarios that support them. Very well written and explained.The process of picking as explained here is existing in many warehouses globally but what could act as a differentiator for pick in jiffy may be the modern methodologies adopted for easy identification,screening, scanning,navigating and transporting of the inventory within the 4 walls of the warehouse courtsey RF guns with scanners,voice-picks, pick-to-light, jack-trucks,forklifts and above all the nucleus of all these- a robust warehouse software system. Please key in the two words you see in the box to validate your identity as an authentic user and reduce spam. I knew I wanted to use the green pots this year that have a touch of blue on them, and that there will be a few seaside references such as the clam basket of balls and glass floats and the lighthouse.
That will determine what plants you can use, since you’ll want to use shade-lovers in darker areas and those that do best in sun in those bright locations.
The shape of the Petunia and Calibrachoa flowers repeat each other, and their coloration (yellow with a blush of coral) is similar on these Supertunia Honey and Superbells Tropical Sunrise. Other annuals in this pot will have  contrasting colors and shapes when they come into bloom.
This practice is useful on really, really congested, root-bound plants but it’s gotten out-of-hand and can be more disruptive to potted plants than leaving them alone.
On one hand, they are required to support the growing e-Commerce sales where picking happens by unit (individual item or each picking). Aberdeen research estimates picking activities operating cost to be 35% of the operating budget and over 50% of the direct labor1.
On the downside, it may be inefficient method as picker has to travel entire warehouse to pick the order. However, as the order complexity and order volumes increase, it becomes imperative to use advance picking systems like voice picking, RF picking, Pick-to-Light picking etc. The unique predicament of high volume vs low volume and more vs less order lines can be stategically handled by these systems to balance pick workforce, machineries, time and above all customer saticfaction. Every year I try something different here…a new color scheme, a different collection of pots, or a particular theme.

Here are the varieties I’ve planted, and how I go about designing and planting a container.
But their round flower shape contrasts with the Euphorbia, Cuphea and Angelonia Angelface Blue blooms. In addition to the yellow, there is blue Evolvulus Blue My Mind and Angelonia Angelface Blue and coral in the Calibrachoa Superbells Tropical Sunrise. After they are all in the pot I fill in any gaps with spare potting soil, knowing that over the course of several days and waterings the potting soil will settle in and sink down a bit more. Given the fertilizer and room to spread their roots, these annuals will grow quickly and will start to put on a colorful show soon.
On the other, they continue to support existing store operations, where items have to be handled either in eaches or cases. Companies experience tremendous pressure to reduce operating costs while optimizing resources. Once the picker is done with picking all items from the specific zone, (s)he passes it to the picker in the next zone.
In first, the item required for multiple orders batched together is picked and placed in a container. The shape of the plants also vary: Angelonia will have a tall shape, the Cuphea, Calibrachoa and Euphorbia a rounded shape, and the Supertunia Honey will cascade down over the pot and onto the porch. I think that it’s a mistake to push the soil in hard, or to press the potting mix in around the plants since this compresses the air out of the mix and makes it harder for the plants to grow roots quickly. Great fun), Calibrachoa Superbells Tropical Sunrise, Osteospermum Bright Lights Yellow, Sanvitalia Sunbini, Evolvulus Blue My Mind, Nemesia Sunsatia Blood Orange, Bidens Campfire Fireburst, Mecardonia Golddust, Cuphea Vermillionaire, Petunia Supertunia Limoncello, Portulaca Mojave Tangerine, Petunia Supertunia Honey, and Lobularia Snow Princess. Also, they are now forced to strike the right balance between the high-order-volumes-and-less-order-lines scenario of the e-comm world and  less-order-volumes-and-high-order-lines scenario of stores. Picking therefore is a very important activity for improving productivity and customer service.

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