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The interior and exterior home design can influense a home owner’s emotions, there are lot of inspiration of nice design and decoration on this blog that may be your reference in decorating your home. Wonderful house from Santa Monica House brought by Jendretzkillc would be such a beautiful and unique house. Shipping container home plans popular unusual living space from Building Lab, Inc is designed perfectly in rectangular shape. Maison Conteneur also brings the container house with the best design and style especially in the bedroom design. Shipping container home plans popular unusual living space from Lake Losco House Exterior from Resolution 4 Architects also would be such a special house for the owner. Low Cost Guest House Of A Shipping Container - DigsDigs Search for: BEGIN TYPING YOUR SEARCH ABOVE AND PRESS RETURN TO SEARCH.
Shipping containers are an economic way to provide housing and office space not only in less developed nations but in hard to reach and temporary locations and they are eco-friendly. A 10-foot wide by 40-foot long container can be bought from a shipping company for less than $15,000. Hi Keith; Still contemplating whether to buy in Canada and need to have the family see Kitchener area. City officials in Markham are trying to stop the surge in requests to change street addresses to luckier numbers. Check out other gorgeous pre-fab houses, like these ones made for the modern homesteader with a sustainable streak. That math makes pre-fab unrealistic, so modular companies set up regional factories, sometimes 30 factories for one brand, all building the same product. At the beginning of the month, Connect Homes trucked their model unit from Los Angeles up to Silcon Valley for Dwell's Silicon Valley Home Tours. This amazing shipping container homes cost is designed like the container where the shape is in rectangular shape.

This unusual house is designed with the wooden surface combined with the concrete wall design.
They are considered to be a terrific way of recycling and of saving resources like lumber and steel. We forget as real estate agents that the general public does not know how commissions work.
But Connect Homes’ innovation is to make them fit in shipping containers, so high-end green design can end up anywhere on the planet.
The modules are designed to fit snugly in an 8-foot-by-40-foot shipping container, and can make it anywhere internationally for $5,000. It is simple house, but with the unique rectangular and container theme, this house more beautiful. It brings the container look on ceiling which is designed beautifully in bright white with lines. This house comes also in beautiful green house because the front and back yard are growing the green plants. That’s why reusing old materials, things, transforming or recycling them is so popular – in every sphere, including design and architecture.
Melting down an 8000-pound container so that it can be reused for steel beams takes about 8000 kwh of energy, whereas converting to another use takes a fraction of the energy.
There are a number of “home-kits” available through several international companies to help you convert your container into a comfortable home. Their company Connect Homes expects to change that, by being the first pre-fab home builder to take advantage of shipping containers as a mode of global transit, allowing them to inexpensively reach consumers anywhere in the world.
Shipping one module around the country could cost $25,000—and some houses use as many as 10 modules. The homes ship almost entirely complete—with plenty of green features like bamboo flooring, LED lighting, all-steel framing, and FCC-certified woods.

Shipping container home plans popular unusual living space from some designers are ready to give you surprise.
Which makes more beautiful on this shipping container plans popular unusual living space is the combination between wood and container material? Shipping container homes for sale also offers the modern interior design inside combined with the farmhouse theme.
Poteet Architects have created many objects of repurposed things and materials showing us how they can be adapted and transformed into sustainable solutions that combine modern design and low cost.
New Zealand, Canada, Australia, the UK, the Netherlands, China and other parts of Europe and the West Indies all have homes, offices, showrooms, student dorms, emergency shelters and even hotels made from containers. They were built in the unique container plans, so what we can see from the living space is not what we can see as usual house. Wooden furniture inside of the house appears perfectly to be the comfortable and unique house design. Have a look at this cool guest house – could you imagine that it’s an old shipping container? Prefab shipping container homes for sale also looks so beautiful with the combination of neutral theme on the fabric design. The container has a bedroom, a toilet, a sink and a green roof, and moreover, it’s a very low cost solution. The interior is modern and bright; it was insulated with foam and covered with bamboo plywood.

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