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Most of the modern day shipping companies offer shipping container tracking system service these days. There are many benefits that you can enjoy via using container services offered by a cargo shipment company like:You shipment will reach the desired destination within the time set and promised by the company. The container service offers 100 per cent guarantee for excellent safe and timely delivery of products. The service is also a guarantee for excellent relationship with customs and health authorities at ports. You can expect amazing support from worldwide custom relations, their suggestions and many other aids requisite for custom relation formalities. Multiboxx Ltd is a leading supplier of new build shipping and storage boxes throughout North America. All of our units are produced to a high standard and individually inspected during production by our own team of in house surveyors.
The reason our units are shipped one way with cargo is to avoid the cost of empty shipping those units. For an immediate quote and list of available units in your area please contact our local sales agent now at (704) 247 4049 or use the live chat option at the bottom of your screen.
As one of the worlds leading storage container trader suppliers and due to the fact that we purchase boxes in bulk, we are able to secure competitive prices from the manufacturer that we are then able to pass onto the customer.
All of our units are produced to high specifications and come with high handle locking gear for easy operation, extra ventilators front and rear and high security lock box, ideal for storing various goods. Clients can arrange to pick up the boxes from our local depot themselves or alternately we can arrange delivery through our trusted network of local third party trucking companies. For prices, delivery and other enquiries, please contact us here or call now on (513) 401 6292 for a competitive quote. In this three part series around shipping frozen food freight, we will cover the ins and outs and best practices one must consider when shipping frozen food in order to stay compliant with the FDA's Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA).

The required temperature is the responsibility of the exporter depending on the type of frozen food.
Vehicles should be pre-cooled to an air temperature of 20 degrees F, or lower before loading.
The most common temperature standards are “banana” (13 degrees C), “Chill” (2 degrees C) and “Frozen” (-18 degrees C) and “Deep Frozen” (-29 degrees C). The major cold chain technologies involve: dry ice, gel packs, plates (filled with liquids and can be used many times), liquid nitrogen quilts (insulated pieces that are placed over and around the freight to act as a buffer in temperature variations and to maintain the temperature relatively constant and reefers (temperature controlled container or truck).
The forwarder advises the carrier of the ocean freight container the requested temperature setting at the time of booking the freight.
The shipping line has a meter that records the proper temperature during the duration of the trip. All internal surfaces of vehicles and devises used for transporting frozen food shall be clean and free of objectionable odors before being loading with frozen food.
Produce (Food) Traceability Initiative (PTI) to enhance  traceability throughout the Food Supply Chain. Includes a Global Trade Identification Number (GTIN) for traceability of food en route to the customer overseas. Each 3PL or Supplier who consolidates frozen food should have traceability software and labels available to meet the PTI. The RFID with temperature indicator tag is a microchip combined with an antenna in a compact package. In the next part of this series about shipping frozen food freight, we will cover Quality Specifications and export documentation.
Wood pallets are a conduit for transmission of bacterial contamination and the FSMA recommends food be transported on a non-porous pallet. The best part is that the service uses the shortest possible into the requested destination.

The units are then shipped one way with cargo and delivered to our local storage depot in Denver CO. We are unique in the fact that we have our own full time inspectors at the factory during production. Our 40’ units come with fork lift pockets for empty lifting, meaning no need for expensive lifting equipment. In this post we will cover the temperatures best practices from origination to destination, sanitary provisions, and traceability of food and technology around traceability. Frozen food shipments will not be accepted for transportation when the internal product temperature exceeds 0 degrees.
Staying within these temperatures is vital to the integrity of a shipment along the cold supply chain and for perishables it enables optimal shelf life. Trucks and vans, the primary modes of transportation for this stage, must meet the specifications necessary to transfer the cold chain transportation for this stage.
The reefer person will turn on and set the container to the proper temperature setting required by the exporter so that when it shows up for loading on the ocean vessel it will be at the exact temperature.
This only comes into play when shipping to EEC countries and there are technologies to sterilize wood pallets to meet these requirements.
In fact with over 25 years experience in quality control at the factories in China for some of the worlds leading shipping and leasing companies, you can be sure of receiving only the best quality of units available. Please let us know in the comment section at the end, your thoughts and additions to the below when shipping frozen food. When it comes to frozen food, this is often referred to as the Cold Chain. A cold chain is a temperature-controlled supply chain, according to Wikipedia.

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