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Container ships have been getting bigger since they began operating in liner services over 50 years ago because the increased size produces increased operating efficiency and improved environmental performance.
The gantry cranes that load and unload container ships can be 430 feet tall and weigh up to 2,000 tons. A recent study by Lloyd’s Register found that the fuel efficiency of container ships (4,500 TEU capacity) has improved 35% between 1985 and 2008.
It is estimated that on average a container ship emits around 40 times less CO2 than a large freight aircraft and over three times less than a heavy truck. Container shipping is estimated to be two and a half times more energy efficient than rail and 7 times more so than road. Weekly safety and fire drill sessions take place for all crewmembers when the vessel is at sea to make sure that they are practiced for any real emergencies. This statistic represents the carrying capacity of selected regions' container ship fleets from 1980 through 2014. With Statista, you get straight to the point: analyzing data, rather than searching for it.

The statistic shows the forecasted capacity of the global container ship fleet, a comparison between 2011 and 2015. READ AND COMMENTNorwegian classification society Det Norske Veritas has published details of its new Quantum container ship concept. DNV president Tor Svensen, says that, for the future of the shipping industry in general and the container ship segment in particular, uncertainties will remain a challenge while flexibility will be a key to success. Their engines weigh 2,300 tons, their propellers 130 tons, and there are twenty-one storeys between their bridge and their engine room. A good example is the computer software that enables precise planning for the loading and unloading of containers and keeps the vessel balanced by increasing and decreasing ballast at the touch of a button.
In 2010, NAFTA's container ship fleet had a carrying capacity of around 3.8 million deadweight tons. In 2015, the global container ship fleet is expected to have a cargo capacity of around 20 million TEU (twenty-foot equivalent units). DNV says the new design is based on both technical and market research, by AXS Aplhaliner and Dynamar, and innovation and is designed to transport more cargo while using less fuel and with a reduced environmental impact.

It has a design speed of 21 knots, but can operate efficiently at speeds between less than 10 knots and more than 22 knots. All the aspects of the concept design is unlikely to appear in a single ship, but certain aspects will be taken further on a case by case basis. They can be operated by teams of just thirteen people and a sophisticated computer system and carry an astonishing 11,000 20-foot containers.
If that number of containers were loaded onto a train it would need to be 44 miles or 71 kilometers long!
Among many innovations, the need for ballast water is minimized and LNG is introduced as part of the ship’s fuel.
He refers to the automotive industry, which has long traditions of introducing new concepts as a lodestar for the future development of new cars.

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