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Detection device that emits radio waves and receives their echo; it is used to avoid collisions and to navigate when visibility is reduced. My husband, Patrick, and I had already experienced a decade of freighter travel when we decided to cross the Pacific by container ship. On August 30, 8:00 pm, we board the Hanjin Geneva in Seattle for the 26-day one-way trip to Shanghai. This award-winning photo captures the early morning magic of the Columbia River heading towards Portland, Oregon.
We tour the engine room, attend officer parties and the captain's Sunday morning meetings of beer and conversation. We're on a northwesterly route, passing Vancouver Island, Haida Gwaii and the Aleutian Islands.
The German-style meals are similar to what we've had on other cargo ships but this time the cook makes the difference. On any German-run ship, if it's a Thursday or Sunday, there's cake at teatime (instead of cookies) and at lunch there's ice cream for dessert. The ship's BBQ is a highlight on every voyage, a time for crew and officers to eat, drink and relax together. We manage to have real shore leave in Quidao (formerly Tsingtao), China, not in the actual city a€” which is too far away a€” but in a small town 15 minutes from the terminal by vehicle.
These ships are still a few months away, but I thought I'd show the first production model now.
We consulted the website of the German shipping company, NSB Reiseburo, and found the Hanjin Geneva, a mega-ton container ship that does a rotation from North America to Asia with stops in Seattle, Portland, Vancouver, Seattle (2nd call), Busan (formerly Pusan), Kwangyang, Qindao, Nigbo, Shanghai, Busan (2nd call) Prince Rupert and back to Seattle. We've booked the Owner's Cabin, one of three cabins available for passengers, at the daily rate of 90 Euros (approx. In between meals and snacks (coffee at 10, tea at 3), we read, write, do puzzles, chat to the crew and officers, play cards, watch DVDs, take photos, download photos, organize photos, make frequent visits to the bridge to look at maps, radar screens, AIS and weather reports. Our steward creates decadent banana splits and fruit sundaes, topped with chocolate sauce, whipped cream and a cherry.

You can't wait until you disembark to make a hotel reservation because most immigration authorities require an address. We've never crossed the Atlantic by ship, and Hanjin Palermo does a rotation from Montreal to Southern Europe with port calls in Valencia, Salerno, Genoa a€¦ Why not?
Since 1986, this German company has become one of the leading providers of voyages on cargo vessels worldwide. Or beyond a percentage where you just can't resist buying one?These big ships are a breakthrough for me in terms of price.
Bunk spacing below decks, from what I've seen, is a bit more, as there are bulkheads and positioning rails, as well as space to get the 40-footers out of the hatch openings. We meet the captain, who tells us we're welcome on the bridge and navigation deck any time, night or day as long as we stay out of the way when a pilot is on board.
The officers and crew become noticeably more relaxed and the Captain holds a welcome party for the passengers: Dan, a young Korean art student, and us. There's a fitness room with a ping pong table, various machines, and a small pool that's filled with seawater when the temperature reaches 25 degrees. There's a bar, music, colored lights, salads, garlic bread and a variety of kebabs, meat and chicken for grilling. In our case, we reserve a hotel in Shanghai for September 24, the projected time of arrival, but the delay in Busan moves the date to the 26th. The bow and the stern are cast from resin; the mid section is built-up from styrene, with a thin casting on top for the full-width clamshell hatches which open to both sides to allow the below deck containers to be loaded and unloaded. The mold material was too old and had too much moisture, so only two of the six mold compartments were successful.
A container sliced in half could be used a 2 units in a wall , end , or top , depending on the direction of the slice .
In spite of shipping traffic on this route, it's unusual to spot another vessel given the vastness of the sea. Since we have a temporary email address on the crew's internet service (a rare privilege, thanks to the captain), we email the hotel and change the date.

You would still get enough of inside detail to trick the eye into believing they are full dimensional containers , at a fraction of the cost .
The Third Officer gives us a tour of the ship, informing us about safety drills and equipment and making sure our life vests and immersion suits fit properly a€¦ just in case! Well, OK, the first level deck-top racks would be very complicated, but I think in N scale most would choose not to do that level of detail. My target is $2.00 per unpainted container that is detailed for the outside of a stack of containers. If so, how are hatches secured and the hull made watertight?My model is much more a converted T2 or T3 tanker than a purpose-built 2nd or 3rd generation container ship.
It will be possible to build the midsections with open hatches.The superstructure is built up from styrene parts.
We spend hours up on Monkey Island, totally absorbed with the organized moving of containers on and off the ship, the maneuvering of gigantic gantry cranes. A second problem is how to model the racks on the decks that hold the first and sometimes second rows of on-deck containers. And the price will be lower than some of my more detailed smaller ships, as there is not as much detail on a container ship.
The Z scale bow and stern molds would also make for a much smaller coastal type vessel in N scale.
Now the first container ships were converted from these, but I guess I'll have to look deeper.

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