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Thousands of pollinator species call this region home, including honeybees, bumblebees, solitary bees, butterflies, moths, beetles, and birds.
Any container can become a pollinator pot: a ceramic pot, a hanging basket, even an “up-cycled” item like an old plastic bucket.
Salmonberry attracts hummingbirds and bees in the early spring, and berry-loving songbirds in the summer. The main purpose of a pollinator container garden is to provide pollinator food – nectar and pollen from beautiful blooms. Try incorporating some flowering plants that are native to this area, which will especially appeal to native pollinators. Consider the bloom times of the plants you choose, and provide blooming flowers for as much of the growing season as possible. Just providing nectar, pollen, and a little shade will help your local pollinators, but some gardeners will want to go above and beyond.
Sky Nursery carries many sustainably grown flowering plants that are free of neonicotinoid pesticides and other chemicals that may harm pollinators. We’re proud to feature a selection of sustainably grown annuals by small, local farms such as Rents Due Ranch and Langley Fine Gardens. As long as you’re feeding your pollinators, why not provide for yourself and your human friends at the same time?
Flowering edible herbs such as thyme, oregano, borage, chervil, and chives are some of the best plants for small pollinator containers.
I’m a grad­u­ate stu­dent at UC Irvine, and I’m seek­ing some advice on nurs­eries and plants in gen­eral. Inter­est­ingly enough, accord­ing to jim?son?weed?.org, “This small, poi­so­nous bush had long been used med­i­c­i­nally, crim­i­nally, and for recre­ational pur­poses through­out the world, long before the set­tlers at Jamestown came across it. Here you can find much information about Seed Raising Trays Nz manufacturers, suppliers and wholesalers.

These hardworking bugs and birds are facing more challenges than ever, and gardeners want to do their part to help.
As more soil is covered in concrete and we humans rely more heavily on pesticides, pollinators are struggling to find stable habitat and safe food sources. Organizations like Bee City USA, the Xerces Society, and the Pollinator Pathway project are already placing urban pollinator habitat, including individual home gardens, at the center of a movement to create a better future for pollinators.
In the heat of summer, you can provide a shallow dish of water for your insect pollinators. You’ll find old standbys by these growers such as annual salvia, nasturtiums, calendula, nicotiana, bread seed poppies, and bachelor buttons. From left to right: corn-cockle (Agrostemma githago), lace flower (Ammi majus), and blue tansy (Phacelia tanacetifolia). Strawberries and patio varieties of blueberries or raspberries make great pollinator plants, and including them in a pollinator container garden full of flowers will improve your yields.
Many peo­ple from for­eign coun­tries want to know where they can get seeds for exotic plants (I’m no help there!). It was used by thieves in India and Rus­sia, where they used a mix­ture of ground up seeds and water to inca­pac­i­tate and then rob their unsus­pect­ing vic­tims. We’ve written before about pollinator-friendly gardening, but what if you only have a small space to spare?
For these tiny, hard-working critters, even the smallest pollinator container garden can make for a much-needed rest stop between destinations. From annuals to perennials to edible herbs and vegetables, you can choose from a huge selection of pollinator-friendly plants. Low-growing natives like kinnikinnick, blue-eyed grass, and shooting star are great choices for smaller containers.
Although insect pollinators go dormant in freezing temperatures, our native Anna’s hummingbirds will appreciate winter bloomers such as mahonia.

Other pollinator favorites such as rosemary, sage, and lavender can make wonderful centerpieces for larger containers in sunny locations. Oth­ers have prac­ti­cal con­cerns and can be referred to experts on bam­boo, suc­cu­lents and the like. I want to keep my neigh­bors off my patio for pri­vacy rea­sons (since we are not allowed to put up fences), and I would like to get some plants to block my neigh­bors from com­ing into my space, as well. I posted this photo, taken on my beach wan­der­ings, a week ago, call­ing it the mys­tery flower and request­ing it’s name. I will be going to the Life Guard sta­tion to turn in this offen­sive mem­ber of the plant com­mu­nity.
I have been con­sid­er­ing get­ting some rea­son­ably sized cacti, but I know that this would not give me all the pri­vacy I want (since my plants have to be pot­ted and wouldn’t get that large). Turns out it is the extremely poi­so­nous jim­son weed, also known as devil’s trum­pet, hell’s bells, locoweed, stinkweed and jamestown weed (talk about demo­niz­ing a plant!).
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Do you have any plant rec­om­men­da­tions that would cover that space, pro­vide pri­vacy and help pre­vent peo­ple from com­ing onto a patio, be able to be pot­ted, and are rea­son­ably priced? In humans, the symp­toms of poi­son­ing include delir­ium, bizarre and vio­lent behav­ior and severe amne­sia. I know that is prob­a­bly a tall order to fill, but if you had any ideas of what to buy and where I could buy it, I’d sin­cerely appre­ci­ate it.

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