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In total, 7 documents are required to export a shipment from Mozambique and the Time to export is 23 days making Mozambique the #149 fastest country in the world in terms of the total requried export time. Cost to export (US$ per container)Cost measures the fees levied on a 20-foot container in U.S. All the fees associated with completing the procedures to export or import the goods are included. These include costs for documents, administrative fees for customs clearance and technical control, customs broker fees, terminal handling charges and inland transport.
Assumptions about the traded goods: The traded product travels in a dry-cargo, 20-foot, full container load.

Documents required for clearance by government ministries, customs authorities, port and container terminal authorities, health and technical control agencies and banks are taken into account.
Since payment is by letter of credit, all documents required by banks for the issuance or securing of a letter of credit are also taken into account. Documents that are renewed annually and that do not require renewal per shipment (for example, an annual tax clearance certificate) are not included.Time to export (days)Time to export is the time necessary to comply with all procedures required to export goods. The time calculation for a procedure starts from the moment it is initiated and runs until it is completed. If a procedure can be accelerated for an additional cost, the fastest legal procedure is chosen.

It is assumed that neither the exporter nor the importer wastes time and that each commits to completing each remaining procedure without delay. The waiting time between procedures--for example, during unloading of the cargo--is included in the measure.Lead time to export, median case (days)Lead time to export is the median time (the value for 50 percent of shipments) from shipment point to port of loading. Respondents provided separate values for the best case (10 percent of shipments) and the median case (50 percent of shipments).

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