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Artist's shipping container home and studio - tiny house talk, Shipping container homes seem like a really excellent way to have an extremely strong outer structure for a home. 15 amazing shipping container homes - digital trends, Check out this collection of tricked-out shipping container homes, and feast your eyes on some of the most badass box houses ever built.
Shipping container homes designed with an urban touch, Containers of hope by benjamin garcia saxe architecture. Container homes: shipping container home design - busyboo, The g-pod, designed by architect dan sparks, is not your average shipping container home. Ann and Glen Gage downsized to a container pond in a planter at their San Francisco townhouse.

When Ann and Glen Gage downsized from their expansive home and garden in Switzerland to a San Francisco townhouse, one of the things they missed most was the koi pond they had built and tended for years. Your comments are subject to our Terms of Service and the privacy policy and terms of service of your social network. If you do not want to comment with a social network, please consider writing a letter to the editor. They added an electric bubbler and filter “to make the fish happy.” Next came a few floating aquatic plants, which they harvested from a pond in the area, and finally a variety of “rescue fish” from a pet store.“We have a really small space, and Ann said, wouldn’t it be cool to have a pond here? Although some people put mosquito-killing tablets in the water, experts say a few small fish are sufficient to take care of insect larvae.“You can go crazy with really fancy fish, but our local pet store is super-nice and they just let us reach in for feeder fish and choose some with pretty markings that make them look unique.

They’re basically just goldfish and are pretty hardy,” Gage said.Although the patio ponds can look and feel like miniature koi ponds, koi experts strongly suggest goldfish as the better choice. Unlike koi, which grow large and need plenty of oxygen and moving water to thrive, goldfish and some other smaller fish are hardier and better suited to patio ponds.“Putting a koi in a little container pond would be like trying to raise a German shepherd in a box,” said Don Chandler, chairman of Koi USA, based in Costa Mesa, Calif.

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