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On the macro level the containers are designed to fit into your overall home and garden landscape. On the micro level each containers content is designed to form a mini garden in its own right.
Containers can add variety and interest to your garden, but form part of the harmonious whole. Make sure all the containers in your home and garden match, and blend into their surroundings. Creating unity within the design can be achieved by using the same color containers throughout your container garden design. The color of the containers could match the tiles, walls, carpets or other common colors in your home. Adding complementary objects, like balls, can add an additional interest to your container garden design. These objects do not have any plants in them, but their shapes will enhance the visual effect of your containers. For example; if you selected a tall container, you will need to plant a tall thin plant in it. If you are having difficulty selecting a suitable plant and container, go to your local nursery, and place the plant into the container.
For an example; a large container can be planted up with Iris and Crocus and under planted with Thyme. The under planting of Thyme (yellow variegated Thymus serpyllum Goldstream) pulls the design all together. Visit our container gardening plants page for more ideas on plant combinations suitable for container garden design.

I am starting a container garden in several areas (around the pool, in large wooden boxes and several different sized pots. I am seriously wanting to start a container garden, one problem, I've got a massive black thumb and am quick to give up.
I don't have a container garden (yet - I want to understand the logistics first) and I have a fool question.
Using Organic Mechanics Premium Soil as the planting base, I mixed three of the coleus together in a tall container.  Although I fertilized the coleus plants with organic fertilizer only twice through the summer season, they really performed well. Shawna Coronado is an on-camera spokesperson, newspaper columnist, keynote speaker, blogger, and the author of the critically acclaimed book, Gardening Nude, which is a guide for living a green lifestyle.
Shawna educates the online community on green-living tips, sustainable gardening, inexpensive cooking, home vegetable production, and techniques for every day homeowners to save money by being green and feeding the hungry during a down-economy – all this right from her very own home and ornamental front lawn vegetable garden in Warrenville, Illinois. Shawna appears regularly on television and has been featured on many stations including ABC, NBC, WGN, and PBS TV.
I planted these last year but they didn’t thrive like ordinary coleus planted at the same time in the same environment. Shawna is a wellness lifestyle advocate, professional author, blogger, photographer, and media host who campaigns for social good. TU BLOOM SPRING CHICAGO GARDEN DESIGN AND LANDSCAPE SERVICES, RESIDENTIAL LANDSCAPE, COMMERCIAL LANDSCAPE, INTERIOR AND EXTERIOR PLANTSCAPE DESIGN SERVICES. Crocuses break ground followed by grape hyacinths to signal that spring has finally arrived. The Bloom team challenges viewers to fuse tradition and integrate contemporary stylings with how we approach gardening and landscape design elements.
Spring Cleanup and Organization: Have you raked up the final batch of leaves and debris that continued to fall even when it was too cold to rake during this past winter?

Please post your edible container Gardening questions in the Fruits or Vegetables forum in The Kitchen Garden forum.
So here's my question, What are the BEST inexpensive containers I can use, I am on a budget and I want to grow numerous things. I used a special coleus in this planting which has a unique multi-color lobed design on each leaf. She has a "make a difference" focus on green lifestyle living, organic gardening, and healthy food recipes built to inspire. While the west coast have an early start with spring plantings, we here in the Midwest eagerly await the moment that our trowels can completely slice thru our ground garden soil.
I would mix some salt water and spray the buggers, but I read that salt isn't good for the berries. The other one that wasn't doing to well at the beginning now has flowers on it and is just as tall as the other one. By using this site or any media associated with Shawna Coronado, you agree to the "Terms of Service".
Doing so will save you significant amounts of money on new potting soil purchases, while keeping large planters less weighty and more manageable so that you are free to move and reposition them as you are please throughout the year. A) new color combination with plants you will grow, B) new plant varieties and hybrids that have recently been introduced, or C) new planter choices that will create a more dramatic feel and entryway for your home or business. In all instancesa€¦ good luck and be on the lookout for our next garden segment to help you grow your garden skills with the Tu Bloom team!

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