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A Nissan Skyline racing car is stolen from inside a locked shipping container in Adelaide's south. Former independent MP Rob Oakeshott announces he is having another tilt at federal politics nominating as an independent candidate in the seat of Cowper on the New South Wales mid-north coast.
Records from a boys' home that is set to be the focus of a case study at a royal commission into child sexual abuse are being held at the University of Newcastle, it has emerged.
Queensland scientists are set to explore life beyond the Great Barrier Reef in the hope of finding new marine species and "hitchhiking" organisms.
Alice Springs pastoralists are shocked to find recent funding allocated to Sandover Highway is being spent sealing a small and already gravelled and raised access road. Groups like Crop Life Australia and Animal Medicines Australia fear replacing APVMA staff who don't move could take a decade. Hanging low to the ground, clinging onto a skinny strap or pipe, sidecar motorcycle racing in the 1950s and 60s was a danger sport. Victoria's Supreme Court finds in favour of a Melbourne landlord seeking to evict tenants who were sub-letting her apartment through Airbnb.
Port Granny Flats Adelaide specialise is the design and construction of portable granny flats across Adelaide. Our portable granny flats are modified shipping containers that have been retro-fitted with functional granny flat accessories. Port Granny Flats Adelaide not only supply new portable granny flats for sale, but we aslo build recycled granny flats for the environmentally concious.
Portable granny flats come in three standard sizes - 10' granny flats, 20' granny flats and 40' granny flats, though we can custom design a portable granny flat unit to your specifications.
Our portable granny flats can be fitted with optional granny flat accessories to add additional functionality. Our portable containers or Workshops Containers as they are sometimes called have become one of the cheapest methods of ensuring that no work stops because of a physical office.
Can be used under any weather conditions as they are made to withstand extreme weather conditions.
The numbers of people seeking Workshops Containers are on the rise forcing us to go back to our drawing board and come up with workable and functional containers.
Our Workshops Containers are made within our yards under strict instructions while also ensuring that customer’s needs are normally met. Finally, because some of our clients because of the nature of the jobs work in difficult conditions, this is the best product that they can use without having to worry about the weather conditions. Once the thick metal doors of the containers have been opened, they reveal a bachelor pad with numerous windows and plenty of natural light, as well as a fireplace and a full kitchen.
The home is fuelled by rooftop solar panels meaning the most expensive bill that Dupuis pays is for his phone. Enough energy is generated by the solar panels to run the neighbouring workshop, made from two additional shipping containers.
He has reportedly made plans to add a fourth shipping container as a second storey with a glass ceiling designed for stargazing. The cabin is designed to be dismantled, moved and reassembled in a new location with limited resources and time.
Subscribe to the mailing list and get a daily update with the most important news from Sydney! We can custom build a containerised granny flat to your specifications at a cost effective price. These granny flat units are transportable and comfortable to live in temporarily or permanently. We design and manufacture shipping container products such as Granny Flats, Site Sheds, Portable Workshops and Dangerous Goods Shipping Containers. These containers are normally made from either old containers or new container depending on the customer’s preference. Because these are people always on the move, they normally require a mode of set up place to be able to fully set up all their functions. The rise in these kind of offices continue to rise steadily and giving us something to keep us going.
Workshops Containers interestingly is an answer to many people who a few years ago did not have the slightest idea of owning a facility in the middle of know where.

With only the satisfaction of the customers in mind and through a dedicated and home grown manufacturing process, Port Containers has raised the bar in Australian container modification and is proud to facilitate all services and production locally without outsourcing. Our Adelaide granny flat engineers build these portable granny flats out of new and refurbished shipping containers and add optional granny flat accessories upon request.
We supply new and used portable granny flats to Councils, The Defence Force, Government Departments and also the general public.
For more information fill in our instant online quote form to your left and recieve a competitive shipping container quote today. Customers prefer this mode office because they are durable and can be transported easily form one end of town to the other. Hiring offices away from familiar ground can be quite expensive and on most occasions they do not find the facilities they are looking for.
The good thing with these kind of containers is that there are variety and we are always on our toes learning something new.
We as a team are glad that we have made a difference in our client’s lives and their places of work.
With a client roster in the thousands spanning nationwide in Australia, Port Containers is one of a very small number of companies based in Australia that specialises in modified shipping container products. If your looking for temporary or permanent accommodation unit at a great price call Port Granny Flats Adelaide, or fill in our instant granny flat quote form to the left of this page. Our portable granny flats are perfect for worksites that need on-site accommodation for there workers, holiday dwellings in remote areas, housing for the elderly (when they can no longer live on there own) and container homes. Whether on hire or purchase, they provide a temporary yet important function during some of the most memorable moments.
To avoid incidences of having to hire offices which are temporary and does not meet their requirements?
Our department over the last few years has been noted to be busiest and the largest growing departments of our firm. Container homes are becoming increasing popular in this new age of sustainable living, as our granny flats are constructed from recycled shipping containers. We always ensure that these offices are made on order and if there is need, transported or shipped to the destination as per our client’s requirements. Two roller doors were installed to open up the side wall of the container, so customers could easily walk in and try out the demonstration models on offer. The roller doors also allow for fast opening and closing of the unit, keeping the unit and its contents safe and secure when not in use. Our granny flat containers have a large range of optional granny flat accessories such as security doors and windows, kitchenettes, air conditioners, ensuites, shelving, fixed tables, bulkhead walls whirlybirds and vents plus manny more accommodation accessories available. The exterior was painted with the colours and branding of the company’s corporate identity, whilst the interior walls were painted in jet black including the checker plate flooring that was installed. We insulated the ceiling to cut down the external heat plus added an internal partition and staircase that lead to an access hatch to the roof.
On top of the container we attached a webforge platform with safety railing to create a second level for additional event activities. Click here for more photos    or    Get a Quote  #9 Staff Room with Fold Up RampsBuilt for a mining company, this unit accommodates staff on their lunch breaks. External lighting built into the container profile and fold out awnings allows employees to easily wash up outside using the water trough before they go inside to rest. The 20ft container was fully insulated with air conditioning so it was comfortable in any climate. An internal partition was installed with a bathroom on one side and a lunch room on the other.
The lunchroom consisted on a kitchenette for meal preparation plus plenty of bench seating and table space. The two room were built on top of a 10,000 litre underfloor sump which collected waste from the bathroom toilet and sinks. Click here for more photos    or    Get a Quote  #8 Depot Restaurant Container BarPort Containers was contracted by The Depot Restaurants Newcastle to custom build both their restaurant bars out of Shipping Container materials to complement their rustic industrial theme.
We literally cut shipping containers in half to create the structure of the 7.5m bar, then fitted granite bench tops with refrigeration units underneath for cold storage.
The Depot on Darby and The Depot on Beaumont serve up dishes of delicious modern Australian cuisine from each of their cosmopolitan locations, both located in cultural hotspots in the city.

If you’re visiting Newcastle be sure to check them out and see the container bars we designed for them.
Click here for more photos    or    Get a Quote  #7 A Total Worksite SolutionThis project consisted of numerous modified containers built by Port including workshops, lunchrooms, site offices accommodation units and more. The complete site had a total of 26 modified containers which were covered by two large shelters. Using containers for these structures also allow the site to be easily dismantled and moved where needed.
Click here for more photos    or    Get a Quote  #6 Re-compression ChamberWe designed and constructed a heavily modified container to house a specialised Recompression Chamber built by Cowan Manufacturing Pty Ltd. This containerised recompression chamber was built for the Papua New Guinea Defence Force Navy EOD unit (explosive ordnance disposal). It will be taken to sites where these facilities are needed to treat divers in need.This containerised chamber has all of the equipment inside ready to go so they can transfer the chamber to the site and within one hour can be operational. They can be on the site and the whole system can be moved away from the danger area when in use.The container was fully insulated and featured a steel wall partition, double side opening doors with weatherproof canvas canopy and removable floor panels, air conditioner, louvered vents, signage, vinyl flooring and electrical fit out. Click here for more photos    or    Get a Quote  #5 Six Shooter CafeThis modified container is a great example of the limitless creativity our team can bring to our customers. Built with an industrial saloon theme, the container features a servery window with fold out bench, internal servery bench, barn style side opening doors, stainless sink, order counter with hinged bench, small wash basin, 25L hot water system, insulated roof and an electrical fit out. Once the workshop doors are opened a motorised retractable awning is set-up to increase the roof line to maximise shade and working space. Inside the container are two rotatable vices, a drill press and disk grinder, air compressor facilities and a caged storage area with shelving and shadow board for tools and fasteners. The workshops electrical fit out consists of multiple power outlets and a range of lights including internal and external fluorescent lights and 4 high powered spotlights. Click here for more photos    or    Get a Quote  #3 Mobile Accommodation UnitPort Containers designed and constructed a transportable accommodation unit that could be taken from site to site to accommodate working staff. This unit features four bedrooms all fitted with a single bed, fridge, storage cabinet and air conditioning. There was also a lunch room with kitchen and dining area plus a separate bathroom and laundry area. Attached to the front of the container we installed a hydraulic deck that could be raised during transport. The containers electrical fit out can be powered by mains, or if in a remote area can be powered by the 20KVA diesel generator mounted at the end of the unit. Removable ramps also slide out from underneath the deck and fix onto each end so that the accommodation unit is easily accessible.
Click here for more photos    or    Get a Quote  #2 Container RetreatPort Containers was involved with the construction of a very impressive container home built in the beautiful Central Coast Hinterland, New South Wales. We supplied all the modified containers used in the project featuring a container with a hydraulic deck that lowered from one of the side walls revealing the picturesque valley below. This unit with a few other modified containers built by Port Container Services has had its final fit out applied by architect Drew Heath. Featuring a kitchen, dining area, bedroom and bathroom set under a large roof with rolling walls to enclose the open areas between the containers. Water tanks and solar panels were also installed collect water from the roof and power the site. The containers side walls where converted into two hydraulic decks which were then covered by remote controlled retractable awnings that were built into the structure for easy transport and stacking. The container was painted black internally and army camouflage colours on the outside.This container has been transported to multiple events across the country where contenders can see statistics and look at photos of the event.
With 10 years tucked under our belts, the future looks bright for this company which started its humble beginnings with one thing in mind – customer satisfaction! Whatever your container requirements, Port Containers is the right name to call for professional container services in Australia.

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