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Innovative, flexible and just darn cool, the Outdoor Room take shipping containers and transform them into anything from a retreat or home office, to a spare bedroom and chill out zone. Available for purchase or rent from late this year, the 20-foot modular units are decked out with power, lighting and air conditioning and feature timber flooring, superior insulation and glass sliding doors. Delivered to your door as a blank slate, the portable and secure container solutions can be used and furnished by consumers to create whatever type of room is needed, with colour-customisation available to suit any setting. Available to buy from $19,950 and hire from $133 per week, they are the perfect solution for those looking for either permanent of temporary extra space.

I’m a long time lover of the shipping container and those pictures demonstrate how versatile and gorgeous they can be.
Whether you need to store household items, dry goods for retail purposes, tires, restaurant supplies or general storage… Our 20ft storage containers can be utilized for just about any “on-site” storage purpose.

20 container door height extension
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