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The architecture firm HyBrid, which specializes in designing buildings from recycled shipping containers, created this solar-powered house for Sunset Magazine. The architecture firm HyBrid, which specializes in designing buildings from old shipping containers, created this solar-powered house for Sunset Magazine.
Before: Kirk Lance worked with architects and engineers to overhaul a steel shipping container to house his Mexican restaurant. Container gardens can be grown in the sun or the shade — just match the plants to the light.
If there are entrances you want to highlight, views you want to block, or spots that need a bit more color, then containers are the perfect answer. Just about any plant will do well in a container if it receives the light it needs, and the proper amount of water. We also like to add container gardens among ground cover or in flower beds to add additional color and dimension.

Shipping containers are ubiquitous on trucks, trains and ships today; about 20 million pass through American ports each year. Portable Buildings With A Story The southeast Portland restaurant Aprisa Mexican Cuisine is one of them.
He worked with architects and structural engineers to overhaul the steel frame, spray in insulation and cut out windows. It can be hauled to a new location or loaded on a cross-country train to set up a new franchise. And it ends up as a little restaurant in a street corner in Portland, Ore." The buildings are popping up elsewhere, as well.
Cargotecture designs have been used for student housing in Amsterdam and a pop-up art studio at New York's Whitney Museum.
A Seattle firm, HyBrid Architecture, has used shipping containers to build cargotecture one-room cabins and multistory office parks.

HyBrid co-founder Robert Humble says the containers pose some specific challenges: They have industrial paints and coatings to deal with, and they're just steel boxes with no real frame. The company leaves on the original stickers, longshoreman's marks, and all the other little dents and dings that, as Humble describes it, tell people the story of where the containers have been.
They rent a bright turquoise house made from two welded-together shipping containers in southeast Portland. And the couple has had to deal with the pros and cons of an open floor plan, as well as curious people who stop in to ask for a tour.

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