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Container City, located at Trinity Buoy Wharf in the London Docklands, is one such example of a larger scale housing development comprised of recycled shipping containers.
Containers as architecture are just one of the ways in which we can look at objects and find new uses to them. Please note that gratuitous links to your site are viewed as spam and may result in removed comments. Would be interested in how the project mets the Building Code for Fire, Egress and Sound etc. WOULD YOU FOLKS LIKE TO SEE SOMETHING AESTHETICALLY COMPELLING, CONTEXTUAL, AND ABOVE ALL ENVIRONMENTAL WITH SHIPPING CONTAINERS? To hide the fact that these units are made from shipping containers would be to kill off what is probably the most important environmental benefit of this type of recycled architecture. As a China mining accommodation manufacturer, we also supply mining accommodation, exhibition hall steel building, industrial framework steel structure, prefab house and much more.
Mining CampThe wall of the mining camp is made of 50mm, 60mm or 75mm thick EPS sandwich panels. Modular Container HouseOur modular container house is equipped with steel security doors on the outside and sliding doors inside, and the windows are PVC windows or aluminum sliding windows.
A Site-Specific Experiment is run by Chutayaves Sinthuphan out of Bangkok, Thailand are the creators behind the R2x20 Container Home Project. There’s a prefab bathroom inside and the interior is insulated with a recycled content material. This small container home was built by our collaborator – BlueBrown recently.  It is a small home with one bedroom, one bathroom and a living area for a young family in Thailand.

It was designed using two twenty-foot containers and a prefabricated bathroom unit, as an exercise in the making of a good, affordable housing for Thais which our government cannot seems to manage. This home is on the outskirt of Bangkok where temperature is always high.  The house is insulated with recycled insulation material with a layer of roof above the containers to prevent the heat transmission into habitable areas. Enter your email address to subscribe to Eco Container Home and receive notifications of new posts by email. Unlike conventional living containers currently on the market, our units are purpose built for human habitation and are NOT old modified shipping containers. Clearly, we love the idea of using recycled industrial surplus as the starting point for prefab design, and now Urban Space Management has brought shipping containers to multi-unit, larger-scale housing with the introduction of its component-based, flexible, and widely applicable container construction system. The modular nature of the containers, their adaptability, and the fact that they can be found in industrial surplus make them an ideal prefab material.
We like to develop this business and bring in innovation in design, quality and workmanship.
No mater how green your materials and techniques are, how much green energy you generate, and how many trees you plant, one building can have only so much direct effect on the environment.
It plants the seed in in peoples minds from which the whole society's environmental action grows. For the rest of us, though, I wonder if it would be fairly inexpensive to just skin the containers to give them a different look, thereby using the industrial recycling without presenting an industrial feel.
Our mining accommodation is very easy to install and it can be conveniently transported and the overall cost is low.
The wall of the mining accommodation is made of 50mm, 60mm or 75mm thick EPS sandwich panels.

The doors of our mining accommodation are steel doors or sandwich doors and the windows are PVC windows or aluminum windows. This one-bedroom, one bathroom home was built using two, 20-foot containers with cutouts for windows and doors was built for a business man seeking accommodation closer to his work. The relocatable nature of the project, the lower cost structure and the termite resistance nature of the steel shipping container first attracted the owner’s interest. The pictures show the adaptability of Nicholas Lacey’s Container City design, and well, how really cool looking it is.
You do your best to use it responsibly and to good effect but if everyone around you votes for Bush your one vote doesn't get you very far.
To hide these containers would be comparable to giving this project a blow job and waving a soiled blue dress in front of the media.
The fact that these are obviously recycled shipping containers, and that they're cool and hip and getting all this attention, has a truly global impact. Aside from this Container City residential project, the system has been used in projects as diverse as classrooms, office spaces, residential units, retail spaces and even youth centres.

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