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Since so many people either have or are using these for small shops, shop additions, or shop-type storage, I thought it might be helpful to have a thread dedicated to them. 20' - $2700 (does not seem to include delivery) Metal Shipping Container 8x20 - In great condition, freshly painted neutral color, wood floor. This of course won't stop driving wind or snow, but still really nice for preventing those heavy snowfalls from blocking the doors, or loading a truck in the rain. I've considered trying to build and sell these when I'm otherwise slow, but have never pinned down numbers on cost and what people would pay. Cool idea, could split it down the middle, slight slope to the sides, and connect it to the doors so it could hold more snow.
This home stays truest to the standard shipping container format of all the projects featured in this list so I figured it would be a great starting point. The MDU (Mobile Dwelling Unit) was developed as more of a concept portable home and due to the complex moving parts I don’t think it could be made as a low cost housing solution like the other shipping container houses featured here. These compartments house areas such as a kitchenette, sleeping spaces and dining tables, and mean that these features don’t encroach on the already tight space in a 40 by 8 foot shipping container. This multi-tiered shipping container home was built in the forest around Beaulac, Canada with minimal disruption to the surrounding woods which makes it feel a bit like a treehouse. Six Oaks is a great example of a larger shipping container home in which a number of standard containers have been stacked together. This shipping container home was built to serve as an artist’s studio in the forest and was designed by Maziar Behrooz Architecture as one of their prefabricated Insta_Houses. This one is a bit of an anomaly as it is a shipping container used inside an existing home. With our modification shop located exactly between Portland and Seattle we are able to serve all of Oregon and Washington with the best prices on a full range of custom modifications.

Including Shipping container Houses and condo’s, Fire Trainers, police and military trainers, schools, Agricultural and mining structures, vaults, conex bunkers and emergency shelters. Everyday a new use is discovered for a shipping container, and DRY BOX has the technology to take your plans for concept to reality.
Share any other relevant info if you have dealt with them that could help out someone looking to buy one.
It retains the box shape and the brightly painted corrugated metal exterior instead opting for spray foam and bamboo plywood inside to keep it insulated as well as a living green roof on top which also has great insulative properties. Essentially it features 6 expanding compartments which slide out like accordions to provide more space inside.
The MDU by LOT-EK would remain portable as these rooms can slide back flush into the unit during transportation, allowing it to again assume the standardised shipping container size used on lorries and of course cargo ships. It was designed for the Peralta family on the outskirts of San Jose on the staggeringly small budget of just $40,000 as a self build project. Chalet Chemin Brochu features 3 standardised shipping containers which have been heavily clad with locally sourced timber to help them blend into their surroundings. These customisable houses start at just under $100,000 and have a number of additional options you can add as modular extras.
It was fitted in this industrial style loft apartment and actually houses a guest bathroom. DRY BOX relies on experts that specialize in shipping container Structures with completed projects. We are donating $10 of each blue star subscription to the Blue Ribbon Coalition to ensure that we will have trails to recreate on for years to come.
A lot of the walls have been removed to be replaced by windows and this small Container Guest Home in San Antonio doesn’t feel claustrophobic inside at all.

This is even lower than social housing costs to build in the area yet the interior and exterior finishes seem more akin to those usually found in million dollar houses. This stunning shipping container home¬†was designed by Pierre Morency Architects and had a budget of just $135,000! The containers are painted a rust red which certainly stands out from the surrounding trees but isn’t too garish. They’re based around 4 shipping containers stacked together and feel very spacious considering.
The dark red of the iconic Maersk shipping container makes a great highlight piece in this otherwise grey concrete based loft apartment while still staying true to the industrial interior design scheme. From simple modification such as windows, man doors, roll up doors, breach doors, vents and lock boxes, to complex projects such as shipping container houses, condos, apartments, container offices, fire trainers, schools, police and military training facilities, emergency shelters, conex vaults, bunkers, safe rooms. A fun but perhaps unnecessary detail though is the bridge which provides access to the Six Oak shipping container home from the slope above. By allowing a shipper to use the container for a single load, our cost to position a new container into North America is reduced significantly. These savings are reflected in the price to you. CW-Cargo Worthy - This quality of container can be used in containerized export shipments. Cargo worthy containers must meet standards of structural strength and be wind and water tight.
In extreme terrain the smaller containers could even be dragged shorter distances behind a backhoe.

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