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Our Downloads… All files are in PDF format, therefore you must have Adobe Acrobat Reader installed in order to view the files.
If you need help converting a container capacity from one unit of measurement to another or you want to convert inches to millimeters, then click on our easy to use conversion calculator. Clear plastic label holder to suit Plastor's range of 40, 52 and 62 Litre attached lid containers (crates). I've been using this set for packing lunches, everything from soups, potato salad, regular salads.
First- Disclaimer - I am a consumer with no axe to grind or benefit but I saw this on TV and I have order 3 sets already--two thru Prime.

If you are unable to view these files and don’t want to install Acrobat Reader our sales staff will gladly mail you a printed catalog with all of our information.
However I don't know about other people, but when I am storing products or using these containers for lunch there are only 4 of the 10 that will even work. To order our catalog simply click on the catalog request button in the side menu over to the left.
I add olive oil and vinegar or any other salad dressing and no leaks!The food stays fresh for a reasonable length of time (I keep mine packed and refrigerated until use)They wash very well, are very easy to store when not in use.I find these American made containers superior to all the other plastic ones I've tried.
I do like the Pyrex glass containers, but they're heavier to carry.I'm extremely satisfied and would recommend the Mr.

The reason why I just ordered my 3rd or 4th set ( I can't remember) is I LIKE these things !
I don't have to look for containers to put leftovers in to match lids - a Continual Problem with all those other things in the drawers--I keep putting them in the recycling bin when I run across any ! We have a refrig in our main kitchen and one in our "canning" kitchen and we keep the Mr Lids being used !

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