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This durable 4 pc China Plate Storage Set is grey in color, quilted to protect your valuable tableware and constructed of sturdy wipe-clean micro fiber.
Whitmore China Storage Set is protectively designed of quilted cotton with padded dividers.
If you're more concerned about chips and cracks on your dishes simply from stacking, a felt or foam divider placed in between each plate can often provide the only protection needed to keep china safe.
A China Storage Set by Richards Homewares with self correcting zippered tops and top-load convenience. Tall flute champagne glasses are not the easiest to store, but you can safely store this stemware in these easy-to-clean microfibre deluxe cases that have identification cards and window slots.  They also have a padded construction and dividers for that added protection.
Having storage items that are quick to find and grab to begin your Holiday decorating, can be very convenient. These Canvas Plate Storage Containers are a convenient way to store your china for special occasions or even a picnic.
The Vision Holiday Dinner Plate Storage Box makes a great dinnerware storage box for protecting your holiday dinnerware from damage from light, dust, and mildew over the off-season.
Great for safe storage of holiday dinnerware and china in your garage, basement, attic or storage closet.

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Your fine china, family heirloom china, seasonal dishes and extra fun dish sets are a hit on special occasions, but don’t necessarily need to be accessible all the time.
With proper storage, they can be stored in hutches, hard to reach cabinets or buffets in the dining room. Your use of this website constitutes acknowledgement and acceptance of our Terms & Conditions. It's not only practical but attractive with attention to details and trim, and the viewing window makes it easy to view contents.
The cases have thick felt dividers, self-correcting nylon zippers and identification windows. Enough storage capacity for platter, saucers, plates, dessert or salad plates, dinner plates and cup chest. Featuring twelve felt plate protectors to keep dishes from being damaged during storage, this dinner plate storage chest has a durable nylon exterior with soft, breathable polypropylene lining to protect fine china from scratches, moisture, and fading during storage.

I just grab the boxes for the occasion (you can see through little window) and everything I need is in there. These plate storage containers feature 12 fabric plate separators, side handles, and a velcro locking top.
The storage chests are available in four different sizes depending on the type of plate, and are also deep enough for dishes or bowls. The plate storage chests are constructed of a rugged reinforced canvas for durability and easy cleaning. This color is cheaper than the beige but identical so if that is not critical to you, save a few dollars and buy these. The box is sturdy, the separators are a nice felt material that will protect your plates and keep them safe.

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