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China Shipping Container Lines (CSCL) has announced plans to lease up to 11 Ultra Large Container Vessels (ULCVs) of 21,000 teu via a wholly-owned subsidiary under a bareboat charter. In a filing to the Hong Kong Stock Exchange, the shipping line, which is China’s second largest carrier after Cosco, said that it will bareboat charter six of the ships with an option to charter an additional five. The carrier said that it will operate the six ships for six months of the charter agreement and then decide whether to order the additional five, adding that it was following an industry trend of operating larger vessels. CSCL will pay a daily charter hire of US$41,000 for each vessel during the charter period of 12 years on a monthly basis with the first instalment on the date of delivery, which will between April 2018 and December 2018.
According to the company, the plans would enable it to decrease fuel emissions and optimise its fleet. On the same day of its charter announcement, CSCL reported a 256% drop in its net profit from January to September 2015 to a loss of US$163m compared to a profit of US$105m in the same period last year. The company reported a US$82m loss in from July to September 2015 compared to a US$26m profit in the third quarter last year. Cosco reported a US$267m loss in the third quarter ended September 30, 2015 against a profit of US$256m in the same period last year. HONG KONG, China, August 14, 2012 (ENS) – Hong Kong Chief Executive Leung Chun-ying says he supports the investigation into who is responsible for the plastic pellet spill, in which around 150 tonnes of plastic were dumped into the sea. Hong Kong officials have said repeatedly that the plastic pellets pose no immediate threat to food and environmental safety.

Leung said is concerned about the spill and has maintained close contact with government departments involved in the cleanup. Overnight July 23-24 the plastic pellets were being shipped from Guangzhou to Shantou, both in southern China’s Guangdong Province, when the cargo ship Yong Xin Jie 1 ran into Typhoon Vicente, the worst storm to strike Hong Kong in more than a decade. Six of the containers contained sacks of small plastic pellets used in the manufacture of other plastic products, about 150 tonnes in total, according to Hong Kong environmental authorities. Five of the containers full of plastic pellets were located by the Hong Kong Marine Department, which salvaged the containers and the plastic pellets at sea. About 50 tonnes of pellets in 25 kg sacks were collected from the water, but many of the sacks that were still adrift broke open, releasing tonnes of the pellets that piled up in great white drifts across 10 Hong Kong beaches or scattered across the sand. The Xiamen-registered Yong Xin Jie 1 was leased to shipping agent China Shipping Container Lines at the time of the incident. On Thursday, petroleum giant Sinopec, the company that produced the plastic pellets, pledged to establish a HK$10 million (US$1.3 million) fund to locate and salvage the missing sixth container and clean up the remaining pellets. Lu Dapeng, a spokesman for Sinopec, said it was up to judicial and administrative authorities to determine who is responsible for the incident. Lu said the company was deeply worried over the spill incident which led to environmental impact and caused disturbance and inconvenience for Hong Kong residents. Chief Executive Leung told reporters the pellets must be cleared and attention should be paid to whether fish farm operators need assistance from the city government.

The company’s current largest ship is the CSCL Globe, which, with a capacity of 19,100 teu, was the world’s largest ship in November 2014.
But environmentalists warn that the pellets, known as nurdles, can absorb pollutants from sea water, thus becoming toxic themselves. He said the company’s top priority is to find the missing container and halt further pollution. Together with those collected by the Marine Department at sea, about half of the plastic pellets have been cleared. Lam said the city government would provide support to those in the mariculture industry affected by the spill. The Marine Department will continue helicopter searches, step up patrols along the coastline and arrange reinforcement from other districts to tackle the incident.
Some have been landfilled, but some of the pellets will be recycled, according to the Hong Kong Environment Department. The service fleet will comprise six vessels each of 5,500 TEU capacity and the companies say they are the most modern ships trading in this market.

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