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Lots of people get the idea to build a storm shelter or bunker by burying a shipping container – it's fast, relatively inexpensive, and durable, right?A  Step 1) Dig a hole.
Rather than rehashing an article that we previously published about using Gabion baskets to bury a shipping container, we strongly recommend that if you're going to bury a shipping container it's good idea to reinforce the sides with Gabion baskets.A  They're relatively inexpensive, and you can invite your friends over for a rock gathering party. If you need a new or used 20' or 40' container we're more than happy to help you find one.A  If you want help burying it in the ground you're on your own. The shipping container approach offers a convenience factor very difficult to match, which is a key factor in most peoples decision to undertake such a project.
This has simply been an account of my experience with the shipping container bunker building process and in no way should be used as a definite guide. I believe nearly 7 years and no seen loss of structural integrity speak for itself thank you. Seems to me that gabions surrounding the container would help tremendously with soil pressure from the sides.
I believe this is a case of teh trolls due to your having a shipping container shelter, which, how is it even yours if you are 21 and it was built 7 years ago? Over the past few years, there has been a new trend mounting in the preparedness community.
The first thing that you should know about shipping containers is that they were built to be stacked on boats, trains, or other transportation vehicles. Another factor that you need to consider is what you will do with all of the waste and trash that you produce while you are inside your bunker. If you are still really determined to use a shipping container as an underground bunker, here is what you need to know. Don’t forget that there is a lot of work involved in creating an underground shelter from a shipping container. While we can design and build you any custom bunker you desire, our specialty is in converting shipping containers into structurally sound fully livable underground shelters.
Given the physical properties they do not match the structural integrity or ease of a custom floorplan of most modern concrete structures, but are not an option one should so easily overlook.
Most only require a quick buff of rust spots as initial prep, Though I recommend a complete removal of all surface material, I.e.
Achievable by pouring your foundation, placing your container, and building block walls directly against the perimeter walls of the container, adding your ceiling as you would any standard buried block room.
Concrete has horrible tensile strength, which is why you have to reinforce it with steel bar.
An arch as it is called, is used in many stone bridges, aqueducts, rail bridges, and other projects. Case and point, a 16' long solid 1" steel round stock will sag in your hands if you pick it up.
Preppers all over the United States have been purchasing shipping containers and transforming them into bunkers and safe rooms. Just consider the sheer amount of weight from the dirt that is packed around the container on all sides.

Shipping containers are very small and if you going to use it for even just one person, there will not be much space to move around. This is going to really be tricky if you are stuck inside with potential attackers lurking right above you.
It’s always best to have at least two exits so you can quickly escape if an intruder is coming in.
Many shipping containers, especially those that are less expensive, could contain paint and chemical coatings that could make your family very sick.
Make sure that the shipping container is sealed and that you are able to reinforce the walls. Forget about just digging a hole and dropping in your shipping container and covering it with dirt and flowers. If you want to build an underground bunker, it’s best to have professional builders design and create it. We have streamlined this process and purchase our steel in bulk to guarantee lowest prices. Or by using the internal supports described above you would be able to support a poured concrete ceiling, directly onto the top of the container. Including but not limited to size needed, level of protection desired, budget, time constraints, and permanence desired. 120" ID RCP has a significant amount of reinforcing in it, otherwise you couldn't pick it up with a crane without fracturing it. The other half of the cylinder is almost irrelevant in building under the conditions which an average joe would build a bunker. All of this weight puts pressure on the container, much more than it was built to withstand.
And if you plan on using it for an entire family, you will be crammed in with almost no space to move about. All that trash and waste is going to create horrible conditions for everyone in the bunker. If you are trying to stay safe by going into an underground shelter, don’t you want that shelter to make your family sick from toxic paint or other chemicals.
Just like any other structure, you should have a building inspector check out the design to make sure it is up to code.
Our bunkers are structurally engineered, “all steel”, just as strong as conventional bunkers, totally prefabricated, and a fraction of the cost!
Remember, a shipping container is much easier to dig up and transport if needed, such as if you decide to move. A submarine, for example,withstanding great pressures underwater, is more cylindrical than it is square.
While it seems like an inexpensive option with maximum security benefits, it isn’t quite that simple. Most people may not realize that the walls of a shipping container are rather thin and are likely to buckle under the pressure of all of the dirt.

Families that camp out in a tent will be the only ones who know how tight of a fit it would be for a group of people in a small space. How are you going to keep fresh air coming in to your family underground without giving away the location of your bunker to someone that is passing by? The cost of cleaning up the paint and chemicals may mean that you might not get the cost savings you were hoping by purchasing a shipping container instead of building a bunker from scratch. Soil and rainfall can vary greatly in different parts of the world and both can greatly affect how well your shelter will hold up.
Also, if you are planning on having electricity or any other amenities in your shelter hire a professional to install them. This is not an anti-concrete rant of course, but an attempt to keep containers from being dismissed so easily.
A link would be appreciated, im also curious as to the price, wall thickness, length, LOL lots of things really. Your reasoning is non-existent and flawed, based on nothing, not even a common sense example.
When you bury the shipping container, it could actually weaken its structure and compromise the safety of anyone that is inside. Spend some time researching the specifications of building an underground shelter and stick with recommendations from reliable sources.
You need to reinforce the walls so the pressure from surrounding dirt won’t cave in your bunker. It may cost more initially, but it will make sure that your emergency bunker is safe and effective for you and your family. With our bulk buying power we can offer you a completely prefabricated shelter thousands under typical cost.
The average savings per client on an 8×20 bunker (based on current materials inventory) is between 12-18K.
You could even bury one container and mount a 2nd container on top of the first to use as a shed or fill the 2nd container with dirt.
Though since moving to FL recently I've noticed I've only got about 6 feet of depth before striking water so another buried project is off the books at the moment. For myself though, I am trying to figure out how to form and build my own concrete culvert as I feel they would be more permanent because of the eventual rusting issue. So though they may look rough, they still have a good many years of life if properly reconditioned.

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