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Beach Butler Cargo Lifts can not only save you time and money, but save you from back pain as well. The Beach Butler is a Residential Cargo Lift solution for elevated homes on the Jersey Shore.
The Beach Butler Cargo Lift is a great installation if you’ve recently had a house lifting on the Jersey Shore.
Living on the Jersey Shore has changed since Hurricane Sandy and New FEMA Flood Maps have caused Flood Insurance Agencies to force homeowners to raise their houses above potential flood levels.

With elevated homes you need to look at other options to get your day to day items into your house.
Your recent house raising has added additional stairs to your home which are inconvenient and sometimes unsafe.
Move your groceries, furniture, and more to the upper and lower levels of your home with ease and convenience.
Whether you are young or old, walking up and down stairs burdened by packages increases your risk of an accident.

Multiple units are available from four hundred to one thousand pounds in single and dual mast configurations. When your main living is on the second floor, a home cargo lift can increase the value of your home, make it safer and more livable longer.

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