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Poteet Architects in San Antonio, Texas recently constructed this shipping container house for a local client to use as a tiny guest house in her artist community. I love this excontainer design ( except the colour !)It just goes to show how easy it is to make these containers into an exciting and novel place to live.Somewhere to let the designer in you let loose.
The green roof alredy does a lot for insulation of the top area, in moderate climates 2 inch thick cork slabs glued to the liteira walls would probably be more than enough.
I would encourage anyone to learn to weld, its an awsome skill that will pay on spades but this is a medium to advanced welder project – something you might take on after 1 year or so of practice on smaller jobs. Please remember welding is a skilled trade and custom, potentially structural modification – like the green roof is NOT a project to learn on.
The largest we use here in the UK is 40 feet long and they are commonly converted into Buiding Site Offices, club houses etc.
Wow, that WaterMill condensation device on the Ecopod site is interesting, as long as you can get an offgrid model. A recent study found that Bamboo flooring had three times the embodied energy of Concrete in Denver markets. Sale > Artworks > Landscape Home Architecture MASSIVE 5.5 METER HARDWOOD DECORATION Garden & Pond Borneoartifact item number: AW0132 Borneo ironwood tree complete with root system! Our collections mainly from South East Asia that consists of Bali, Komodo, Flores, Sumba, Alor, Timor, Lombok, Sulawesi, Kalimantan, Papua, Irian, Sumatera and Borneo. Eusideroxylon zwageri (also called Billian, Ulin (Indonesia) or Borneo Ironwood) is a species of plant in the Lauraceae family.It is found in Brunei, Indonesia, the Sabah and Sarawak states of Malaysia, and the Philippines.
This locally very important tree is one of the most durable and heaviest timbers in the world.

Growth: Borneo Ironwood can grow over 1000 years, with a height of up to 50 meters and a diameter of 220cm.
Shipping containers are a readily available resource for building because they are usually abandoned by shipping companies. Jim Poteet opened the office with the hope that the firm could further the sustainable revitalization of downtown San Antonio. I researched this as an option my only concern is the ventilation, my suggestion is to make sure you have plenty window that open and a good air exchange system Does a metal container have a greater chance of be struck by lightening?
Although it does not rot or degrade, when soaked it looses a lot of it’s insulation capability and in freezing climates it just cracks to pieces. The HNR1000T is constructed of aircraft aluminum, weighs only 21 lbs, and can handle a 400 lb. The overall workmanship from the high-grade anodizing and powder-coating to the hardware and simple, clear assembly instructions makes it clear that these guys take great pride in their work.
The only thing that did not work, I could not open the back door of my Jeep due to the spare tire.
The tree is believed to have grown atop a massive rock in the soil which explains why the root system is widespread rather than long. The tree is believed to have grown atop a massive rock in the soil which explains why the root system is widespread rather than long.Very very beautiful indeed, these formation took over many hundred years!! The owner enjoys the shipping container house for its uncluttered, sunlit appeal and the wonderful blue color. The architects mounted the container on recycled telephone poles, and the floor and walls were covered with bamboo.

The firm’s portfolio of completed work includes residential, commercial and institutional projects, but is perhaps best known for the sensitive adaptive reuse of existing buildings and a fresh, rigorous approach to modern interior design.
It is also 100% natural, durable, resistant to practily any weather conditions and is nice looking too. The weld quality is aircraft grade and by using aluminum, the overall unit weight is significantly lower than competitors' but the carrying capacity is as good or better.
Sliding doors, windows, heating, air conditioning and an 8 foot by 4 foot bathroom with a composting toilet and red sheet metal walls were also added. The Hitch-N-Ride easily handles all kinds of cargo such as luggage, ice chests, firewood, cartons, sports equipment, hunting equipment. I did feel the prioce was a little high but it is light weight, easy to assemble and install. Use of this site is subject to certain Terms Of Use.Local store prices may vary from those displayed. A garden storage room was also added at the end of the container, which retains its original access doors. A patio with a cantilevered overhang was added to the front of the house and a rooftop garden with a drip system was installed by Madrone Landscape Architecture. Scientific name: Eusideroxylon zwageri Eusideroxylon zwageri (also called Billian, Ulin (Indonesia) or Borneo Ironwood) is a species of plant in the Lauraceae family.

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