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Today, most small size general cargo will be on a containership, also known as box ships. Comparatively high speeds and swift turn arounds in port are vital in maintaining the liner schedules of container ships. All the cargo holds contain guides for the containers so that it is easy to slide them in place.
Such ships maximise capacity as they can still be well loaded with other cargo even though there is not enough containers to fill the ship. Shown here is another type of general purpose ship that is designed to carry containers and vehicles. The first containerships were modified bulk vessels or tankers that could transport up 1,000 TEUs. Economies of scale pushed the construction of larger containerships in the 1980s until the Panamax (1985) and Post Panamax (1988) standards, transporting between 4,000 and 5,000 TEUs were reached. Depending on the teu size and hull dimensions, container vessels can be divided into the following main groups or classes. The small feeder container vessels are normally applied for short sea container transportation.
The feeder container vessels greater than 1,000 TEU are normally applied for feeding the very large container vessels, but are also servicing markets and areas where the demand for large container vessels is too low.
Until 1988, the hull dimensions of the largest container ships, the so-called Panamax-size vessels, were limited by the length and breadth of the lock chambers of the Panama Canal, i.e. It is probable that Ultra Large Container Ships (ULCS) carrying some 12,000 TEU containers can be expected. It is pssible that in about 10 years the ULCS will perhaps be as big as 18,000 TEU, with a ship breadth of 60 m and a max. With the intended increase of the cross-section breadth and depth of the Suez Canal over the coming years, even the 28,000 TEU container ship will also be able to pass the Suez Canal. We have not been a manufacturing nation for many decades (compared to what we once were) and for the most part we cannot support ourselves – we no longer produce. Apparently the surface issue is an ongoing contract dispute between the International Longshore and Warehouse Union and the Pacific Maritime Association, which represents terminal operators. President Obama is indeed seeking Fast Track Trade Promotion Authority for the TPP as he feverishly attempts to get the deal done by the end of the year. The REAL reason that the cargo container ships are backed upon our ports is because the TPP and Obama is holding all the parties hostage until they get what they want, the fast-tracking approval which will allow Obama to completely ignore Congress in regard to allowing Congress to fulfill its statutory duty in approving all trades. Obama, on behalf of the TPP wants to break the unions and all power of any ancillary support group, which is why we are seeing products backed up in our ports. The teleprompter in Chief merely has to invoke Taft – Hartley and get freight rolling again.
The real fallout will end up with the shippers losing patience with the prima donnas at those ports and re-routing cargo to friendlier locations.
If this goes on for too long, we will start to really feel the pinch, as goods no longer produced domestically will no longer be available. This is true I just flew into LA Sunday and you could see the ships stack up outside LA lots of ships. I work for a large company that both manufactures (domestic and import) and imports vendor partner products in the lawn and garden industry.
So what you are saying is we would be forced to start rebuilding infrastructure and start retraining skilled workers. The “downside” Is simply in the interim- Training skilled labor takes time and Money, as does Building factories, machines such as Lathes and milling machines,ETC and the fact that,Since NAFTA and CAFTA, the majority of these have been built outside of the US, So Where does the money come from ( I would suggest halting any and ALL foreign aid money and using THAT (YES OUR MONEY) to re build our nation)), Where do the parts come from? I do agree that the return of American manufacturing would be GREAT and do wonders to strengthen America and return great paying jobs to our shores.
Or you could call it the real cost of consumerism and the uneducated public wanting cheap stuff! Since he’s not fixed it, we can only wonder and guess about the motivation for not doing so long before this crisis. I just spoke to that manufacturer and he went out fishing the other day and counted 24 ships waiting to unload. Then how about getting the legislators working on re-starting our manufacturing again–stop all financial aid to foreign countries that bomb us, hate us, and ridicule us and spend on this project.
Precisely- Why are we sending these idiots OUR hard earned money that can be used to increase our own infrastructure. 20feet containers loaded on deck must be spaced apart in order to leave room for lashing each container on the fore and aft ends. Closed loading is not allowed unless specifically mentioned in the cargo securing manual or loading manual as in such case lashing can be taken only on one end of the container. Definition of various containers in containership The exterior dimensions of all containers conforming to ISO standards are 20 feet long x 8 feet wide x 8 feet 6 inches high or 9 feet 6 inches high for high cube containers. Measures against lashing failure : Lashing strength of deck cargo shall be ascertained by using the appropriate lashing strength calculation software where provided. Reefer container stowage guideline : Reefer containers proposed for stowage must be accompanied by a reefer manifest. Care of Reefer container during sea passage :Reefer containers require special care after they are loaded on board ship.
Containership operation -Cargo ventilation requirement : Cargo holds of container ships are fitted with two basic types of ventilation systems, namely natural and mechanical.
The world’s biggest containership CSCL Globe paid a maiden call at Pasir Panjang port, Singapore, the Strait Times writes. Larger container ships need ports with increased cargo handling capability and they are driving change at ports around the world.
The DP London World Gateway, in Essex, UK, is aiming to meet industry demands of increased container capacity. The boxes they carry are containers that generally are found in twenty and forty feet lengths. Container ships come in all sizes up to 10,000 TEU, with vessels in build of up to 20,000 TEU, and projected up to 35,000 TEU. Usually ungeared like this one, but sometimes fitted with cranes so they can load from ports with limited infrastructure.
Cargo handling efficiency is sought from large dockside gantry cranes at the terminals serving large long haul ships which are generically non-geared (without their own cranes). These were the fore runners of the true modern multi purpose vessels, and are general cargo ships that have been converted the carry containers as well as general cargo. These vessels are capable of carrying general, bulk, and deck cargo as well as containers, and are normally geared with cranes. Indeed, the container was at the beginning of the 1960s an experimental transport technology and modifying existing ships proved out to be the least expensive solution. The fifth generation (Post Panamax Plus) are now in service and will be able to transport between 5,000 and 8,000 TEUs.

On the other hand, a future container ship with a draught of 21 m would require existing harbours to be dredged. The public at large do not realize that it is very much an underpinning of our modern civilization, and therefore a strategic and very dangerous weakness.
While there has not been an actual strike (which would likely trigger federal intervention), the work has slowed enough to cause massive backups across the oceans – affecting supply chains across the globe and costing the economy billions.
In addition, any perishables languishing in containers in the California sun will soon contain nothing but rotten, fetid mess.
I was aware of this about 3 weeks ago as we have notified our customers that they can expect at least 3-6 week delays in receiving imported goods.
Several problems with that though, Since NAFTA and CAFTA have off-shored ALL of the good American manufacturing jobs we have little left in the way of skilled labor (Machinists, tool and die makers, welding).
When Americans wake up from the idea that the shelves of Walmart are magically restocked nightly from containers that traveled great distances on ships, it will be too late.
I was out in LA last year in November to visit with one of my manufacturers and they were already backed up.
If we simply adopted the attitude of making our country stronger before simply paying off other countries we’d be better off as a nation. It took only 2 weeks by air with customs to receive it, and costs a little more, but worth keeping my customers when I was an importer in the 90’s.
Having Obama gaze at them until January of 2017 would have been a worthwhile use of his skills.
They are manufactured in a large variety of sizes and types, each designed to meet specific cargo and transportation requirements. In addition to the general provisions, there may be a need to segregate a particular substance, material or article from other goods which could contribute to its hazard.
This reefer manifest should contain information regarding Container No., Stow position, Commodity, Temperature and Ventilation status. These containers need to be supplied with power, monitored closely for proper function and repaired as required in case of malfunction.
Two tugs were engaged with firefighting of the burning cargo hold of the vessel, but according to the Coastguard the fire was completely extinguished and only a smoke is coming out of the burning containers. The vessel was carrying dangerous chemicals on board operating from Jawaharlal Nehru Port Trust to Sri Lanka, when during the passage through Mumbai Bay fire started in one of the cargo holds. The price of the deal is 2,700,000 USD and the contract was signed today by the Arab company and the German owners Rickmers Reederei.
MSC Flaminia is seriously damaged and four of the cargo holds suffered sufficient damages during the fire, but according to many experts there is opportunity the ship to be repaired and to continue operations. The vessel is really impressive in size, capacity and engineering, built according to the latest practices and standards of IMO. The financial part of the deal was cleared as the new owners paid all the acquisition price and taxes.
The cargo vessel was on route from Nuuk to Aasiaat, when the navigation officer was not correct enough with steering the course and missed the current near the island. The market power of the United States was influential in determining the imperial dimensions of today's containers. Feeder container ships, however, are often geared, their deck cranes, commonly of the slim-line type to maximise container stowage space facilitating cargo handling in ports with limited infrastructure.
Because the containers are lowered in place precisely and the corners are matched for interlocking, it is important to keep the ship at even keel during the cargo work.
Almost all have retained deck gear by way of cranes or sometimes derricks, but some ships have had their gear removed. A limited number of harbours are able to handle them, because these ships will require deep water ports and highly efficient, but costly, shore infrastructures. Today, this ship size would be classified as a post-Suezmax ship, as the cross-section of the ship is too big for the present Suez Canal.
Without shipping, our grocery store shelves would go bare, we would have no clothes, we would literally run out of much of our modern life-sustaining supplies. Some believe that the effects and ramifications of the TPP trade agreement policies will effectively strip away more of our constitutional rights as a result of its apparent architecture while placing more power in the hands of the global corporate entities which have been in effect taking over our governments. Commifornia has gotten very proficient at shooting themselves in the foot at every turn of the road, so there’s no point in stopping there.
The tricky part of this time of the year is trying to get products out of China before the Chinese New Year when everyone basically goes home to celebrate. They will have to recoup those loses or just fold and go under depending on how financially sound they are. Trust me, the vast majority of stuff you, we, I buy is import because there’s not a domestic factory. I am not one to buy the latest TV, smart phone, gadgets, and electronics every few months, and I certainly would never buy drugs or food from China after they poisoned our children with lead painted toys and killed our dogs with toxic dog food. Lifting gear, such as container gantries and cranes, is attached to the corner castings of the containers in order to lift them. Their length is usually 20 or 40 feet, although longer containers are used, principally in the US trade; these containers are 45, 48 and 53 feet long. The Panamax dry bulk carrier, which was loaded with 30,000 tones of coal, was driven by pilot and master for entering into harbor, when the negligence of the situation caused collision with the anchored ship. The officers on board reacted immediately and made dangerous maneuvers to the anchorage without any visibility from the thick smoke. The company Simatech Shipping is operating with fleet in the Persian Gulf and connect the ports in all Arab world. The ship was delayed for about 2 months, waiting for approval from France, UK, Belgium and Netherlands to enter in their territorial waters as transit route to Germany. The container ship was built in 2006 by Hyundai Heavy Industries in their shipyard in Ulsan, South Korea under yard number 1643.
The vessel was built in 1997 and fully repaired and maintained in 2010 and the condition is almost perfect.
Initial ISO external container dimensions, standardised in the early 1960's, are still for the most part intact today.
For this purpose, container ships have remotely controlled ballast pumps and valves that can be controlled by deck officers. Once the container was massively adopted at the beginning of the 1970s, the construction of the first containerships (second generation) entirely dedicated for handling containers started. It is claimed that the transportation cost per container for such a big ship may be about 30% lower than that of a typical 5,000-6,000 TEU container vessel of today. Imagine you’re a hardware store or major chain store expecting product BEFORE spring hits. I agree there are some left but OVERALL not enough to support an American manufacturing base as large as would be needed to make all the items we consume. This is also one of the problems with the economy- jobs that used to be here are moved off shore.

This was when the LA port was still open but the Long Beach port was closed due to the strike. Some of which are deteriorating (foods, drugs, etc) how is the market going to absorb those loses since most are paid for in advance. The corner castings are used in conjunction with twist locks to secure containers when traveling on road vehicles or stack and fasten them securely to the deck of ocean-going vessel.
They are also of refrigerated design, thus advantageous for long voyages between Australia or New Zealand and the UK.
The current and the wind in the position of the accident were middle, as the weather conditions were good for operations.
The new ship will expend the fleet of the UAE shipowner and will continue its growth as to cover more ports and cargo.
After experts boarded the ship and ensured that the fire is completely extinguished and there are no dangerous cargo on board, which may cause ecological disaster, MSC Flaminia was allowed to continue the route to Germany.
The vessel is part from line of 5 container ships with same particular measures, size and capacity. The Greek company Costamare agreed for time charter with Evergreen for a period of 18 months with daily value of 8,100 USD. The officers tried to maneuver for refloating the ship during the high water, but without any success, so it was necessarily to require assistance from the port authorities. Containers preloaded with goods for export can be locked and sealed before they are loaded onto the ship. They carry the cellular denomination since they are composed of cells lodging containers up to stacks of 12. There’s going to be a lot of pissed off retailers this spring… and there’s not a damn thing anyone can do about it. Coupled with the fact that a lot of independent truckers have simply left the Long Beach port tired of waiting to pick up containers. How do the mega-corps expect to make a profit if their consumer base (us) have no resources to expend because of the lack of employment? It all has to work, or none of it will, which is why our modern society, while seeming robust, is in reality fragile. The twist locks are placed in the corner castings and engage with the corner castings (on the floor) of the next container. The collision was minor and both ships had no sufficient damages into their hulls, but the local authorities investigated the accident and fined the guilty master of bulk carrier Double Progress. However, after opening all the affected containers from the fire, was notices that there is no damage of the cargo of most of them and the harms were small. The fire fighting tugs arrived at the scene of the accident and tried to get control of the fire. The container ship R.Partner was announced for sale by the German shipwoner Rickmers Reederei as part of the fleet renew and innovations in the cargo vessels, which should become more effective and cheaper for operations.
Today the vessel left her holding position 20 miles south off Lands End and headed with 3.5 knots to the continent.
The salvage operations of Vega Sagittarius are on way, but the tugs are waiting for the next high tide to perform refloating.
With the use of shore based independent moving gantry cranes, the loading and unloading work is extremely fast.
The operations in the region are not disturbed by the collision and the maritime transport is normalized.
The local authorities experts will also board the container ship Amsterdam Bridge to ensure that it will not cause any danger for the port and most probably will enter in the port of Mumbai in next few days.
The UAE company Simatech Shipping found the price for the container ship highly reasonable and contracted the deal for buying the vessel. The cargo ship was loaded with containers during the accident and the officers reported that there is no missing cargo and no damages of over it. In line with the fast cargo handling work, container ships are usually built for speed, so that cargo can arrive at their destinations fast.
Containership speeds have peaked to an average 20-25 knots and it is unlikely that speeds will increase due to energy consumption. All the crew was evacuated during the salvage operations and was reported that there are no seriously injured people and no reports for pollution in the region. Cosco Guangzhou is owned by the Greek shipowner Costamare and operated on time charter by the maritime transport company COSCO Container Lines Co Ltd, part from COSCO Group.
The order will expand the fleet of Costamare Shipping, as at presence the company owns 48 container vessels, with total capacity of 242,500 TEU. The salvage can be done even with discharging some of the containers to lighten the vessel, before tugging. First, widths wider than eight feet cause navigational problems in regions of the world where narrow roads are common, such as Europe. The general arrangement of a pure container ship has changed over the years, with the first vessels being general cargo ships modified to carry containers, and usually had their own cargo gear in the form of derricks or cranes, but the holds were not specially designed with cell guides. On board of the cargo ship there are several dangerous cargo containers, which are containing chemicals and dangerous goods.
The vessel has deadweight of 107,277 DWT, gross tonnage of 109,149 GRT and net tonnage of 52,743 NT. The largest ship owned by Costamare is the giant Cosco Guangzhou and the four other sister-ships chartered by Cosco.
Second, a standardised container width enables containerships to use cells more efficiently to stack containers. Some of the medium sized modern vessels are geared, and call at ports that have no infrastructure for unloading containers. The fire fighting is still in progress and there is no information about the cargo type of the burning containers. The vessel has improved capacity in the cargo holds and over the deck with increased stability, which allow loading of 5% more containers on board in comparison with same size ships. They can be filled with just about any type of cargo, from televisions sets to fruit or meat. The reason for the smaller length used for these ship types is that a large part of the world’s harbours and corresponding facilities are based on these two lengths respectively. Cosco Guangzhou has total cargo capacity for 9,469 TEU and 700 reefer plugs, which allow carrying of perishable goods and foods.
The hull and the cargo holds of the vessel have improved design, which highly decrease the water resistance and increase the ship’s speed.

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