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Mobile Containers Sales manufactures roll off trailers and removable wheels that can be used to deliver any storage container.
MCS can ship fifteen modular container units on one truck - saving you thousands of dollars on transportation costs! Delivery available nationwide on all our containers, a quotation for delivery can be given on receipt of delivery location. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. This is a set of rectangular, cylindrical and round containers ideal for storing snacks or spices in the kitchen. Complete Travelling Set - The containers can be utilized for carrying gravy items, rice, dals among other things while travelling. Have Warm Food - The containers are airtight, leak-proof, and microwave safe made from food grade plastic, so the food can be taken out directly from the refrigerator and heated before it is consumed. Storage - These containers are specially designed to take care of your storage requirements as they are nestable and stackable - one into another.

We sell mobile storage containers, tilt-n-load, roll off trailers, removable wheels and portable morgue units. The MCS roll off trailer is a low cost, highly efficient delivery system for storage containers or any other heavy load. These portable morgue units can be towed behind any truck to quickly respond to any disaster or mass casualty incident. The unit currently has timber racking inside of the unit but this can be kept or removed upon request. These containers are air-tight so that their contents stay fresh for a longer period of time.
Especially, during the summer and rainy seasons when the food tends to spoil, stale or become soggy easily. If you are just starting a mobile storage business or if you are adding more containers to your existing inventory, MCS products has your solutions. With on board power generators and shoreline power hook ups, you'll never be at a loss for power.

The containers are made of food grade polypropylene plastic so that they do not contaminate the food items inside.
The self contained generator is powerful enough to keep the unit just above freeing even on the hottest days. These containers have a modular design so that they can be easily stacked one above the other.
Stainless steel trays can be securely placed on our fold down racks leaving plenty of working room.

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