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These devices are designed to be worn on the body and support human, animal, and biological energy systems. This is one of the a€?Divine Namesa€™ Pendants whose shapes reflect the energy qualities associated with the Names of God. These rings contain a large number of BioSignatures and, like all the emitter pendants, are designed to bring BG3 and organ system support to the wearers energy system.
1.We accept returns for refund or credit within 15 days of shipping as long as items are in unused condition.
7.We strongly suggest shipping your return using a trackable method with insurance such as UPS or FedEx. 1.If an item is out of stock, we will contact you to let you know the item is not available and ask if you would like to back-order it. 2.We receive BioGeometry shipments from Egypt only 3-4 times a year, and the wait can be 2 months for these items.
Your home is made out of STEEL, which means it’s resistant to floods, hurricanes, tornadoes and fire. Does this mean that the dream of living in an affordable, safe and efficient home is out of reach for you and your family?
I know the thought of living in a house made out of shipping containers is pretty radical to some people. Because my new book, Introduction to Container Homes and Buildings, is your first step in learning how to build an ISBU home yourself, on a budget.
My name is Alex Klein, and I’ve been helping families build with ISBU containers for over 30 years now. This is why I decided to create a series of books to teach people how to work with these containers.

Right now, we’re offering Introduction to Container Homes and Buildings for an incredibly low reduced price. We wrote Introduction to Container Homes and Buildings with one goal in mind: to help you, and other families, see just how easy and affordable it is to build with ISBU containers.
We’re talking safe, affordable, sustainable, livable homes that will shelter you and your family for decades to come. And, yes… if you need that tactile sensation of feeling pages turn in your fingers (we understand completely), simply use Adobe Reader or your word processor to print the book out!
You’ll never spill water on it, tear the pages, or forget where you put it, because it’ll be tucked safely on your hard drive for years to come! Learn ALL the ISBU Facts and TRICKS from EXPERTS who have been doing it for over 3 decades! If you’re dreaming of living in a safe, affordable, sustainable home that you (and not the bank) own, then ISBU is the answer. This pendant is often worn with other jewelry or with the BioSignature Medallion to further increase the level of BG3 emission.
Karim to help balance energetic disturbances and pain in the head caused by electro-stress. Karim discovered the Energy Grid which was known and used in the Ancient Egyptian Temple Science.
Its function is to contribute to a€?Universal General Balancinga€™ of the persona€™s energy system and resonates with the subtle planes as well as the physical body. We normally ship several times a week, but this can deviate before, during or after our classes and other unlisted events. Sure, you can have an energy efficient, safe home, but it’s going to cost you a pretty penny.

And, my goal is to help you learn how to do this so that you can build a safe, affordable home for your family.
My goal is to share with you all the tips and tricks I’ve learned through the years of working with ISBU containers. If we published this book in print, we discovered that it would drive the cost up to more than double our target price. Whether you elect to print it out or not, you’ll ALWAYS have a copy of it to go to, as a reference. Funds from this book go directly to “The Corten Cavalry” to help families build homes! This grid holds the Geometric Energy Coding of the human being and is reproduced into a wearable form in this Human Archetype Pendant. Building with shipping containers means you’re giving new life to these steel boxes that would otherwise be scrapped. Our goal was to make obtaining this information less than the average price of ONE family outing at a Fast Food Restaurant. An ISBU shipping container home will keep your family safe from anything nature, or man, can throw at it.
It’s also really easy to make ISBU shipping container homes energy efficient, or even off-grid.
Compared with traditional building, ISBU containers are incredibly easy to work with – which means you can build your home yourself.

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