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The 60,000 tons account for 72 percent of the company’s construction debris from the last two years. Reno Contracting launched its Efficient Sustainable Practices business group, which aims to help commercial building owners enhance the sustainability and energy efficiency of their new and existing buildings while driving down operating costs with eco-friendly developments. Please note that gratuitous links to your site are viewed as spam and may result in removed comments.
In domestic applications the choice of Air Admittance Valves (AAVs) is reasonably straightforward. The Maxi-Vent is used for stack venting in simple family houses or in buildings up to 10 storeys high.
The Mini-Vent is a drainage ventilation solution for any single fixture, group venting, or for venting the entire branch in residential and commercial applications.
Ideal for venting all fixtures connected to the same waste pipe branch: washing machines, toilets, sinks, baths, showers and kitchen waste water. For a medium high rise residential building drainage system, a combination of both Maxi-Vent and Mini-Vent is required. For more information regarding the Studor range of solutions for domestic and residential drainage systems, please give a member of our team a call to find out more. The Citadel is a stunning six storey apartment scheme completed in 2004, and the tallest timber framed building in the city of Manchester. A small retrofit installation has greatly improved the appearance of the domestic property concerned by eliminating the need for an unsightly vent pipe protruding through the roof. These installations were part of a network of new build properties in this picturesque part of New Zealand’s North Island, which resulted in the first Certificate of Accreditation given by the Building Industry Authority in New Zealand; issued in 1994, it represents a new way of thinking regarding residential drainage systems particularly with regard to new builds. Installation Description:This new build project incorporated a range of AAVs from the Mini-Vent through to the Combi-Siphon. Monroe Place Apartments are a ‘Classic Style’ with brick construction, and like to be considered as timeless and pleasing. As part of a refurbishment project to domestic properties in Berkshire to provide residents with a more contemporary finish and to eliminate exterior drainage smells Maxi-Vents have been installed.
Maxi-Vents were retrofitted, with the aluminium cover providing additional protection against temperature and weather. For advice on installing the correct combination of AAVs, the Studor System or other associated Studor products, we have an in-house team that has worked on every type of building across the world. The editor of Public Utilities Fortnightly invited me to write an article – no pay, but any utilities-related topic I wanted, at any length I wanted, with the final edit up to me, and with the okay to post the final product on my website as soon as it came out. For more than a month the University of Minnesota Center for Infectious Disease Research and Policy (CIDRAP) and its director, Mike Osterholm, urged me to write a CIDRAP commentary on crisis communication lessons from the U.S. On May 16, 2013, Ken Silverstein interviewed me by telephone about a controversy regarding the San Onofre nuclear power plant. The controversy over whether scientists should be allowed to bioengineer potentially pandemic bird flu viruses had pretty much died down by the time I was asked to speak at a February 2013 conference on the issue in France.
Comments on draft recommendations of the Healthcare Personnel Influenza Vaccination Subgroup, National Vaccine Program Office, U.S.

Part One is a introduction to the hazard-versus-outrage distinction and the three paradigms of risk communication.
Part Two discusses the seesaw and other risk communication games (thus completing the introductory segment), then spends a little over an hour each on some key strategies of precaution advocacy and outrage management.
The National Public Health Information Coalition is an organization of federal, state, and local health department communicators. In August 2008, Listeria contamination in Maple Leaf packaged deli meats killed 21 elderly consumers, one of the largest food poisoning disasters in Canadian history. The European Respiratory Society invited me give a 20-minute presentation on pandemic communication at its annual conference, as part of a panel on various aspects of pandemic H1N1.
Project Syndicate is a nonprofit organization that distributes op-ed commentaries on currently hot topics to newspapers around the world, free of charge.
The Precaution Adoption Process Model (PAPM) was developed mostly by Neil Weinstein, with some help from me. I was sitting at the breakfast table with my wife and colleague Jody Lanard, pondering how Joe Biden could debate a palpably unprepared opponent without looking either nasty or patronizing. From the edited transcript of a conference on pandemic media coverage, published in Nieman Reports, vol.
For three days starting 30 November 2006, Harvard University’s Nieman Foundation for Journalism ran a conference on how the news media cover (and should cover) the risk of an influenza pandemic.
An abridged version ( above) of this presentation was published in the Spring 2007 issue of Nieman Reports (see the previous entry). I was joined in this panel discussion by three experienced risk communication practitioners, Howard Koh, Glen Nowak, and Dick Thompson. In November 2005 I did a two-hour interview in Melbourne with Kevin Jones, editor of Safety at Work, a monthly electronic magazine published out of Australia but distributed worldwide.
These are Adobe Acrobat (pdf) files, (Part 1, 218 kB; Part 2, 387 kB), located on this site.
In addition to the speech transcript (which I edited a little for clarity and grammar), a video of the speech itself is available. This 166-minute video, produced by the American Industrial Hygiene Association in 2004, covers 25 crisis communication recommendations, focusing chiefly on the most difficult messaging challenges that even experienced crisis communicators may get wrong.
In March 2006, this article was reprinted by the International Atomic Energy Agency in its IAEA Bulletin (vol. Because People Are Concerned: How Should Public Outrage Affect Application of the Precautionary Principle? In the fall of 2003 I was commissioned by Vodafone Group Services Limited to think through and write up my opinion on the following question: Assume that a particular risk is probably not serious from a technical perspective, but some people are worried or upset.
The “Emergency Risk Communication CDCynergy” CD-ROM from which these video clips were taken was originally produced in 2003 by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (Office of Communication), the Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry, the Prospect Center of the American Institutes for Research, and the Oak Ridge Institute for Science and Education.
The following short video clips on various aspects of crisis communication were part of the CD-ROM but no longer load in the online version.
Crisis communication strategies have a side that practitioners find comfortable and a side they find uncomfortable – withholding information versus total candor, for example.

Seesaws prevail in crisis communication as they do in most of risk communication, and practitioners need to climb onto the side they don’t want the public on. Telling stories about yourself helps humanize you, which helps people bear the crisis better. You want someone who has communication skill, risk communication training, and technical expertise.
The recycled materials include metals, cardboard, concrete, asphalt, wood and landscaping debris. The Mini-Vent AAV protects all trap seals connected to the same drainage branch by allowing the intake of air, so that the right level of pressure balance is maintained. The Aluminium Cover provided additional protection to the Maxi-Vent, which was painted to match the exterior decor. Since then, thousands of properties throughout New Zealand like this example have installed Studor products, resulting in cost savings and improved drainage ventilation systems for domestic applications.
The apartments offer several unique floor plans to suit a variety of residential needs and the types of flats and condominiums are over multiple floors, with a maximum of 10 storeys.
Government-funded National Center for Food Protection and Defense at the University of Minnesota. This new article focuses on some of the crisis communication lessons I learned at Three Mile Island – lessons many corporate and government crisis managers have yet to learn. Dozens of government-run recycling initiatives have started to help mitigate this issue, and many construction companies, like Reno Contracting in Southern California, launched their own programs to much success. ROK were extremely happy with the service and savings provided by the use of Studor products.
The resulting brief dialogue dealt with the motives not just of global warming skeptics but also of global warming supporters.
Reno recently announced that they have recycled more than 60,000 tons of construction waste since the beginning of 2009. The LEED rating system for commercial construction awards points for recycled building materials: one point if 50 percent of all materials are recycled and two points if 75 percent is recycled. The Studor product range of domestic valves is suitable for all new build applications and retro-fitting, and is guaranteed for the life of the venting system. And it led to a further discussion of whether strategic persuasion (on behalf of global warming or any topic) is antithetical to sincerity. I thought it was a good, thoughtful and respectful discussion – worth reprinting here (with the permission of all the participants).

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