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Just so that my description of the 2 containers makes more sense, Here is the train car being placed. Larry - apologies if this has already been covered and I just missed it, but how did you seal the gap between the two containers along the top?  Did you just weld a bead along the frames?  Or did you have to put a sheet metal piece down to close the gap?
I kind of like the flat roof, but I have seen many that have added a pitched roof and they look great. Thanks Larry, Yeah, I had asked him for one of those front door arrangements with one stationary glass and one full glass door. Simple shelves in a smaller closet can use 1x4 as ledger boards on the sides and back, and then plywood. If the span gets much over about 36 inches you may need a strip of 1x2 on the front edge of the shelf to stiffen it.
Shelf standards are another option, and interfere with a lower shelf space much less than the brackets above.
While it might not be possible to debug the Tegra K1 SOC in those development kits using cheaper debugging hardware or OpenOCD, it is possible using a TRACE32-ICD (In-Circuit Debugger) and the TRACE32-PowerView software from Lauterbach. The GENIVI Alliance is a non-profit automotive industry alliance committed to driving the broad adoption of an In-Vehicle Infotainment (IVI) open-source development platform. The Yocto GENIVI Baseline is a GENIVI compliant reference system based on the Yocto Project. This advanced hands-on lab leads attendees through the decision process to determine the contents of an image for an IoT-focused device. Docker is an open-source project that automates the deployment of applications inside software containers, providing that way an additional layer of abstraction and automatization of operating system-level virtualization on Linux.
The goal of this article is to give a short overview of practical solutions to run untrusted proprietary applications under Linux while limiting the damage that they can do and to prevent possible privacy exploits. Comment: It just feels not right, I want a clean system without programs where I dona€™t know what they are doing in the background.
Not to mention, shipping containers don't have good strength against the flat sides and top. Hay Larry Love what your doing there, i was just wondering about some the stuff ive read about the floors in the containers being treated with some very nasty stuff .? Cyric30 wrote: Hay Larry Love what your doing there, i was just wondering about some the stuff ive read about the floors in the containers being treated with some very nasty stuff .? Hay Larry i dont know if they all are treated the same, but i seen somewhere in my reading that SOME (some places over seas if i remember correct) where treated with formaldehyde and arsenic among other thing to really keep the bugs away maybe to play it safe find you a very thick sealer maybe?

I asked about anchoring because that earth against the wall does exert a sideways force, as well as a downward force. Larry Please dont stop posting while i voiced my concerned about the floor, they where meant as something you needed to consider, not as wanting you to stop. One thing (out of about a hundred) that I regret, is not having the shelves in my closet wider. The lab requires attendees to use their own laptops to connect to a virtual private cloud server, where they will perform the builds as if they were local and then see the results using their chosen board, with any needed peripherals provided. When a odd number pin is asserted it will cause the even pin next to it to stop blinking and stay at 3.3V.
Docker uses resource isolation features of the Linux kernel such as cgroups and kernel namespaces to allow independent a€?containersa€? to run within a single Linux instance, avoiding the overhead of starting virtual machines. It allows you to run some containers with (almost) all the capabilities of their host machine, regarding kernel features and device access.
I considered using shipping containers in my underground home, but opted for timber because of its flexibility and cost.. I still need to put up one wall in the bathroom once all my plumbing is in, but it is on to electrical now.
In a off grid situation, I have a 3000 watt power converter with a 6000 watt surgeA  that should run the washer and they can be dried the old fashion way (cloths line). And I hear what you are saying as I have actually decided to quit posting about it on this forum because of all the negative comments . Since we are building out in the country and it's a farm style house, I would prefer wood (or something similar) that we could paint. You will use the provided board and then take it home with you, and the lab will continue to be accessible after the conference. The Docker 1.2 release introduced two new flags for docker run --cap-add and --cap-drop that give a more fine grain control over the capabilities of a particular container.
As such they tend to be difficult to bury; this was mentioned in the underground house thread. I will be covering all the flooring with hardwood with a under lay-met, and tile with backing board under it, so I am not to worried about what the sub floor is treated with. But I got such a good deal on the T&G knotty pine that I ended up doing the whole thing in it. The space in between the two floors has yet to be grouted and painted to match the flooring, but I will do that when I finish my other tile work.

We are by no means handy, but we have access to someone that could do some work for a reasonable hourly rate. I just need to tell him exactly what we want - type of wood, and size of trim that will hold the shelf and rod. It has three bedrooms, 3.5 bathrooms and an outdoor swimming pool to name but a few of the features!
It was in the 20's in the morning and the small wood burner heated the cabin very well. The water from the shower will be carried in and drain out into a pail which can be carried back out into the forest. When you have time, show us some pictures of your project, I would like to see what you got going.
Tiny 20 Foot Off-Grid Shipping Container Home Brenda Kelly from iqcontainerhomes has been dreaming of living in a shipping container home since she was 13, and she has been modelling and creating designs for shipping container homes for as long as she can remember! Maybe I will invent something for heating rocks outside and bringing them inside like a sweatlodge on a brick hearth. Her new home was made from a single 20 foot shipping container and due to its size it doesn’t require any building permission or council consent. Since the upper story is not too dense, I am planting fruit trees in the forest, near the openings.
Also I wanted to know how to keep the sun off the roof; in the end we did this by double ventilating the roof. Taj Malodge Larry Wade from seacontainercabin, built his shipping container home back in 2010 and in total the home cost around $35,000 USD to build. Larry used two 40 foot shipping containers to make his new home and it features solar panels on the roof which are used to provide electric and heat water.
And I wished I had known that it doesn’t cost that much more for a One-Trip container and they are like brand new.

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