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The design is remarkably similar to Flynn’s house in Tron, built from three containers stacked crosswise upon two, leaving room for two big rolling doors on the front and back. Trolling about a bit more, though, one can find numerous variants, including versions with large cuts in the upstairs walls, creating at least one fairly large room.
The bad news, from what I can tell, is that the Quik House works pretty much like a kit car.
Still, this design is inspiring, and shows that building such a home entirely on one’s own is certainly doable. This guy has a lot to say about container homes – and my impression is that they can be a LOT cheaper! I, too, think this sounds a little pricey on the surface, but Chuck, keep in mind that you’re in the Dallas area, which has some of the cheapest housing in the country. One of the problems with this design is the above 40ft container spanning sideways on top of 2 x 20 ft containers is they will need extensive modification to support the bearing weight. And Bob Villa did some segments on one of their projects that you’d never know were build with containers. Insulation would be my biggest worry, by the time you put in serious insulation, the interior spaces will be much smaller. I live in Southern California and I’m seriously considering replacing my house, which is being consumed by termites, with containers. Also, there are thousands of these things arriving weekly from China at the Port of Los Angeles and Long Beach, and the same volume isn’t being shipped back. You could use corrugated sheet roofing or even solar panels over the containers, leaving room under it for air conditioning machines for the interior. I am currently waiting for spring to start my home using 2 40′HC containers offset like the trim home without the third container on top.
They can be cheap forms of building, but mostly if you do your own labor as much as possible. And if your worried about living space reduction due to insulating and walls, you can always put the insulation on the outside of the home and use a standard facing like vinyl siding. Will, we are in the beginning planning stages of our own container home in Fayetteville, PA.
We receive lots of emails from people asking us- how do I go about building my own shipping container home? Matt Mooney, a principal at Corgan based in Texas, decided for his next home he wanted to use shipping containers. It has three bedrooms, 3.5 bathrooms and an outdoor swimming pool to name but a few of the features! Brenda Kelly from iqcontainerhomes has been dreaming of living in a shipping container home since she was 13, and she has been modelling and creating designs for shipping container homes for as long as she can remember! Her new home was made from a single 20 foot shipping container and due to its size it doesn’t require any building permission or council consent.
If I was building a larger home that requires council consent and I wish I knew more about the application process for a building permit! I wish I knew how to insulate the shipping container, we ended up soldering elements on the walls and then sprayed them with a foam anti-fire insulation.
Also I wanted to know how to keep the sun off the roof; in the end we did this by double ventilating the roof. Larry Wade from seacontainercabin, built his shipping container home back in 2010 and in total the home cost around $35,000 USD to build. Everything about building out a container was new to me and there wasn’t any useful info that I could find, so for me I really can’t think of anything that stands out from the rest. The good thing was that most of the really dinted places would end up being cut out of the containers anyway. The two larger containers are propped up using a 20 foot container which is used for storage. We decided to speak with Raquel Izurzu, an architect from James & Mau, and ask her what they wished they had known before designing the Manifesto House. We wish we’d known in cold countries above all, you need to ensure you have proper insulation to protect against condensation.
With Manifesto House in Chile we had good results – The climate is not really cold or hot there. We did not expect so much wind in the site and are now having to screen off the wind with vegetation as the container makes a bit of noise when there are large gusts of wind. The containers were pre-fabricated off-site then delivered to California before they were re-assembled. The one thing we would have done differently would have been to find one contractor to help the whole process versus having one for getting and modifying the containers, and another to finish out the interior.
Don’t unnecessarily cut the boxes. Also make sure your contractor understands modular or container finishing.
You might have seen in the news recently this shipping container home which was built for Seth Rodewald-Bates?
Seth and a team of friends and family spent two years building the home, working in the evenings and weekends. The completed container home contains one bedroom, a bathroom, kitchen, office and living area. The main thing would be that in this example there wasn’t any significant cost savings. Casa Incubo is another great example of a shipping container home which was built in Costa Rica. The home was built using eight 40 foot high cube containers and using containers helped reduce the construction time by around 20%. Since this house is in Costa Rica with tropical weather, I wish I had been extra careful to paint it with the strongest paint to protect against the rain.
Roger Black is the proud owner of the Cinco Camp which is over 200 miles from the nearest airport and based off an unpaved road unreachable to all without a 4×4 drive car. Mark Wellen, from Rhotenberry Wellen Architects, designed the retreat and said the entire thing cost around $200,000 USD and it would have been around $100,000 if the camp was built in a more accessible area! This shipping container home is one of the first in China and was built by Mads Moller from Aarcgency.

The external walls of the containers are lined in bamboo which protects the containers from the natural elements and also provides the containers with insulation. The containers are bolted down into the existing rock and this provides the owners with a gorgeous view overlooking Nederland. These container projects have been for clients who really like containers or have some tangible need that containers provide such as durability.   Certainly the projects that we have been involved in have always been unique. The home was built using three 40 foot and one 20 foot container and even has enough room for Marek’s office when he works from home! To be honest I don’t really have one thing I wish I knew about shipping containers before I started. Whilst this isn’t exactly a single home, the construction process is similar and there are still many lessons which we can learn from Broadmeadow! Broadmeadow is designed and owned by Christian Salvati from Marengo Structures. This megastructure was built with 27 containers, is Four stories high, and contains 6 apartments. Building with shipping containers can be challenging and the aggravation is still the same as traditional construction, however the costs are reduced.
The home was made using a 20 foot shipping container and contains a full kitchen, bathroom, bedroom! That’s a tough question, Tom, one that I don’t have an answer for.   I began modifying shipping containers 10+ years ago. Like a couple of other homes within this blog post, the C192 Nomad is a prototype. The Nomad is made by Cargotecture and sleeps comfortably a family of four.
Joel Egan, Cargotecture’s owner, says the Nomad is designed as a self-contained backyard cottage or remote retreat. It’s not a good idea to go it alone if you have a custom home you are interested in, it’s best approached with professional drawing services and competent structural engineering.
Peter Gill Case, owner of Truth Box, said the windows have been strategically placed to provide maximum daylight whilst using the smallest windows possible. Finding a balance between good building design and total construction expense is the key to utilizing containers in buildings. The building was built using second hand shipping containers meaning they could keep the cost of construction down!
There are countless things that I wish we had known prior to doing our project, but I would say the ONE thing that would have made a big difference would have been to have all of the plumbing chases cut out of the container floors and ceilings to easily run pipe once they were stacked. Also, the containers sit very tight next to each other and in the design phase we added an additional inch to the width of the foundation just in case they didn’t butt up tight, and in hindsight we should have designed it an inch less for a better drip edge connection. The home spans some 1500 square foot and contains two bedrooms, an office, playroom, kitchen and laundry room.
It is definitely worth it to work with someone who has expertise with container structures. Hartman wanted a holiday home on the beach which he could turn up to on Friday night and enjoy it over the weekend! The walls of the container are rough and need framing so that your internal walls are flat and smooth. Normally reefer containers are much more expensive than regular containers which are then insulated.
Hi Tom,You have represented people from different areas and they seems happy with shipping containers.
This is good info and provides great links to design firms but I don’t see anything on how to finance a container build and info is limited online! We are currently researching financing options and will write a blog post as soon as we have enough helpful information. Yes it’s definitely possible, are you thinking about using a 20 foot shipping container?
I have a dog business and purchased two 40′ containers to use for indoor dog play area. Yes definitely- if you don’t do anything else, make sure you properly insulate the containers!
I haven’t seen any dog play areas made from shipping containers so this should be really interesting. I am planning a 20×10 container farm house and your thread really has extensive information and appreciate your effort. I think you would definitely need to invest in insulating the container, but this could be either internally or externally… Take a look at our article on insulation and let me know if you still have anymore questions. I’d like to put a container home on my west va property as a weekend hunting lodge, as it would be ideal in terms of security when I lock it up.
We are currently trying to compile a list of contractors to add to our resources section however at the moment this isn’t complete.
The best thing I suggest you do is go through this blog post and within here we mention several major contractors. We are planning a 3200sq ft house in Sheffield, England, as far as I know the first of its kind in this country. I am convinced my dream home will be made of shipping containers but can anyone comment on differences in financing the construction SCH? I was ready with cash to build a two container home similar to the Savannah project in rural Florida.The county was OK with my idea. Please register to participate in our discussions with 1.5 million other members - it's free and quick! I think the blow back from this latest recession is people spending their money more wisely. Some people are using shipping containers to build homes, which turn out to be relatively cheap and super durable. Some states' counties will not charge property taxes on houses that are smaller than a specific sq ft floor plan, so some are going to extra tiny route to save even more money. Here's a cool off the grid shipping container house designed by one of the aforementioned architectural firms.
I would never want to buy a home on rented land - what if the landlord jacks up the lot rent or sells the land, would I lose all of my money?
This problem doesn't exist with traditional renting or traditional owning including the land.

I've seen tiny houses is almost every single major US city, so I would disagree with your statement.
If you require further details regarding the transaction data, please contact the supplier directly. Large glass garage doors open on the front and back, permitting him to store his bike right in the living room and giving his living room a water-front view. He’s configured the layout similarly, too, at least from what we can see online, setting a living room downstairs between the two doors with a kitchen off to the side on the first floor and a bedroom and other living areas upstairs.
Most configurations feature a single winding staircase on one side, but some include more complex straight-stair designs.
Building a home from containers raises some serious issues for most folks, ranging from difficulty in meeting architectural and building codes to convincing others in the area that containers aren’t just for hobos. Anyone have an idea what a “typical” price for a standard 40-foot container might be?
They retrofit the containers for a specific project – this includes structural support and insulation etc.
It is based in the Algarve region of Portugal and uses only one 40 foot shipping container which provides over 300 square foot of living space. Larry used two 40 foot shipping containers to make his new home and it features solar panels on the roof which are used to provide electric and heat water.
I can say that the one thing that I wished I had not done was buy my containers without seeing them- I took the company’s word that they would be in good shape. And I wished I had known that it doesn’t cost that much more for a One-Trip container and they are like brand new.
Two 40 foot containers are spread 4 foot apart to create around 800 square foot of open plan living! We only needed to put some pallets on the external walls to control the sun and some insulation.
The home cost a staggering $40,000 USD to build and provides over 600 square foot of living space.
The very top floor has nine skylights fitted into the roof which provides huge amounts of natural light. As shown in the picture below, the home has been built around the existing cedar tree and it was designed by architect Maria Jose Trejos. I wish I had known there were containers available for very little more money that were virtually new… that are in almost pristine condition. You can see in the photo that the home has a huge sloped roof which is topped with a living-garden. The home was designed by Brad Tomecek, from Tomecek Studio, as an experiment to try and reduce the size of the average American home and to also be as environmentally conscious and friendly as possible. I guess the more you know and learn about shipping container homes before you start making decisions will help you to fail less.
I did a lot of research up front so it wasn’t as though I jumped in and discovered something that complicated the build.
In addition the studios are fitted with energy recovery ventilators which helps to conserve energy and supply the block with fresh air. There is also a 40 foot container located at the rear of the home which contains the guest-house! They are a few thousand $$$ more but you have smooth interior and exterior walls and insulated sides, roof, and floor!!!
It actually saves a money in the long run as its already insulated and you can see your initial interior dimensions. Can anyone point me in the direction of financiers in the USA who are willing to provide new construction loans for container builds? I am so ready to build my container home here in Arizona but am having trouble finding financing. Looking for a site at the moment, thanks for the info, would like to hear more from these developers as they seem very coy on the pitfalls! What if the landlord doesn't pay property taxes on the land, or, worse yet, defaults on a mortgage or loan on it? When I say tiny houses are illegal, I mean that you can't own a tiny home, including the land, in most cities, legally. But the idea of a small, efficient (both in terms of resources and space) home strikes me as a seriously cool deal. Aren’t all three of the top containers in this design (background of the second image) supported at each corner? Just in case this isn’t enough, the home also features a 1300 square foot exterior decking and a pool!
It is built using a single shipping container and has various pull-out and fold-down sections to enhance the homes overall size. However, I think understanding how the structural integrity of them works is very important- i.e. Why not tell us “the one thing you wish you’d known before you began building your shipping container home?” in the comments below!
I have no done projects around here to visit and see how it feels in a container home and from my readings insulating in a later stage start living is a big pain as you need to redo the electrical and sanitary jobs…please advise.
Plop something similar down on a lake or near the beach, and I think I’d be quite happy in it. Or are you saying that having an upper container resting on the middle of a lower container is weak (because the lower container is bearing the load at a point other than its corners)? Bottom line: Kalkin recommends budgeting between $125 and $165 per square foot for the entire project (excluding land).

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