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When it is done, destroy other objects lying in the area, then switch into Invisible Woman to build some violet bricks from them.
Approach to the lightning on the right and reflect the beam to the plate on the opposite side of the gap (use an interaction button while standing on the Captain America's panel).
On the new location defeat all enemies, then choose the Thing and yank two green handles placed on the wall. Defeat all opponents, then switch your invisibility skill on to pass through the gate covered by cameras. Enter to the control room and kill an enemy, so you can put a plug out from the socket - in this way you will turn the camera off. Stand on the other side of the gap and extend your arm, so you can pull an attachable point on the ladder, lowering it down. Choose the Thing and lift up a crate with green handles (it is standing on the right side of the roof), then throw it at the pillar on the opposite side of the gap.
Go to Human Torch, then switch into him - only then he will be considered as "rescued" by the game.
In the second round you will be flooded by the ocean of the enemies - defeat them all, dodging Green Goblin's bombs in the same time.
In the final round defeat all minions (as always), then approach to the shattered stained-glass window lying at the end of the arena. Connect diverse literature with a love of family, add in a little learning and you have a fabulous LOVE diverse book basket!
How Far Do You Love Me?How Far Do You Love Me? is a delightful tale of families all around the world and how much they love their children.
Grandfather CountsGrandfather Counts (Reading Rainbow Books) is a picture book about making connections with your family, no matter what the language may be. Encourage them to draw a picture of the person they are writing the book for, something that reminds them of that person, or even hearts.

Encourage your child to draw a picture of themselves with the person (or people) they are making this book for. The Family Theme Preschool Activities includes 10 hands-on, printable learning activities centered around the theme of family.These activities address beginning reading skills, sight words, and writing for a variety of purposes. If you enjoyed this article and activities from The Educators’ Spin On It, we encourage you to stay a while! I love this I Love You book craft and I really appreciate how your book list is so inclusive!
Subscribe by adding your email below and get all new posts sent directly you to your inbox! After that you should destroy all objects standing on the left side, building a huge container from the debris. Now you must use her telekinetic skills to arrange columns into a stairway to the next floor (see screen above). Scatter the bricks, then build a Fantastic Four panel from them, so you can use it with Mr. Then switch into Invisible Woman and use her telekinetic skills to arrange three columns into a stairway to the next floor (see screen above). After that use telekinesis to move a gas cylinder from the lower to the upper floor - you will receive some useful bricks in that way. Fantastic and approach to the front of the building, then climb on it using an attachable point.
In this moment Doctor Doom's minion will turn the bridge off - you must choose Invisible Woman and use her invisibility power to avoid the camera. Wait for laser ray to appear, then switch into Invisible Woman and stand on the Captain America's panel to reflect a beam to the plate placed on the left. After that turn to the left, and lift up the wall with green handles, using Thing's unnatural strength.

When the laser beam appears on the top of the tower, rotate it with telekinesis - then use a switch once more to clear up an entrance. Build a huge rock with green handles from the debris, then lift it with the Thing and throw it at Green Goblin. Wait for the stained-glass window on the right to become shattered, then build a huge swat from the debris. Amanda is a National Board Certified teacher with oodles of experience in early childhood education.
Kim shares ways to make learning fun and parenting an adventure by sharing developmentally appropriate activities. Then switch into the Thing and lift the box using green handles, so you can throw it at the fragile part of the tower.
Grab an attachable point using your elastic skills to climb on the tower, then head to the right, so you can switch the computer on. When it is done, approach to the huge rock lying in the centre of the tower and destroy it. Now lift it with Invisible Woman - in this way you will force an enemy to fall on the ground, so you can hit him easily. After that switch on the computer and disconnect the jamming machine - to do that, you must click on the X symbol at the top of the screen. Fantastic and pass through the window with iron bars, so you can approach to the gap and glide over it. Lee and Low Publishing Company sent me the 3 books to read with my children for this article.

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