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Miller of Musto in London by phone she confirms this is not a Musto corporate shop but may be a dealer. This is one of the designs from our new Tuff Cube series which is intended to offer many tools for our readers. Converting a shipping container into a house is one of the latest trends in modular housing.
There are several ways to build or buy a home built from shipping containers, and each option is cost effective in it’s own way.
The highest end of the shipping container home market is a custom designed container house. As with a traditional home, the cost of a shipping container home varies greatly with the amount of square footage, features, and amenities that you would like to include. One of our readers Peter Christiansen brought this shipping container home in Gainesville Florida to my attention. It was built using recycled 15-year-old shipping containers that otherwise would have been melted down because their useful life cycle was over.
One way would be would be use them inside as structure with a large shell around them with insulation in that. 2 20′ units with a roof between them but that needs a lot of insulated outside walls for no extra space. So if one is thinking about using these make sure to take these things into account especially energy costs. How do get more information on building a container home and more pictures of this try of home? If you happen to be passing through Tukwila, Washington, make a pit stop at Starbucks' brand new reclaimed shipping container coffee shop. Inspiration for the shipping container drive thru came from the company’s use of the containers to ship their coffee and tea from sources around the world. Although it’s not certified yet, the company hopes to achieve LEED soon, which will make the shop the first LEED building in Tukwila. The new coffee shop opened on December 13th and is plying Washingtonians with their Christmas Blend as we speak. Alan Hilowitz: The store is designed to be LEED certified but has not achieved certification yet.
INHABITAT: What are some of the strategies the store made use of to try and achieve LEED certification?

We also had a chance to hear from Starbucks’ corporate architect, Tone Gale III, who was also the architect of record for the project. INHABITAT: What was the most interesting thing your team learned from building this project? Tony Gale III: We were able to open our minds to the use of very common elements destined for the landfill as structure for a high-quality, drive-thru coffee house design – essentially creating an industrial beacon for sustainable thinking. As every house project , you need to find an architect or plans to build your container house. The construction of these houses is the factory and the houses are then assembled on a dry site. Used containers arrive in quantity from China, and they do not leave blank, many remain in Europe. These container houses are good examples of beautiful houses, house modern house cube … These homes are primarily containers assemblies and style follows.
Build a small house can reduce construction costs, and the container is also quite economical to this view. While container homes are environmentally sustainable and ideal for green living, the designs and floor plans are incredibly creative and are considered attractive and stylish by even the most discerning of home owners.
Hiring an architect to design a custom home gives you the opportunity to provide input on the structure and your specific needs, and the architect can take into consideration the environment and natural surroundings where the home will be built. Increasingly, shipping container houses are being treated similar to modular homes and designed, assembled, and delivered direct from the factory. It’s completely possible for a creative individual to take the initiative and build their dream container home by themselves.
But definitely green thanks to its use of reclaimed materials and solar power technology to power the home. The owner is getting a LEED Platinum certification for the house because he saved so much CO2. He has a passion for exploring and sharing tiny homes (from yurts and RVs to tiny cabins and cottages) and inspiring simple living stories. The first in what could possibly be a new branding strategy, the Reclamation Drive-Thru is built out of four shipping containers and has been designed to LEED green building standards. Rather than let the containers wallow after moving their goods, the brilliant minds in Seattle thought to put them to good use and so the Reclamation Drive Thru was brewed up. They’ve reduced signage by using the actual building as the sign and also integrated rainwater harvesting and xeriscaping to minimize water consumption.

We had a chance to check in with representatives from Starbucks to find out more about their newest store. Tony Gale, Starbucks’ corporate architect (former Seattle City Architect), served as the architect of record. Is Starbucks working to encourage anti-idling behavior or making use of any other incentives to get people to minimize their cars running? The price of land, the price of construction, finishes … An expensive and time consuming to implement together. Self build container is an easy to implement solution using an architect can be a more qualitative approach.
While modular construction is not new, the use of 40-foot shipping container is fairly new. These factories often have plans and pictures that you can select from, and in some cases you can provide input and receive some customized features.
There are lots of great books and container home floor plans available on the market; many of them are very specific in providing details of what you need, and exactly how much of it. We invite you to send in your story and tiny home photos too so we can re-share and inspire others towards a simple life too. Designed in-house by resident Starbucks architects, the container coffee shop is part of a growing initiative at Starbucks to encourage green building to reduce energy use and operational costs as well as to push the envelope on environmental design in retail. So far, it’s just a one-off shop, but it could serve as the prototype for future retail locations. Frankly we’re happy that the coffee giant is jumping on the green bandwagon as their growing interest can help push sustainability and design further.
Read on to get the skinny (as in latte) on what could soon be the standard Starbucks coffee shop. As with all things from the global coffee dispensary, the container drive-thru is Starbucksified and emanates the same trendy design aesthetic you'd expect from their other coffee shops. The owner of this website disclaims all warranties expressed or implied regarding the accuracy, timeliness, and completeness of the information provided. Do not wire money in any way without first seeing the home (or other product), checking title, and doing your proper due diligence.

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