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Cargo Tracking Solution & Intermodal Transport Monitoring - Avante International Technology, Inc.
Powerful Web-Based Software A user friendly, yet powerful, web-based interface aids ease of use by authorized personnel from anywhere Internet access is available. Many aspects of the Cargo Tracking Solution and particularly for cargo tracking security and safety application have been tested and verified by the EPA EVT program. One set of RFID ZONER™-RELAYER™ container security device (two ZONER™-CTID tags and one RELAYER™-CTOR). Optional fix site installation of networks of nodal and real-time locating system of RELAYER™-RTLS readers along the supply chain. Flexible service charges based on scheduled regular reporting and real-time exception reporting.
Finding out if cargo containers carry any weapons-of-destruction after they arrive at or near our ports will be too late! The AVANTE container security tracking and monitoring services using RFID technology dramatically minimizes false alarms that have plagued the e-seal technology industry. AVANTE container security tracking and monitoring services incorporates a secure onboard communication system that automatically reports any in-transit container intrusion or tampering immediately to the destination custom and port authorities. AVANTE pioneered the use and patented the first RFID technology for tracking and tracing personnel and assets over multiple locations and IT networks. This patented and pending patent active RFID ZONER™ tag and RELAYER™ network technology provides complete coverage of a ship’s deck and port terminal yard.
The ability to have constant communication of active RFID ZONER™ tags inside the containers with RELAYER™ reader on the outside ensures that the RELAYER™ is actually on top of the intermodal container and not removed and placed on another container.
Electronic Cargo Tracking Solution including container security tracking is only effective when the transport history is tracked and monitored from end-to-end with a holistic approach. Real-time container intrusion and tampering detection based on AVANTE patented RSSI differential and multi-mode sensors from ZONER™-CTID tags placed inside the container received by RELAYER™-CTOR readers attached outside of the container when any opening of the intermodal container on any of the six surfaces is created. Transportation workers and staff are equipped with ZONER™-SSID badges that include a “transportation worker identification card” (TWIC), compatible passive card (ISO 14443), and an active ZONER™ component, beaconing every second to provide real-time location and proximity to the container for personnel safety and container security. Carriers including trucks, rail trains, aircrafts, and vessels include a monitoring RELAYER™-CTCR that has an embedded GPS, GPRS and SATCOM to provide real-time locating of container and cargo. A cost-effective real-time locating system (RTLS) based on received signal strength indicators (RSSI) from active RFID ZONER™ tags and badges received by a network of active RFID RELAYER™ readers can be installed quickly and in mobile settings. AVANTE believes that securing the supply chain through the securing of containers during transit could help to lower costs for consumers through the potential reduction of billion of dollars that are lost to theft and other spoilages.
AVANTE Intermodal Container Tracking Solution and Integrated Supply Chain Security System and Monitoring Services Helps to Achieve Commercial Container Theft and Loss Prevention as well as Enhances National Security. The full implementation of the AVANTE end-to-end intermodal container supply chain security tracking system as part of the cargo transport tracking and monitoring security system provides real-time reporting capability and meets almost all of the challenges listed below.
Track and trace every container through the process of stuffing, loading, transit, rerouting, and disposition.
Place an active tag on the outside of the container or incorporate it as part of the outside container seal. Maintain real-time visibility and monitoring for containers and supply chain security including any tampering after sealing. Monitor any change of RFID signals from inside the containers associated with the opening of the container with an onboard fixed site network of RELAYER™ reader-monitors.
Real-time reporting of any exception and incident of container security violation to destination custom and port authorities for remedial action before arrival.
Place one or more RFID “ZONER™” devices integrated with radioactive, chemical, and biological sensors inside the container upon sealing from the shipping agent.
Use synchronized “RELAYER™” reader-monitor with date-time clock to monitor any tampering during transit.

Pre-screening those containers identified as high-risk at the port of departure, before they arrive at U.S. Even with the support of the Department of Homeland Security through the Container Security Initiative (CSI), e-seal technologies for enhancing container and supply chain security remain flawed.  While transportation companies have integrated active tags with outside seals or gaskets around container doors, such outside tags remain vulnerable to tampering. Another obvious defect is finding an intrusion into the container has occurred when the container has arrived at our shore, is much too late for real threats such as a nuclear weapon of mass destruction. AVANTE is the first to develop what we believe to be the first true RFID container security and supply chain management solution that can monitor container intrusion from any one of the six container surfaces.
The ability to communicate between ZONER™ tags secured inside the intermodal container and RELAYER™ reader mounted outside the intermodal container ensures that the common false positives due to drop shock and vibrations during transport can be reduced if not eliminated. With addition of 6-10 RELAYER™ monitors along the perimeters of a ship deck and a grid of the same monitors spaced 100 meters apart in a container port and yard, and using the dynamic zoning from the received signal strengths, real-time locating of a container and any security breaches is possible. AVANTE has thus developed this long-sought RFID container security management solution including container intrusion detection and reporting in real-time. Ocean freight shipping from Shanghai China to Los Angeles USA, View container service corp, BSI Product Details from Best Services International Freight Ltd.
Logistics INC offers coastal cargo movement from various ports of the country on the east, west and south coast through barges and coastal vessels in containers and loose packing which is basically known as freight forwarding services and includes air freight forwarding.
We operate a modern fleet of prime movers, various trailer configurations and one of Brisbane’s largest fleet of Sideloaders.
At CSS we pride ourselves on providing simply the best container transport and distribution service available. Our long standing and secure relationships with our strategic partners, the Port of Brisbane, Patricks, and DP World ensures that your container movements are handled in the most efficient and cost effective way.
Our 24 Hour operation, substantial fleet of vehicles and specialised equipment positions us perfectly to look after both small and large service requirements of our customers. EPA Environmental Technology Verification Program (ETV) provides credible performance data for innovative commercial-ready environmental technologies to help speed their implementation for the benefit of purchasers, permitters, vendors, and the public.
This cost effective supply chain security system and visibility solution does not require capital investment. An RF network of reader-monitors RELAYER™ outside the containers constantly monitors signal strength changes using ZONER™ tags. The tampered carrier can be inspected away from the destination port to prevent mass destruction.
This Avante capability is strengthened by the issuance of multiple US patents on “Article Tracking System and Method” (US 6,883,710 and 7,036,729) along with multiple pending patents. The resulting intermodal container security system is dramatically affordable and lower in cost over other current offerings. The capability of real-time reporting of any exception and intrusion provides the ultimate intermodal container security management and supply chain security management solution.  Monitoring door locks for container security managment is widely acknowledged as hardly effective. Additional container security seal using optical continuity is available for container and trailer door intrusion tracking.
In case of emergency, the driver and staff can press on the panic button to call for assistance. Unauthorized intrusion into a container and exceptions such as temperature excursions beyond normal ranges, excessive mechanical shock, absence of driver, etc., are reported in real-time. The RELAYER™-RTLS reader-monitor network is installed in ports, terminals, and yards to provide real-time visibility during temporary storage orwhile in transit.
An effective container transport security system and supply chain security solution must include end-to-end container tracking and full container intrusion monitoring.
An outside monitoring “RELAYER™” reader may be used to communicate with the inside “ZONER™” devices. With the massive flow of products into the US, only a small percentage of the 20-30 thousand containers arriving daily at US ports are inspected.

The most glaring inadequacy is that seal and gasket monitoring only reflects the integrity of the lock-and-seal on the container rather than actual intrusion into the container, information necessary to provide true container security. Any real smart container system and container security solution must have the ability to detect and report unauthorized container intrusion during all phases of the container transport as close to real-time as possible. By using the signal strength attenuation characteristics intrinsic to the steel container box, two or more active ZONER™ RFID tags placed inside the container, a RELAYER™ reader placed on the outside of the container can monitor not only door openings but also cut holes as small as a few square inches can be detected.
The ability to resolve the false positives to less than 0.1% or less is critical for the adoption of any intermodal container security system.
The incorporation of real-time locating capability along with intrusion detection at all time dramatically enhances the container and supply chain management system and solution. If you require further details regarding the transaction data, please contact the supplier directly.
We provide a full service operation that caters to the growing needs of our valued customers.
Return of investment (ROI) in using this patented transport security system is immediate and can be tailored to your specific requirements. Quantitative measurements of distinct changes in the RF signals received by the monitoring network are made over a continuous span of time. There are just too many ways to tamper with an intermodal container without touching or destroying the e-seal on locks during the transit.
Any container intrusion and container handling exception must be reported in real-time anywhere during intermodal transit. This may be optionally integrated with chemical, biological, radioactive, light, impact, temperature, pressure, humidity, and other sensors. Any container and supply chain security management system and solution faces the same dilemma in tracking containers and monitoring containers in securing the supply chain without stopping the flow of world commerce. The communication between the ZONER™ tags inside the container and RELAYER™ reader outside containers and the ability to record the message of any exceptions such as excessive variation of signal strengths over an extended period of time (more than few seconds) will indicate the opening of a door or a cut hole. This data is transmitted within seconds of an event happening anywhere along the transport route.
SAL Logistics offers several value-added services such as door pickup, warehousing as well as cargo insurance. As a valued client of CSS, your container transport movements will be managed and cared for by our professional operations team. The data is shared between stations to users over the Internet and other communication means. The presence or absence of “talks” between the ZONER™ and RELAYER™ provide additional security against potential tampering in this innovative container monitoring and container tracking system. ZONER™ tags and RELAYER™ reader-monitors are equipped with a magnetic holder to facilitate place-and-play without special tools and fixtures. They have the specialized skills and experience needed to deal with all aspects of your container movements and let’s not forget the many challenges that can come with moving containers from and into the Port of Brisbane.
All of the common false positives that plagued all existing RFID intermodal container electronic seals due to invariable shocks and movements during transport are eliminated. This patented solution provides true end-to-end visibility to secure the supply chain,” said Dr.
When using ZONER™ personnel tags for authorized operators and staff, true real-time visibility of assets are realized with the AVANTE patented RFID network infrastructure.

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