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20 feet liquid tank container, View tank container manufacturer, NTtank Product Details from Nantong Tank Container Co., Ltd. Klinge Group’s 10ft Military Refrigerated Container offers single temperature refrigeration and can serve as a fridge or a freezer. Klinge Group’s Military Containers have been used by Armed Forces around the world for the storage and transport of food, ammunition, and medicine.

Visit our online shop to search for and buy spare parts for Klinge, Carrier, Daikin, and Thermo King equipment. Search worldwide listing of refrigerated transport service companies providing service for multiple brands of equipment, including Carrier, Thermo King, Daikin, and Klinge. If you require further details regarding the transaction data, please contact the supplier directly.

It is equipped with a diesel generator set that powers the refrigeration unit during transport or food distribution in the field.

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