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55 Gallon Open Top Metal Barrels (drums), heavy duty, very clean inside and out, epoxy lining, food grade, with galvanized steel lids and lever lock ring. These 55 gallon stainless steel drums are perfect for fermenting your mash or storing a low wine between runs.
This is a 55 gallon gallons steel metal barrel with removable locking band ring that locks the lid into place. Many uses such as bio diesel applications, grease recycling, leaf burning barrel, garbage cans or anything you maywant to have stored safely.
If you are not satisfied with your item when it arrives, please contact me before leaving ANY response.
Many companies choose to dump the barrels to the landfill for practicality (on their side). We can also trick the costly expenses a facility needs to spend for transporting the drums. A facility can also inform the nearest neighborhoods that people can pick up their drums for free. There should be many other ways where both industries and individuals can participate in the recycling program.
When choosing which type of drums suits best for shipping, you should first see what type of material that you want to transport. If you’ve got wall-mounted shelves, cabinets, wardrobes or any surfaces that you use to store something on the shelves, you might want to consider having shelf liners. In addition to our blog post on recycled bottles, here is an interesting crafty video on how to make a gift holder using soda bottle. What about brightening up the kitchen – or any other sunny part of the house – with these lovely flower vases made of glass jars?
Do you ever have that feeling that you want to remember everything you’ve done every single day but too lazy to write a diary, to blog or to do scrapbooking? The steel storage cabinets are constructed of welded steel equipped with sturdy, high-impact polypropylene drawers. As the economy gets unpredictable, some people are found to be more careful with their spending, more creative with the things they already have (they don’t just throw away the stuffs that they think can have more use), and consequently they invent more weird things out of the things you never imagined they could have become. I think everyone will agree that this garden tool storage bin made of 55 gallon plastic barrel is a genius idea to keep your garden tool clean and organized. The 1.5mm 304 stainless steel is mirror polished on both the inside and outside for easy sanitation and cleaning.

They will occasionally have some surface rust, as with any metal barrel, they will get rust throughout the years. One important thing is that the local governments should impose stricter law that requires the industries to perform recycling. This way they can use their creativity to make useful things from used drums and the industries won’t have to spend any dime to get rid of the drums. Solid chemicals and highly viscous liquids will be best stored in Open-Head Steel Drums while the runny liquids fit better in the Closed-Head Steel Drums.
This type of drums costs less than the UN-rated ones, yet performs as strong and as durable as long as the content is not hazardous. However, if you wish to have different colors, you may get them with minimum order of 25 pieces + some extra charges. They’re made of FDA-approved polyethylene materials with three choices of color: yellow, gray or white. Simply clean them, attach some wire to make them hangable and put a cute decoration on the outer label part and put a candle inside. Here’s an awesome idea how you can do it without feeling compelled that you have to explain long or spend time finding your glue to put the memory in the scrapbook: “get a memory jar!” Simply leave the jar somewhere you have large access to and write on a post-it every time something worth remembering happens. Not only by planting as many greens, but also by using recycled materials for the planting action. With the choice of plastic or steel storage cabinets, one can have more organized and easy-to-manage work station. These cabinets are dent-proof and have a molded-in label holder for easy content identification. One can stack them on top of each other without the help of any racks, carts or shelves, or they can arrange them neatly with Paneled Louvered Hanging System, Shelving system, Standard Cabinets, or ProCart. While it’s not hard for individuals to make use of used drums into something useful like tumbling composter, garden planter or Texas grill as described here, it is not that easy of a case for industries that use and ship many barrels every month.
With the long paperwork they must submit to be able to recycle the drums, the expensive transport cost, etc., recycling doesn’t look like a very appealing activity in the sense of money and time expenses. Some European countries have started to apply this and it will be great if we have more of that too. Open-head steel drums feature removable lids that can be locked either with leverlock or bolt-type ring.
With the 55 gallon standard open-head steel drums offered as low as $57.56, this mustn’t be such a big deal.

Imagine what it’ll probably do to your shelf and how much work you need to do to clean up the mess. All you need to do is to make sure that you glue the jar lid very, very well using the strongest glue you can ever think of.
These cabinets are made of high-impact polystyrene, completed with clarified polypropylene drawers with finger-grip drawer pulls. The transparent windows on the drawers allow users to instantly recognize the stored items inside. Instead of ending up in the landfill waiting to degrade for hundreds of years, they are made into very useful things. But if you consider how useful it is and how much expenditure it is able to cut in transporting empty drums to the recycling curb, you’ll save a lot of money in the long run. Closed head steel drums have a fixed top with a bung opening for pouring the liquid content.
With shelf liners, the possibility of spill or leak can be taken more easily and you don’t have to worry if there are crumbs hiding on the sides of the shelves. The strong materials make the storage cabinets indestructible, chemical resistant, and see-through. Choose from 28 drawer, 20 drawer, 16 drawer, 15 drawer, 9 drawer and 9 drawer security steel storage cabinets. If a company is not big enough to be able to afford this machine, it is a good idea to have some nearby facilities to use it together and share the purchase cost. Choices come in 16 drawer, 26 drawer, 24 drawer, 44 drawer and 64 drawer plastic storage cabinets. For hazardous content, one is suggested to take the UN-rated open head steel drums as these steel barrels are made of materials that can protect both content and shipper. If you haven’t, here are some cool ideas why you should start reusing your plastic and glass jars once you finish the content.
Obviously many prefer recycling to dumping them to the landfill, but as we are talking about massive number of drums, turning those barrels into other goods is not as easy as it sounds.
For any other items – including inks, lubricants, non-hazardous chemicals, etc., the standard open-head steel drums will do the work.

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