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This week we have attended the Intermodal Exhibition 2015 in Hamburg, Germany, to see the newest developments in the field of intermodal containers. As a result we now can deliver Hookliftsystem containers, details of which can be found under the 20ft container item. It is so designed that the MINOTAUR combines in itself all the advantages of the ISO container system.
It is so designed that the MINOTAUR combines in itself the positive characteristics of both conventional tank systems (round tanks) and the ISO container systems.

Inside the tank body there are several reinforcement niches, which primarily serve to firmness, and secondarily can be used for the application of technological components.
The dimension of each of the niches is so designed that it can be used as a major connection niche. According to the standard, the position of the functional Niche B is in the front side of the tank. A second functional Niche A (dispensing pistol stand niche) is in the middle of a side wall.

According to the standard, ladder rungs are welded in a reinforcement niche of the MINOTAUR® - storage tank. On the top of the ladder there is a hand grip, which makes it possible to climb up to the tank roof safely.

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