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3 bedroom 2 bath single level traditional ranch style house plan.We cannot display this galleryThis designer is available to provide estimates for custom changes. Standard Plan Sets and Preliminary Plan Sets for this house plan are delivered via a .pdf file with a single use license. We have selected these popular and award winning house and cabin plans from our large architectural archive of designs from across the country.
Today, plans to build a house take hundreds of hours to prepare, countless sheets of drawings, expensive engineering and careful detailing to meet the stringent building codes and engineering criteria of our various regions.
The fact is that, priced as they are, the plans in our house and cabin portfolio are a very good deal. When you purchase our predesigned house or cabin plans, you and your builder will be pleased with the quality, clearness and completeness of the drawings. We continually update the plans to comply with the latest building codes and regulations which change frequently. If we do not have the modification you are looking for each design can easily be modified to suit your site and the exterior look you desire. We are certain that you will save money through out the construction process and that you will have a valuable architecturally designed house to live in and enjoy!

Out of respect for our former clients we cannot provide you with names, addresses or visitation opportunities to the original building.
Foundation (& Floor Framing) Plan — Code compliant with dimensions, details and schedules.
Cross Sections — Fully noted cross sections to illustrate building assemblies and key details. The same very popular "Ultimate Sunset Cabin" design published in Sunset magazine with a full bedroom and bath added. You may send the file to your local blueprint copy store and print as many copies as necessary to build one house one time. Our plans comply with the country's most demanding building code, because of earthquake, wind and snow load engineering, the California Building Code. You receive complete CAD file drawings of custom titled, complete and ready to go plans that do not require redrawing as most catalog purchased plans do.
We also include the electrical, plumbing and mechanical plans as well as the specifications.
This must be provided by a locally licensed architect or engineer to show the location, sewage system, water system, setbacks, and other site specifics required in your building jurisdiction.

Published in Sunset Magazine in August 2006, and selected for a special award in 2005 the Tahoe Quarterly Awards issue.
Preliminary Plan Sets will be delivered via e-mail within 2 business days from the date of purchase. We have received words of thanks from owners who have had us design them and the contractors who have built them.
Even hiring a draftsperson to produce a set of complete working drawings for you will cost more than our competitive rates.
Our plans are on computerized 3-D software and we will make any reasonable modifications to the drawings that you request at an hourly rate.
The plans need to be reviewed by an engineer for your specific climate and structural load conditions. In other states you will need to have a locally licensed architect or engineer review, approve and stamp the working drawings, provide calculations and fill out forms as required.

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