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If the thought of building a home in a large metal box or shipping container is completely new to you, these are some concepts of what it actually could be?
The Skylight Mountain and Granite Mountain are both 16’ Wide and 20’Long, specifically to be options for utilizing 20’ ISBU’s. Separating the two or more containers with a gap creates additional square footage, at a very inexpensive cost. I have been looking the World Wide Web for this information and I want to thank you for this post.
In Iraq and the Sandbox (Afghanistan) we reinforced the CONEX (Military designation for ISBU) boxes by welding beams and steel in place to offset the loads.
The information concerning container and trailer dimensions can vary by steamship line and manufacture. Check out our list of shipping container standard sizes so you know exactly what’s available out there.
Many, many moons ago when I had a trucking company, we mainly delivered large 8”x18”x24” retaining wall blocks to a commercial installer. I get HUNDREDS of emails annually from guys and gals who want to not only dig their own graves, but then go down and wait in them for the inevitable. You’ll either waste a LOT of money trying to re-invent the wheel, or you (or someone that you love) will DIE.

I am more of a dreamer than a doer sometimes and I am more interested in building a small root cellar than I am my own grave.
Designing with the proper size container first will help to eliminate costly design modifications later. ISBUs are NOT designed or engineered to deal with these loads against the SKIN of the container. I’ve been working with these boxes for over three decades on every continent on the planet, except Antarctica. This is just such an important topic to address where ISBUs are concerned, that I felt compelled. I know that you have been super busy helping the victims from our recent “multiple” disasters around the country.
I would do more than enough research into my options before putting my family into an airtight, pressure packed, steel coffin. Note permissible weight limits for road and rail transport.Please click on a picture to get the dimensions.
Starting with the right size container will help ensure that you can fit everything in from the beginning. It was all about the proper backfill first, typically loose recycled concrete with no fines.

The fact that you took the time from your crazy schedule to add your 2 cents just shows what a great guy that you really are. People need a place to get expert advice from the “unconventional” expert advisers, especially if we’re all going to have a home in the future.
This allows for proper drainage and also reinforcing ever couple of feet with some type of geogrid. We love alternative building techniques here at Cozy and I was proud to include both you and Owen as my inspiration. A thin heavy duty mesh that is placed flat between the layers of block and stretching several feet back.
When it’s then covered up with tons of fill, this reinforcing helped hold back any the inevitable pushing that occurs naturally against the wall from settling.

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