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The containers are basically a steel framework with steel cladding; in all cases the floors are either hardwood timber planked or plywood sheeted. The tare weights of containers vary, therefore no absolute figure is quoted for payload, but it should be mentioned that the containers fleet of 20' General Purpose containers have a maximum gross weight of between 22,860 and 30,480kgs. Considerations when selecting a container should include the characteristics of the container, the cargo to be shipped, available materials handling capabilities, and the available mode for transporting containers. Guidance from the theater of operations commander on the container's unstuffing location and the container retrograde plan. Block and brace the cargo at the bottom, sides, and front of the container, especially near the door.
Place any package containing liquid on a double layer of dunnage to reduce damage due to leakage.
Observe procedures for hazardous cargo (see Appendix D) and sensitive cargo (see Appendix F). NOTE: Stage IV corrosion is rust or black or white chemical corrosion with powdering, scaling, severe pitting and holes, and irregular areas of surface material eroded away. Floor cross members should not be bent, cut, crushed, severely rusted, or broken loose from side rails or floor. Stiffeners should not be bent, cut, crushed, severely rusted, or broken loose from side rails. Walls and doors (top and bottom) must not leak from metal punctures, cracked welds, or bad seals.

The inside must not be corroded to the point where its fit, wear, function, or life has been significantly affected. Containerization of unit equipment and cargo can take on many forms, such as the ISUs, 20-foot MILVANs, and commercial 20- and 40-foot shipping containers. ISUs and QUADCONs are containers developed with unit deployment in mind and should be strongly considered by contingency forces. The following is a list of available containers units and installations may use for deployments.
The EDSS is a series of containers that consists of a QUADCON and ISUs (ISU-60 and ISU-90).
Unit equipment is qualified for containerization based on interior container length, door opening dimensions, and container weight capacities.
A theater container return policy must be in place to return containers to the transportation system.
Nonacceptable corrosion of nonstructural members can be determined if the corroded metal can be punctured by striking the area lightly with a welder's hammer. However very careful consideration must be given to the maximum weight limits acceptable in the country of origin and destination. Familiarization with the different types of containers will enhance the selection and loading process. The EDSS has differing transport capabilities from 5,000 to 12,500 pounds depending on the container and method of movement.

It is a lockable, weatherproof, reusable, prefabricated container with a cargo capacity of 8,000 pounds. These containers have a significant weight and cube capacity and fit more efficiently into the transportation system, and will speed the movement of unit equipment through a water terminal.
Boards, packing paper, and banding material are used to keep the load from shifting (for more information, consult DA Pamphlet 740-1).
The following deficiencies should be noted during inspection and constitute damage requiring repairs.
Any movement of these containers will be coordinated through the ITO or his representative. It has ISO corner fittings for lifting and restraint and for coupling up to four QUADCONs together. Four QUADCONs coupled together have the same dimensions as a standard 20-foot ISO container.

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