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With just the push of a button, this shipping container by illy expands to reveal a kitchen, dining area, bedroom, living room, and library, all built from recycled materials.
Two brothers and their families built this Minnesota cabin retreat using only birch wood and a couple of $800 shipping containers.
This artists community on the west coast of Scotland divided this shipping container into three "cubes," each functioning as an individual artist retreat suite.The green roof and other natural features help tie the recycled container into the beauty of the surrounding landscape.
This New Zealand home by designer Ross Stevens uses repurposed shipping containers to provide a stark contrast to its' natural surroundings.
Stacked shipping containers in this four-story complex in London create a flexible arrangement of office and living spaces. Use a Facebook account to add a comment, subject to Facebook's Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.
On one side of the square use a couple to make a C which you can cover for parking and what not. Since 8 ft is narrow in my opinion I would probably use at least one or two to make either 2 16 ft deep living areas or one 24 ft living area. Since they are like big legos the rest probably go up on the others for a party deck, shooting deck, observation deck, or whatever. As far as burying one, I don't think they compare well to how easy it is to dig a hole, make some forms, and pour some concrete and the concrete can have a poured roof strong enough to park a truck on or whatever. If the containers were free and I had the equipment I could somewhat see digging a hole to sit one in or just earth berming it and stacking one on top of that one.

And while people poo poo the open middle for a small yard and what not I rather like a well protected small yard for private time and the nice big woods for playing in.
And this winter with all the winds we are having I would love the protected areas the C area would offer for parking and what not. To some extent I can't see needing that much storage room and I would use em more like legos at the end I guess but I always liked the square setup for a small yard and I like the C area with walls for the weather protection and because you can roof it over or whatever. If selling them would net you $ for the building materials to create the same size structure out of wood.. The barn structure I mentioned earlier looked a little something like this: I mistakenly used 16' lengths (width of the roof sections) in my sketch, seems a common length is 12'. Lets say you guys have the the skillset to configure a new type of BOL, homestead, everyday home out of the shipping containers. Make a container roman villa, roofed with a pole-barn type structure over much of the courtyard, with an open center.
They are wired to turn on and off the 110VAC inverter and to turn on and off an IP camera and an LED light to illuminate some backup thermometers and the inverter status, etc, via the video camera. All this anywhere in the world almost instantly. Here are a few of the ways architects and designers are recycling these byproducts of industry into incredibly cool (and affordable) places to live and work. I have seen several websights on people who use them for dwellings and they come out quite nice.
Depending on your desired roof clearance, desire for opening or vents along the edge of the peaked roof, above the less-sloped extensions, etc.

Could you get close to it just by furring with 1x3s on the interior peaks and laying something like simple R-11 between, accepting the compression adjacent to the furring to readily fill the 'valley' of the corrugation?
Most of the plumbing and sewage was in the front unit, with adjacent units (sides of the squae) tying in for lavatory facilities. Mount the furring, spray the corrugations full, then screed it down to the furring before skinning with OSB. The fiberglas in the pocket tipped me. The containers are so small maybe there would be a way install the cellulose DIY? Build the roof at such a heigh and angle that cross breeze still get thru, but container-climbing intruders can't readilly menace the inhabitants without scaling onto the tin roof, those exposing themselves from below. You're grading anyway for a level base, just do it a foot lower and pile the removed soil back up around the exterior base. But I could sure see temporarily shoring up the ceiling and pouring a reinforced concrete lid on one, in shallow lifts. Call it high $4000 to encase it in a foot of concrete on three long sides, to make a nice bunker. Then you can pile on your overburden. Sure, yeah, you can build comparable structures from scratch for the same money, maybe 20% less??

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