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Whether you're heading out for a winter trail run with your wheeling buddies or driving into the hills with the family to gather your next Christmas tree-you must go prepared. Just knowing the proper driving techniques in snow and ice isn't enough; those skills should be backed up with a well-stocked cold-weather survival kit. A hike off a trail in the summer may be an enjoyable jaunt through nature, but in winter the same trail could be exceptionally dangerous, with the risk of hypothermia, frostbite, and worse. Winter survival kits are easy and inexpensive to put together, or they can be purchased complete (but can be pricey). Snow bashing means basically ramming the snow with your rig to make a few feet of progress, then backing up and doing it again. It's extremely important that you tell someone exactly where you are traveling and what time you think you will be back. Our Winter Survival Kit includes some of our best snow and ice removing tools and products. The Autogeek Cooler Tote is a multi-purpose insulated bag for food, cold drinks or detailing supplies!
Pinnacle GlassWork Windshield Washer Booster is an advanced additive for your windshield washer fluid.
When the next wave of winter weather rolls in, you’ll be ready with Autogeek’s Winter Survival Kit! Kit contains life essential items used for signaling rescuers, staying dry, starting a fire or treating an injury. Every year, four-wheel enthusiasts and weekend warriors strike out in search of adventure, only to find misfortune. A foot or two of snow on a trail can completely impede a vehicle's progress by high-centering the rig, stopping the tires dead in their tracks.
Care must be taken because this is an easy way to damage the vehicle's steering components, such as the tie rod and drag link, and other vulnerable parts.

If this driver were out alone with this vehicle, he would have spent hours extracting himself from this predicament, only to find himself in another. Autogeek has the best car wax, car care products, and auto detailing supplies to give your vehicle the perfect show winning shine. This amazing windshield washer concentrate cleans windshields without leaving smears or creating glares, and prevents re-icing. It doubles the cleaning power of regular windshield washer fluid while creating a much slicker washer fluid that is less prone to streaking and smearing. This section of the trail had a very slight downhill grade on the passenger side of the rig. A basic kit should include: a first aid kit, a blanket, a signal mirror, candles, nylon cord, glowsticks, sunblock, lip balm, a whistle, protein bars or MREs, matches, a flashlight, water, a change of clothes, and flares.
Hypothermia is a sudden drop in body temperature, and its signs are slurred speech, difficulty moving, and lack of coordination. ColorChip Paint Chip Repair Systems Dupray Steam Cleaners Duragloss Car Care Products Eclipse Retractable Windshield Sun Shade 1Z Einszett Car Care Products Eurosport Daytona License Plates and Accessories EZ Detail Motorcycle Brush Finish Kare FLEX Polishers - FREE SHIPPING! For your safety, use Einszett Anti-frost Washer Fluid to keep your windshield frost-free all winter. Its formula is highly concentrated which means one 16 ounce bottle of concentrate treats 16 gallons of washer fluid!
Remove all kinds of frost, snow and ice from the windshield and windows with the Ice Master Jr's brass blade and thick plastic teeth. Other items that should already be in a well-equipped 4x4 are a GPS, a cell phone, a CB radio, a windshield scraper, a tarp, a ham radio (license required), and jumper cables. Flitz Metal Polish, Fiberglass & Paint Restorer Foam Wash Gun with FREE BONUS Foam Cannon HP - Pressure Washer Cannon Four Star Ultimate Car Care Products On Sale! It is perfect for removing built up road film, snow, ice, dirt and grime to avoid creating a safety hazard in inclement weather conditions.

Front and rear lockers work well on snowy trails but can be fickle on icy sidehills and highways.
Having a winch made this recovery easier, but the extraction also required the help of six guys to keep from sliding down the embankment. It's also worth spending the additional money for a quality first aid kit-a few cheap Band-Aids and a couple aspirin just don't cut it.
Forever Black™ Bumper & Trim Products Gel Coat Labs Boat Care Glass Master Pro Glass and Surface Cleaner Glass Science Auto Glass Care Griots Garage Car Care for the Perfectionist Grit Guard GTechniq Exterior Coatings How to Start a Home-based Car Detailing Business Hyde’s Serum Rust Stopper 500 ml. Snow chains work very well in deeper snow, since even the most aggressive tread pattern quickly loses traction there. The lead vehicle should intermittently switch positions with another vehicle, giving its motor, transmission, and transfer case time to cool down. If you become stuck in the snow and sit in your vehicle with the engine running, make sure the exhaust pipe is clear so that the fumes aren't backing up into the vehicle.
Ice Master Ice Scraper Innovation Factory Snow & Ice Tools Innovative Accessory Products Klasse Sealant Products Kozak® Auto Dry Wash Kreepstool Rolling Utility Seat by 4tek Kurgo Products Kwazar Mercury Pro + Double-Action Spray Bottles Laitner Brush Company Lake Country Buffing Pads Leather Master Leather Care Products Leatherique Leather Care Lexol Leather Care Life Hammer Auto Escape Tools Lloyd Floor Mats Makita Buffers & Polishers Marine 31 - Waxes, Cleaners & Polishes McKee's RV Waxes, Cleaners & Polishes Meguiars Car Care Products Menzerna Polishing Compounds Metropolitan Vacuum Cleaner Company Micro-Restore Detergent Microfiber Products MIRKA Sanding Discs Montana Original Boar’s Hair Car Wash Brushes Mothers Polish-Wax-Cleaners Mytee Hot Water Extractors & Professional Detailing Tools Nanoskin Car Care Products Nevr-Dull® Wadding Polish NOCO Genius Battery Chargers FREE BONUS! When it reaches an even lower temperature, the body will try and warm itself by opening up the blood vessels again. RaggTopp Convertible Top Care RejeX by Corrosion Technologies Corporation RUPES Polishers - FREE SHIPPING! Speed Master Wheel Brush Speedy Surface Prep Towel SprayMaster Heavy Duty Spray Bottle 32 oz Sprayway Aerosol Auto Detailing Products Stoner Car Care Products Surbuf MicroFingers R Series Buffing Pads Tornador Car Cleaning Tools & Air Foamer TUF SHINE Appearance Products Ultima Car Care On Sale!

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