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Palmetto Mornings is a community-oriented program that thrives on news coming from York County Citizens, non-profits and businesses. The National Weather Service (NWS) has issued a Winter Weather Advisory through midnight tonight. According to the NWS, an upper-level disturbance moving east across the region, combined with near freezing temperatures, will produce around one to two inches of snowfall across Northeast Texas, Southeast Oklahoma and Southwest Arkansas.
The NWS calls for snow to gradually increase in coverage throughout the afternoon and diminish this evening. Many parts of the world are dealing with winter's cold - and the snow and ice that come with it. Strollers make their way past snow covered trees on the mountain Schauinsland in the Black Forest, Germany, Monday, Dec.
A Bosnian woman walks on a main road as she waits for public transport during traffic disruption caused by snow falls near Sarajevo, Bosnia, on Tuesday, Dec. Erna Waechter keeps warm with her white fur hat and a scarf after snowfall in the Thuringian Forest near Oberhof, Germany, Tuesday, Dec. A woman pushes a baby buggy, during a snowfall in central park in the Belarusian capital Minsk, Wednesday, Dec. A police officer stands outside 10 Downing Street, residence of British Prime Minister Gordon Brown, as snow falls in central London Wednesday Dec. A couple sits on a bench at the Kahler Asten mountain in Winterberg, Germany, on Sunday, Dec. A woman pulls a shopping bag through snow on a side street in Belgrade, Serbia, Tuesday, Dec. An Oregon National Guard Blackhawk helicopter flies over cloud-shrouded Mount Hood as the search for two missing climbers continues as seen from Timberline Lodge in Government Camp, Ore., Monday, Dec. Chad Steve, of Burt Steve & Son Towing, works on freeing a semi-trailer that was stuck in a ditch on U.S. Andrew Rowley, 9, center, and Grant Piske, 11, right, play in their snow fort while their friend Kyle Alt, 12, left, continues to build and pack snow in Marengo, Ill., Wednesday, Dec. Rocko Scarp tries to catch some of his first snow flakes as the snow flies in downtown Prescott, Ariz. A jogger runs near the Washington Monument in the early morning fog in Washington, Monday, Dec. Cole Moberly, 19, jumps off the tailgate of his truck into a snow gully that he and his brother Jake, 17, found across from the Balanced Rock in Garden of the Gods, Colo., Tuesday, Dec. You should also know that The Sacramento Bee does not screen comments before they are posted.
It’s always best to stay indoors in inclement weather, but if you must venture outside, wear layered lightweight clothing to keep warm, along with gloves and a hat to prevent loss of body heat. If you have to shovel snow, proceed with caution—it’s physically strenuous work, so make sure to stay hydrated and take breaks often.

Be aware of frostbite symptoms, including numbness, flushed gray, white, blue or yellow skin discoloration, numbness or waxy-feeling skin. Seek medical attention immediately if you experience any of the symptoms of hypothermia, including severe shivering, confusion and dizziness.
If you lose power during a winter storm, use flashlights rather than candles to provide light. Keep the thermostat set to the same temperature day and night to help prevent a costly repair job in the event of pipes freezing and bursting.
Crawford takes a close interest in weather because its claims adjusting work takes it directly into areas struck by severe storms.
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The winter weather advisory issued by the National Weather service is still in effect until Noon today. Since it seems we are on par for another wicked winter, we’d like to share some tips on how to prepare for the upcoming winter weather.
Page Not Found Please use the Search box located on the upper right to locate the information you were looking for. They warn that travel may become hazardous on roads and bridges due to reduced visibility and icing.
James's Way covering with frost as temperature plummet in Ibaneta, near the Franco - Spanish border Tuesday Dec.
As sub-zero temperatures, icy roads and inches of snow continue to affect Canada, the Midwest and the northeastern United States, make sure to protect yourself and your property by reviewing these helpful winter weather safety tips, provided by the Red Cross. Keep your car stocked with an emergency kit, complete with first aid supplies, blanket, flashlight and radio, extra batteries, non-perishable food and water.
Walk carefully on icy or snowy sidewalks, and wear waterproof, insulated boots to keep feet warm and dry. Keep kitchen and bathroom cabinet doors open to let warm air circulate around the plumbing.
If using a space heater, place on a hard, level surface and keep at least three feet away from anything flammable. To better understand how we work with the effects of severe weather, take a look at this brief video. It seems pretty appropriate to be talking about winter weather preparedness since most of us in Northwest Indiana already have to do so.
The added weight of ice and snow, along with winds, may cause limbs to snap and damage property. If gutters are clogged while ice and snow are thawing, water can back up under the roof and eaves, causing water damage inside the house. Do not call city, county or state police to check on road conditions – police agencies across the state want to keep phone lines open for emergency phone calls.

They advise drivers to use caution while driving and be prepared for snow covered roads and limited visibility. A cold weather front is due to bring snow to parts of the country today with temperatures falling to as little as -4C according to the Met office.
Snow fall in the night caused road traffic chaos in the country and caused interruption of electricity supplies in remote areas .
The winter weather with temperatures around far below the freezing point will continue for the next days, according to forecasts. Temperatures dropped to minus 6C in some rural areas overnight, and forecasters warned that some parts of south-east England could see 1-2cm of snow fall on Wednesday.
The temperature in the Ukrainian capital was about -16 Celsius (3 Fahrenheit) on Wednesday.
A vicious frost held Moscow in its grip on Tuesday as record warm weather at the start of December gave way to temperatures of minus 25 degrees Celsius (-13 degrees Fahrenheit).
Heavy snow hit the Russian capital for the first time this season and temperature dropped to -5 C (23 F) after a record breaking warm weather in December.
A large storm closed hundreds of schools and hampered traffic on the eastern half of the county. We will delete comments containing inappropriate links, obscenities, hate speech, and personal attacks.
In fact, this week the region set a record cold temperature – and winter is still one month away!
Before installing a wood-burning stove, check with local officials about codes and proper installation techniques.
Dial toll-free 1-800-261-ROAD (7623) for updated Indiana travel information, including road conditions, road closures, crashes and other traffic alerts. A polar wind is crossing the country as many parts of Spain registered freezing temperatures and snow storms. The Dubuque, Iowa, area was hit with a major winter storm and weather spotters reported that as much as 11 inches of snow fell.
This year that average will likely change since our first snowfall came early – on HALLOWEEN!
The information on this map is updated by county emergency management agencies and reflects, in real time, information that they have reported to the Indiana Department of Homeland Security.

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