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By Kristi Leave a Comment While most of us don’t do a a lot of traveling via car during the winter, other than the holiday maybe, there are some things that every car owner should have in their vehicles should you come into an emergency on the road. First aid kit – This is something to have on hand during all season, but it can come in handy in the winter especially. Extra blankets – Sometimes, you may not be able to run your heater in the winter during an emergency, so it it vital you have these on hand.
Flares and flashlights – In the winter, fog can be an issue, so make sure you have flares on hand in case you get stranded so other motorists can see you need help. Sand or clay cat litter – This adds weight to your trunk helping you to void fishtailing, but also can be poured out near your tires in the winter to help you gain traction should you get stuck in the snow. Small foldable shovel – This will also help you dig yourself out if you are stuck in a snow mound. Dried foods – Keep a bag of beef jerky, dried fruit and other foods that are shelf stable in any temp in your trunk in case you find yourself stranded for a long period of time. Emergency car care kit– Have tire sealant and jumper cables available so you can fix minor issues that seem to happen a lot in the winter. Winter clothing – Keep some spare hats, gloves, socks and even jackets in the car if you can. Spare cheap cell phone – Did you know that any cell phone will dial 9-1-1 even if it is not currently on a plan?

Extra ice scraper – This way you will know that even if you break yours, you will still have a way to brush off snow and scrape ice. Tire chains – Having a set of chain is important because you never know when the weather will change and you will need them. Bottles of water and protein snack bars – Planning could save you from eating ketchup packets. When the weather is bad, it’s always best to stay home and let the municipalities clear the roadways. Everyone needs a gentle reminder to start or update a emergency preparedness Winter car kit so if they find themselves stranded on the side of the road, they can help themselves or stay safe until help arrives. If you must leave the vehicle, write down your name, address, phone number and destination.
Avoid Overexertion: Shoveling snow or pushing your car takes a lot of effort in storm conditions. Subscribe to our FREE informational newsletter providing you with with ideas and tips for using your food storage and how to be prepared for disasters.
There are several things that are important to have on hand in case of a winter car emergency. The best kind to get are Army-issued wool ones which can be purchased at outdoor dear stores and Army surplus stores.
Water is often not an issue like it is in the summer, because you can consume snow, but maybe throw a cup in kit as well so you have a way to drink it if you would like.

When socks and gloves get wet, it can be very dangerous as it will lead to frostbite very easily, so make sure you have some spare dry ones.
I'm Kristi, a go with the flow mom of 2 teen boys that's a little creative, organized enough and gets dinner on the table in a hurry. Snow can plug your vehicle's exhaust system and cause deadly carbon monoxide gas to enter your car. You might even try wrapping it in the wool blankets so it stays warmers and will stay in one piece should you have an accident. Share this with them on your social media channels by using the links below…your friends will be happy you did! Here at Moms Confession I share my life hacks [or creative ways] to keep my home organized and get dinner on the table in a hurry.
The odds of having a driving emergency is much greater in winter than in the other three seasons due to weather conditions, low temperatures and other drivers. If you're with someone else, make sure at least one person is awake and keeping watch for help at all times.

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