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Revolving Sign Light - 12V light has a magnetic base and plugs directly into your cigarette lighter. Folding Snow Shovel - chrome plated, 37" three-piece shovel assembles in minutes and snaps together with push button locks.
In this scenario your car is a shelter, utilize it to protect yourself from the cold elements.
Wool or Fleece Blankets – Both wool and fleece continue to insulate even when they are wet.
Down Clothing or Bags – Goose down and other similar materials do not insulate when wet, but there is not much better on the market to help maintain warmth. Candles – If you have never tried burning a candle in a small area, you should try it. Hand and Other Body Warmers – These are simple, inexpensive and when needed, are very handy. Flashlights – Although a flashlight will not provide heat, it will provide light, and with light comes the heightened ability to make heat.
Beyond these basics to help you stay warm, there can also be a few small auto repair items that will help you to make quick fixes to your car.
Other practical considerations: Before taking a long trip especially in the winter, tell others your planned route, and estimated time of arrival.
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In all circumstances, the returned product must be accompanied by a copy of the original delivery note or receipt. Under these circumstances full refunds shall be made no later than 14 days after the day on which we receive back from you any goods supplied, or 14 days after the day on which you provide evidence that you have returned the goods.
For products ordered via telephone, text, mail order or via our website, if you are a consumer (not a business) you are entitled at your discretion to cancel the contract for the supply of the products ordered provided that you notify us within the period of 14 days that follow the day of delivery. To cancel your contract you must contact us by email or post (during normal working times on week days) giving us notice of your wish to cancel.
On receipt by us of the returned product(s) we will give you a full refund (including the cost of 'Standard' delivery, 'Next Day' delivery costs will not be refunded).
You may have some of the items already, such as food, water and a batteryoperated or wind-up flashlight. Pingback: Surviving Winter Short Cuts & Hot Tip Live Hacks or How a Pair of Socks Will Save You!! Please provide us with all details of your order including your name, the order number, products to be returned and the original delivery address. We will refund the full price of the products including any initial 'Standard' delivery costs as soon as possible following your notice of cancellation, no later than within 14 days.
We may withhold reimbursement until we have received the goods back or you have supplied evidence of having sent back the goods, whichever is earliest. That way, your kit will be more portable and each person can personalize his or her own grab-and-go emergency kit. Plan and keep some of those items needed in a rubbermaid tote to have easy access all in one spot, when you will need to hunker down and stay at home in the cold. Equipped with additional components like folding shovels, hand warmers, and solar blankets, our winter car survival kits have just the supplies needed to dig out a vehicle, jump start it, or repair a flat tire in colder temperatures. March 5, 2016Terror, Americans & Unification March 5, 2016BOYD CRAVEN III Author + Urban Farmer!

Once the product has been confirmed as faulty by the AA we will either replace the product or provide a refund; please inform us which option you prefer. Please note that non-standard (Next Day) delivery charges added at the time of your order cannot be refunded and unless otherwise directed you are responsible for the cost of 'return' delivery. Winter isn't one of them, but in the instance your car experiences an accident from skidding on black ice or breaks down near a snow bank, be equipped with the right supplies to repair, dig out, or restart your vehicle. Don't be ill-prepared for the ice and snow; face the weather with one of our winter emergency car kits.
If we receive an order after 2pm for a next day delivery this order will be dispatched the following working day. If you live in areas that are hit with winter storms you hopefully will already be prepared with your supplies. Please note that 'next working day' orders placed before 2pm on Friday afternoon will be delivered the following Monday (except bank holidays). For those that are in other areas, but still have winter every year, it is a good idea A to always have an emergency kit ready..
Keep it in a backpack, duffle bag or suitcase with wheels, in an easy-to-reach, accessible place, such as your front-hall closet. Orders placed after 2:00pm on Friday afternoons, or on Saturday or Sunday will be dispatched on the following Monday and delivered on Tuesday (except bank holidays).

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