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Two years ago, just days after we brought our quadruplets home from the NICU, we had a crazy storm with big tornadoes that found us all piled in the basement with monitors, oxygen tanks, home health nurses, and the mailman. As I pack my box for the season, I try to think in terms of entertaining my two-year-old quadruplets in the basement for 30 minutes while the siren is going off, but also making sure they have enough diapers to last a couple of days if the house blows away. I've had several people email and ask me to just tell them which essential oil company I went with.
About six weeks ago, Sean and I were sitting on the couch after he returned home from work.
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The information on this Web site is general in nature and is not intended as a substitute for competent legal advice. Click the comic to see the full-sized version, or click here to see the full Worst Case Scenarios infographic. Yes that’s what I am gonna do, get out of my truck, lay on the ground next to it and wait for it to land on me. Oh and make sure you log it because DOT will be patrolling after the storm to make sure there is 100% operator compliance.
The safest place is always a building with a reinforced tornado shelter (such as a sturdy house or office building with a basement or tornado cellar). A US Xpress driver survived getting blown off an overpass by an EF-5 tornado in Moore, Oklahoma by doing the technique I just described. Is there more info on that because they don’t mention him using the technique you mention.
Our hearts go out to the people of Moore, Oklahoma and the horrible tragedy they’re recovering from. Being aware is nothing if you don’t put some serious consideration into how to react to potential dangers. For my family, I used Snagit to draw a simplified blueprint of our house and annotated it with simple notes to indicate proper procedures. TechSmith's suite of screen recording and video editing tools lets you make great content and collaborate with anyone. As a rule, when Environment Canada issues a tornado warning, radio stations broadcast it immediately. Small objects such as sticks and straws can become lethal weapons when driven by a tornado's winds. Obviously, if the worst case scenario happens, I'm hoping we can make it to a family member's house or a shelter that same day, but I really don't want my kids walking around in poopy diapers for hours on end if I can help it. He covers real estate, gas prices and the economy and has reported extensively on negative-option sales. Much shorter in duration than a hurricane, a tornado can be just as deadly and cause more destruction.On May 3, 1999 a deadly series of tornadoes tore through Oklahoma, killing 40 people and causing nearly 700 injuries. This does NOT work if the Tornado is coming at you, coming from behind you, or touches down on top of you.

If it’s crossing the road IN FRONT OF YOU, stop your vehicle and get into a ditch BEHIND where you park. However, in a pinch, you may be able to get into the deep freezer, shower room, rest room or under a counter at a truck stop to ride out the storm.
A Basement or storm cellar is the safest place you can be, followed by the cab of your truck, and then finally a ditch or truck stop cooler as a last resort. If you carry and use a bike or motorcycle helmet in that worst case scenario, your chances of survival increase dramatically. It doesn’t take long, and it isn’t totally accurate architecturally, but it gets the point across!
Practicing your plan is the ultimate way to ensure that it’s been understood, and it also helps to make your family confident in their ability to get to a safe place. If you are at the office or in an apartment building, take shelter in an inner hallway or room, ideally in the basement or the ground floor.
Our kids were infants at the time, so our tornado box was full of bottles, formula, bibs, and other infant items. Using a laundry basket, I should be able to whip through the house and collect everything quickly since a lot of these items are in the same locations.
This blog started as a way to keep our friends and family in the loop during our pregnancy and has been continued as a way to document our crazy, wonderful, blessed life!
The contents of this site may not be republished, reprinted, rewritten or recirculated without written permission.
Then, while staying in your vehicle, duck BELOW the dashboard and put (or leave) your seat belt on. I would recommend you stay inside the cab, duck BELOW the dashboard and keep the seat belt or bunk restraint on instead of getting into the ditch in certain circumstances. We had a brush with tornadoes ourselves earlier this week, and, as crazy storms continue to rock the nation, we’ve taken it as a reminder to work on revising our own emergency plans here at TechSmith HQ.
In the case of life-threatening weather, the possibility of miscommunication is an unimaginable risk.
Because we have yet to develop the technologies necessary to prevent natural disasters, knowing what signs to look for is one of the best advantages that a person can have. Whichever of the countless routes you take, be sure that whatever you do is clear and easily understood. Creating a digital plan makes it easily reproducible, meaning you can print a copy for everyone and ensure that it will never get lost. The simple act of practicing will help to foster calmness and clear minds in the event of an actual emergency.
I'm sure part of it has to do with him being from the Midwest, and me being from southern New Mexico where tornadoes are unheard of. Hot, humid weather is often common but so is a clash of temperature extremes, when two fronts collide.
We thought we might share some tips for family preparedness in the face of inclement weather in the hopes that it will inspire you to revise your own plans at home, or in the workplace.

Great care should be taken to ensure the safety of your loved ones, and because making an emergency plan doesn’t take a lot of effort, you’ve got no excuse for not having one, capiche? Taking the time to research warning signs and preparation tips for everything from earthquakes to pandemics, and keeping yourself informed gives you a huge advantage.
Ask your family for input, questions, and concerns to make the plan the best that it can be. Address all of these questions and more in your plan reviews, and see that everyone is accounted for. When these conditions exist it is wise to keep eyes and ears on weather bulletins.In addition, your eyes and ears can tell you that conditions are ripe for a tornado. Locate emergency shelters in your area, and consider consulting with your neighbors to create a neighborhood plan.
According to the NOAA Storm Prediction Center in Norman, Okla., you might observe strong, persistent rotation in the base of a cloud. In the event of an emergency, it is very important to remember that communication is key to ensuring everyone’s safesty! You might also see whiling dust or debris on the ground, minutes before a funnel forms.A forming tornado will often produce hail and heavy rain – and then suddenly, the wind dies down and the sun comes out. An approaching storm will many times turn the sky an eerie shade of green.Night tornadoesTornadoes that strike at night are particularly deadly because so many people are asleep and can't see the approaching storm. A tornado is usually accompanied by a loud, continuous roar or rumble.You may also see small, bright blue-green to white flashes near ground level.
That is usually a sign of snapping power lines and the approach of a funnel cloud.Regardless of the time of day, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) advises anyone in the path of a suspected tornado to take shelter immediately“The key to surviving a tornado and reducing the risk of injury lies in planning, preparing, and practicing what you and your family will do if a tornado strikes,” the CDC says.
Although there is no completely safe place during a tornado, some locations are much safer than others.”A basement or shelter below ground will be the safest. Crouch as low as possible in a small center room, under a stairwell or an interior hallway.If possible, cover yourself with thick padding, like a mattress. Lying in a bath tub might offer a shell of partial protection.After the stormOnce a tornado has passed conditions can still be dangerous. If you have suffered damage or injuries, keep family members together and wait for emergency personnel.
If you can safely render aid to someone who is injured, do so.Damage from the storm can pose a serious threat threat long after the tornado has left the area.
Also, I think I'm going to buy those tattoo stickers with contact information on them that you can put on your child.
Watch your step, since broken glass, nails and other sharp objects could be everywhere.Don't go into heavily damaged buildings since they could collapse at any time.
Find a working radio, TV or smartphone and get instruction from local officials and news about the storm.If you live in the Midwest or Great Plains, two areas at high risk of spring tornadoes, it's a good idea to assemble a disaster preparedness kit for the season.

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