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Natural Disaster Facts elaborate the information about the disaster occurred on earth caused by the harsh nature. Do you know that there were 12 cases of extreme temperature, 154 cases of floods and 16 cases of drought in the world in 2011?
One of the common natural disasters faced by the people who live in the coast, beaches or ocean is Tsunami. The death toll because of natural disaster occurred between 2000 and 2012 was around 1.1 million people. One of the most widespread natural disasters in the world which can kill people and damage the facilities is flood.
Hurricane Mitch facts give the interesting information about one of the deadliest hurricanes in the world.
Haiti Earthquake facts provide the information about the earthquake damaged the country few years ago.
Today, the largest earthquake in Japan’s history devastated the eastern coast of the country, accompanied by a towering tsunami.

Looking to the extraordinary dimension of this earthquake and tsunami, LCIF is providing more than US$1.25 million, or 100 million Yen, for immediate relief for Japan.
Your financial support of your Foundation for earthquake and tsunami relief is critical to meeting the immediate and long-term needs of the most vulnerable families. In 4C3, we are very active in the youth exchange program and host Japanese youth every summer, and we stay in contact over the years.
The thought that has occurred to me is that if EVERY LION on the planet could find it possible to personally donate the equivalent of $100 (US or CDN) it would enrich the LCIF contribution substantially. Thank you for your comment, ideas and for letting us know about your club’s very generous donation. The people had to lose $371 billion.¬† In 2012, people had to experience the damage which cost more than $100 billion. Those included droughts, storms, hail storms, floods, hurricanes, wildfires, typhoons, tornadoes and earthquake. As always, Lions and LCIF are among the first to respond, bringing aid to the people affected by this disaster.

This includes a major catastrophe grant, six emergency grants and designated donations from Lions worldwide.
Please consider supporting LCIF for this initiative and giving hope to those who are suffering. Our club has been involved with a Japanese Memorial Garden for years, and we have a deep affinity for the Japanese people.
Do you know that earthquake actually can trigger other natural disasters such as landslides, avalanches and tsunamis? LCIF is also in communication with Lions in Japan and affected countries to assess additional needs, and has established a designated fund for Lions to directly support this disaster.

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