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Survival 101When a storm strikes, stay indoors and avoid strenuous physical activities that might overexert you.
A basic survival item, bottled drinking water should be stocked in abundance, whether you're at home or on the road, going to another secure location. If you lose Internet connectivity on your cell phone or the power goes out, a battery-powered radio will help you get the latest weather reports. Like food, it is wise to store enough prescription medication that'll last you for a few days. 2) Immediately dial 911 to provide your location, condition of everyone in the car, and information on whether anyone is in need of immediate medical attention.
Living in regions where winter storms are a common existence for its residents can be tough. Having the right items in a storm survival kit can mean all the difference in the aftermaths of a major storm.
Making sure there are adequate supplies of water, nonperishable foods, batteries and medicines can make a storm a bit easier to weather, Andrews says [source: DiPino].
If you're making a kit, we'll tell you the 10 essential items you need to include in it next. Woot may designate a user comment as a Quality Post, but that doesn't mean we agree with or guarantee anything said or linked to in that post. Clicking each of one of these takes you to technical information, tips to make things easier, and supplies you need for each category. Click here to view links to other valuable information to help you, your family, and your home prepare and survive the next storm event.
This web site is owned and operated by Woodstock Hardware,A an independently owned, Do-it Best, hardware store located in Woodstock, New York. Now that hurricane season is upon us, my family has been getting pretty serious about storm preparation.
These days we are sure to keep extra batteries in our home in the event that we lose power or experience a natural disaster. We recently headed over to our local Walmart store to buy some extra Duracell Copper Top Batteries for our storm survival kit.
Now, we make sure our flashlights, lanterns, and radios all have a fresh pack of Duracell Batteries to accompany them. Since we live an era where we are so electronic dependent, I went with low key activities to keep my kids busy during a storm.
What are some activities your children or family partake in, in the event of a power outage, or storm? I have an emergency kit packed in my closet in case of emergency and it’s FILLED with stuff to keep the kids busy! We have a similar lantern that we grab whenever there is a storm or the lights flicker – great job! What a great way to teach your kids about emergencies, and I love what you included in the box! We lose power fairly often when storms roll around, so we keep Duracell batteries on hand for all of our weather radios and flashlights! We love to tell funny stories and make animal shapes with our hands and fingers by flashlight. Includes: matches, candle, sugar, salt, tea, bouillon, wire, whistle, paper, pencil, cord, compass, foil, polybag, mirror, plastic tube tarp, knife and survival brochure.
Food: Food that requires no cooking or refrigeration such as bread, crackers, cereal, canned foods, and dried fruits. Water: In case water pipes freeze or rupture, keep a supply of tap water or purchase bottled water.

Identification: Make sure to keep forms of identification with you such as social security card, passport, photo ID, and driver’s license. Wear loose, lightweight clothes to keep yourself warm and dry.Winter storms can neither be predicted nor controlled. With the advancement in technology, you can easily find flashlights that provide different types of lighting systems for specific uses.
There are ready-made kits available in drugstores, or you can purchase one from the chemist.
However, keep plenty of matches and candles at home in case the flashlights or lanterns suddenly give out or run out of batteries. So, if you are going to move or have recently moved to such an area, it's always a smart move to be prepared. While the path of hurricanes and nor'easters can be predicted, other storms often blow up out of nowhere, catching people by surprise. I didn't have any batteries for the 10 flashlights I seemingly accumulated over the years, nor did I have enough canned food.
After researching dozens of private and government sites, we created a comprehensive assortment of the best, quality products and supplies you need.
Vince Christofora, recognized in a national hardware magazine for his storm survival know-how, tells all. At Woodstock Hardware we paired some of the most needed supplies to survive a storm, and when you buy the pair you save $$$. Valuable storm preparedness and survival information has been compiled by many Federal and State agencies, as well as universities and product manufacturers.
A few years ago, we were thrown off by Super Storm Sandy and had to be without power, and basic amenities for way too long.
With three kids, losing power is certainly not ideal, but with the right items in our storm survival kit, we can rough it out!
We found Duracell Batteries located in convenient end cap displays near the electronics and toy departments. We were depending on a battery operated radio to keep track of the storm, and connect with the outside world.
In fact, thanks to the dependability of Duracell, our camping lantern we recently purchased will provide 144 hours of light! Things like coloring by the lantern, or reading a book are activities that will draw our family close. We keep most of our emergency supplies in our basement, because we are most likely to have a tornado, but we keep flashlights throughout the house in the event of a basic power outage. This basic storm survival kit contains Candles, lanterns, batteries, lighter and tub stopper, which all fit in 10.5 gal Tough Tote keeping all of your storm basics secured with a padlockable latch. Although there has been quite an advancement in weather forecasting techniques, no one can be completely sure as to what Mother Nature will swing our way.
While going through the image and list below, make notes on a notepad or bookmark this article for future reference.
Hence, it's a good practice to have bottles or gallon jugs filled with drinking water for everyone in the house. In order to make this time bearable, you can keep yourself energized and full with dried fruits, crackers, energy bars, granola bars, jerky, nuts, and other snacks. Apart from this, you should also have a few battery-powered flashlights in case the power goes out. However, as an inspection from your side, make sure it contains a box of adhesive dressing, antiseptic lotion, cotton wool, bandages, antihistamine cream, tweezers, gauze bandages, aspirin, oral thermometer, scissors, antiseptic wipes, and non-latex gloves. If there is no heat or the weather conditions become adverse, you will at least have enough blankets for everyone to ward off the cold.

If, for any unavoidable reasons, you have to leave your home to go to a more secure location, or are already outside when the storm hits, follow these survival tips.
Apart from these, you should also keep a car cell phone charger, sleeping bags, jumper cables, pocket knife, shovel, signal flares, tow rope, windshield scraper, rock salt, whistle, and a bright-colored cloth (for signaling). Ask for advice from your neighbors so that you can educate yourself and your family members on how to be safe. Andrews, who works at a local medical center in Delray, travels the area talking to people to make sure they're prepared for the worst Mother Nature has to offer.
Luckily, the power never went out in my neighborhood, although the chain saw came in handy. These products will help you prepare, survive and clean up after the next major storm event.
To help you prepare and survive the next storm event, Woodstock Hardware has assembled a list of valuable references - we've compiled the best, from the best - for your review and use.
We were younger, and never really thought to have a storm survival kit of sorts in case of an emergency. Things like Duracell Batteries, and a camping lantern can turn even the worst situation into a time for family bonding.
This reliable battery brand is now the only brand we actually trust in our home for things like our carbon monoxide detector, smoke alarms, flashlights and more! Well, don’t you know our radio died rather quickly, and left us with no forms of communication?
It will be perfect for the mock indoor camping activities our children will partake in, in the event of a storm.
Sometimes it seems that power outages produce the best opportunities for family bonding because everyone is disconnected from technology. We spend most of our time reading to the kids when the power goes out, so I should probably have a few special books with everything else.
Plenty of room to add more items available at Woodstock Hardware; your storm essentials one stop shop. So, instead of being caught off guard, it's best to prepare for the worst, and keep the following 11 items in your home to survive a winter storm. As an added precaution, and if you have access to the Internet, download the national or local weather channel's apps to keep yourself updated.
Finalize a safe spot to meet if anyone gets separated, and develop an emergency communication plan with family members, friends, neighbors, and other community members in case someone gets separated. Not only does she speak of a storm's potential hazards, but she also emphasizes that each household prepare a storm survival kit [source: DiPino]. Experts say a storm kit is essential because you might need to survive on your own in an emergency. Buying dollar store batteries for emergency kits is one big no-no..learned that the hard way! Pitching a pretend fort, or tent in the family room is the perfect time for kid’s to play and color by the lantern, and stay occupied. Be sure to check the model of the flashlights and lanterns, and purchase the right batteries for each. Your gas, water, sewage treatment or telephone service might not work after a storm [source: FEMA]. I know my kids love every excuse to get out their sleeping bags, and pillows; why not during a storm?

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