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The All Better NowTM Standard First Aid Kit consists of a compact, multi-compartment, durable medical bag containing 47 of the following first aid supplies appropriate for treating common childhood problems.
First aid kits and the skills of your first aid attendants could mean life or death in extreme situations. Check your province’s local requirements for first aid kits, training programs, procedures and more to ensure complete compliance to government regulations. Safety News You Can UseA construction company was fined $50,000 when two temporary workers were injured after steel sheets fell on them. Safety News You Can UseA company was fined $80,000 after a worker suffered injuries from falling into a storage bin that collapsed while it was being pushed.
The Medikit Standard Range Workplace First Aid Kits have content compliant with BS-8599 and represents excellent value. Stress can weaker our immune systems, leading to many health concerns, a weakened immune system, greater susceptibility to anxiety and depression, heart disease and tension-related disorders like tension headaches. One way to reduce your own stress levels is to develop your own resilience by taking a proactive stance against stress and helping others in the process.Reach out to at risk children in our community via mentoring before kids join a gang, commit crimes or end up with substance abuse problems.
Some of Working Well Massage client companies encourage their employees to volunteer at Charter schools and with at risk children.
Our staff works hard to set up the most compatible matches, and provides mentors with training, support and encouragement to help foster a meaningful mentoring friendship. To ensure successful, impactful matches, Friends First staff offers support above and beyond what is provided in typical mentoring programs. To learn more about the Friends First mentoring program, please e-mail or call Mercy Home at 312-738-7552.
About 5 girls are on the mentoring Wait List at any one time, but as many as 75 boys may wait to be matched with a mentor. One of the challenges that the Friends First mentoring program faces is that it works best when female mentors are paired with girls, and male mentors are paired with boys. From the Mercy Home Website FAQs: Some children are in need of a caring friend to help, but may not have issues that rise to the level of seriousness that they require placement in a residential setting like Mercy Home.
Mentors help children like these gain self-confidence and direction, and resist negative peer pressure. 91 matches (match meaning one mentor and one youth) were supported last year in the Friends First program.
The common thread that connects children to Mercy Home is that they have experienced trauma and that they are committed to changing their lives.
Disclaimer: I received this first aid kit for free from a product representative from Magid that asked me to review his products.
The First Aid Kit from Johnson & Johnson is more of a home consumer kit and has a handy handle for easy portability to an injured person or accident site.
The kit from Magid is geared more towards the workplace, but is basically the same size and contains many of the same items as the J&J kit. Both first aid contain many of the same items, but one thing I liked about the Magid kit was that in an emergency situation, all the products inside the kit were clearly labeled in large point type and color coded. The tweezers in the Magid First Aid Kit are hard plastic versus metal, but worked well and were easy to handle for tasks like removing bee stings (and likely to remove splinters, another common first aid need). Blue plastic tweezers in sterile plastic wrap, easy to access in a hurry in Magid’s Firs Aid Kit.
One thing missing from the Magid kit that was in the Johnson & Johnson kit was a tongue depressor which can also be used to splint broken fingers.
I’ve been taking Pilates lessons from Jacob Greathouse for the past few months and I love how it’s working for me!
Jacob Greathouse, founder of be fitness & wellness embodying fitness and wellness every day! Jacob grew up in Louisiana but you would never know because he barely has a Southern accent after living in Chicago for the past several years. Jacob also recently graduated from the New School of Massage and is now a Licensed Massage Therapist.
Between Pilates, fitness classes and his own Ironman training, Jacob’s abs are strong enough to demo Pilates moves in excellent form! Jacob currently is completing his training in Pilates instruction at Body Endeavors, a beautiful very spacious studio in Lincoln Park on Halsted  near the Lincoln Park Whole Foods Market. Jacob Greathouse demonstrates every move he expects me to do which greatly helps me understand where to position my body in a Pilates exercise.

Working Well Massage is partnering with Balance & Harmony Massage to bring chair massage to  the Palatine Whole Foods Market on Saturdays from 11am to 3pm. Palatine Whole Foods Market is located at 1331 North Rand Rd in Palatine,  Illinois  60074-2922. Dawn Mucha of Balance & Harmony Massage, located in Schaumberg is going to be providing massages on Saturdays at the Palatine store.
Hours: Dawn will be giving relaxing massages from 11am to 3pm on Saturdays in the Whole Body section of the store. Before your massage begins, let the therapist know how long you’d like the massage to last and any areas that are bothering you. Stop by the Palatine Whole Foods and try out Dawn’s relaxing massages on Saturdays in October. For more information, contact Working Well Massage or contact Dawn directly at Balance & Harmony at 847-452-8987. I read magazines daily and yet with my schedule,  it takes me a while to get through all the magazines I like (and then longer to find time to blog about them).
More on our inner ecosystem, bacterial roommates and life savers in the New York Times article, Tending the Body’s Microbial Garden, By Carl Zimmer  here. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email.
Having a first aid kit in your car is a very important saftey measure that might save your life in case of an emergency. Ask anyone who has ever worked retail, and they will tell you just how easy it is to spend hard-earned cash on the copious amount of items they are surrounded by during their work day. This entry was posted in Home, Organization Tips and tagged in first aid kit, how to, storage boxes. All Safety Products, based in Perth WA are leading stockists specialising in First Aid Kits, Fire Extinguishers, Fire Blankets, Medical Supplies, Emergency Kits, Safety Products and Signage. Even with all the precautionary measures in place to prevent accidents, you have to accept the fact that they do happen.
The law ensures that workers receive immediate care in case of workplace injury or illness.
According to British Columbia’s Work Safe BC website, a basic workplace first aid kit should be stored in a dry environment and easily accessible to the workers. Here’s a list of official government sites that specifiy the regulations for workplace first aid kits. Three workers were moving the cart that contained sheets of 18-gauge steel that were not secured to the cart. A Ministry of Labour investigation uncovered that the side of the bin the worker was pushing had latches that are designed to collapse the bins for shipping.
The next step is to build a hazard control program that will effectively protect workers from exposure to those hazards. Being a mentor gives you the chance to strengthen your own knowledge by teaching another, develop support networks working with other volunteers, improve your leadership skills, and feel good about helping another person! You’ll have an impact on a child simply by going on fun outings to parks, zoos, museums and more. Mentors come from all adult age groups and all walks of life, but are united by their desire to make a difference in the lives of young people.
Currently, most of those who volunteer to become mentors are women.  Mercy Home needs more men to step up and guide a child. Appropriately, while they participate in the Friends First mentoring program, they live at home with their own families. They give of their time and take these young people to places like ball games, museums, parks and more. While we were walking into a quaint general store in search of ice cream, my 16-year-old nephew was stung by a bee! I agreed with the caveat that I would provide an objective review and would tell my loyal readers about the free first aid swag (valued at $25). I was able to find the tweezers, instant ice pack and insect sting pad in seconds when my nephew was in pain. I’d prefer 2-3 tongue depressors in my first aid kit and I ended up adding them to the Magid kit myself for future outings. Note that it includes eye wash, CPR shield, burn dressing  and nitrile gloves (for those that are allergic to latex).

As a long time yoga practitioner, I appreciate Jacob’s attention to detail and the way he is raising my awareness of specific muscle groups and body movements in our Pilates sessions.
Working Well Massage is testing out the new location to determine if we need to add more days and hours of massage for our suburban relaxation fans. If someone else is already receiving a massage when you arrive, simply sign in and wait your turn. Be sure to let him or her know if you have any medical contraindications such as high or low blood pressure, pregnancy, or fever.
Then let us know what you think!  Do you want more massage in this location or are you so relaxed already in your life that you can’t even type a reply? However, in an effort to reduce confusion by our new clients, Working Well Massage has turned over operation of the chair massage station at this location to our partner company, Balance & Harmony Massage. It is more like a complex ecosystem—a social network—containing trillions of bacteria and other microorganisms that inhabit our skin, genital areas, mouth and especially intestines. This first aid kit is perfect for a larger office environment or workplace with more employees. Please note theA list of contents in the basic first aid kit.A We have stock readily on hand of the blue and red basic first aid kits. All our products are made to Australian Standards from the leading suppliers across Australia.
Are you ready to respond in the event of a medical emergency? Do you have your first aid kit?
Check out some of the success stories of past Mercy Home Kids, including the story of a young man who went on to become a Chicago Police Officer himself!
And you and your mentee will have opportunities to attend group events with other mentors too. Our staff is on a first-name basis with every mentor and child and considers all of our families and volunteers to be part of the Mercy Home community. They may come from economically-struggling single-parent households or from neighborhoods with limited recreational and learning opportunities.
A small detail but in this age of infection and since plastic tweezers can’t be sterilized via fire, an important detail!
I’ve known Jacob for a few years now, having first met him as a personal trainer and then working with him to help me improve my swim strokes and water aerobics techniques. My mother, a former college athlete and coach, instilled the importance of health and exercise. At be, we work with you and develop a plan to set realistic, balanced and challenging goals. Working Well Massage continues to support the efforts of the new chair massage business in Palatine. This great kit comes in a green and white plastic case and can be branded with a company logo. These promotional first aid kit bags can be printed with your company logo to show your clients that you care.
Many of these young people may never have had ventured outside of their own neighborhood prior to their involvement with Friends First.
In an industrial or office situation or even for children at home, being able to clean someone’s eye if it comes into contact with a substance requiring eye flushing is essential.
I really enjoy working with Jacob because he  knows his anatomy, is super patient and nonjudgmental and he approaches each session with enthusiasm and a sense of humor. This combination of spirituality and physical health lead to my search for a more integrative approach to life and wellness as they work hand in hand with each other. I continued developing the spiritual side through my college education and continued the physical side through years as an Emergency Medical Technician and a Personal Trainer. They benefit just by experiencing new things, seeing new parts of the city, and having a friend to lend an ear and lead by example. We have worked with customers in all sectors including mining, hospitals, manufacturing, gyms, offices, retail shops, tourism and hospitality to provide the safety products they need.
We were able to remove the stinger, care for his wound and continue on to our next adventure!
We ship countrywide to all major cities including Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Canberra, Adelaide, Darwin, Hobart, Broome, Newcastle, Kalgoorlie.

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