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Please confirm or modify the email address to which you will have subscription offers sent. If you need a place to go to escape a dangrous situation, please click here to find a safe place near you. To help get the word out and put fallout shelters in their historical context, they have created District Fallout, a Web site devoted to fallout shelters and local Cold War history.
Among the more interesting features of the site are the map of fallout shelters in 1965 and the video below. According to Landmark Committee member Adam Irish, initial surveys of buildings designated as fallout shelters indicate that just 5-10% of shelter signs have survived.

You can read more about this at GreaterGreaterWashington and see an inventory of greater Park View area fallout shelter locations and current sign status is after the jump. While the Park View School no longer has its signs, I have found evidence of three signs, which are illustrated below.
I think there is a real bunker type shelter at the new Haynes charter school on Kansas Ave – I wish I had taken a picture. A few members on the Landmarks Committee are trying to preserve fallout shelter signs in D.C. In doing a survey of signs in the immediate area surrounding Park View, 5 out of approximately 20 signs still exist, or 25%.

The terrifying significance of the sign has since faded as well, but not its historical importance.

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