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Getting ready for labor is one of the most important parts of preparing for your baby’s arrival. Practicing relaxation during your pregnancy is an excellent way to prepare for natural birth. Champion athletes use visualization to see themselves winning – you can use the same techniques to see your ideal birth.
Good childbirth education has been proven to help women have more success with natural birth. Remember that doing a quick read-through of a book or watching natural birth videos online isn’t the same as a good childbirth class. You’ve heard that breastfeeding is natural, and that women still need support and may want guidance as they nurse their babies.
I’ve created a checklist of practical natural pain relief suggestions so you can move past discomfort and focus on working with your baby during birthing. I don’t think that having an epidural has made you any less of a woman or mother or any of that nonsense.
Having a strong reason why giving birth without medications is important to you can help you overcome that, especially in the moment.
If you picked an epidural last time you probably didn’t really focus on how to work with a natural labor at all, so what you experienced before the medications kicked in may have been really overwhelming.
When you focus on working with your baby during labor, you assist your baby in these movements. When it comes to childbirth, we understand why there’s discomfort: after all, your pelvis is moving, your cervix is opening, your uterus (fundus) is thickening, and a baby is coming through!
Having help and strategies (tips, techniques, methods… whatever you want to call them) to use during labor is important.
Working with baby also safeguards the hormonal process of labor, and when you understand and advocate for that environment for yourself and your baby, things move more smoothly. You can work with your baby too, and that’s a great focus to have during your birthing time. Natural birth gives you and your baby so many advantages, so keep reminders of your baby close to you. You wouldn’t run a marathon or climb a mountain without doing some training, and birth is an athletic event just like that.
You may be surprised by just how close your baby’s birthday comes to what you’ve been picturing! Reading the experiences of other women who have birthed in many different places and situations is empowering and inspiring. I’ve reviewed and attended a lot of childbirth classes and they’re not all created equal! Close7 Ways To Preparing For Natural Birth When you change the way you view birth, the way you birth will change.
Is natural childbirth just a matter of trusting your body, or are there more ways to prepare?
But you can overcome those things with positive conditioning, such as prepared birthing classes, reading birth stories, and watching videos of great drug-free labors.
Visualizing what you want is important, too – it’s a free practice session for childbirth!

I’ve found relaxation and visualization to be simple, yet very powerful, tools in my birth preparation. You might not believe that you have a clue on how to give natural birth to your baby, but the reality is that your body already knows how.So is there anything you can do to improve your chances of a successful birth experience?
Read books that support your choice to have a healthy, aware pregnancy and a natural birth. While home birth is the right choice for me and my family, the majority of women choose to give birth in the hospital, and they should be just as empowered to give birth naturally there as if they were in their own homes.There are many reasons moms-to-be might choose to have a natural birth in a hospital. Get Daily Slideshow newsletterDaily Slideshow Newsletter is the way to get the best picture shows of the day in your inbox.Subscribe nowSLIDESHOW HOMENATION & WORLD SLIDESHOW HOMEREPLAYDid you like "Japan conducts annual disaster drill to prepare for natural disasters" slideshow?
Research about natural birth and all the options availableKnowledge is power, if you can do only one thing on this list, this will be it. Choosing the way you want to give birth will give you control, even if things do not go exactly as planned you will still understand your options and that in itself will help keep you calm and collected.Research will shed light about what is available out there and what resonates best with you.
He managed to make it very clear {without scaring or forcing me} that he would feel more safe and comfortable and relaxed if I could birth in a hospital.There were some major drawbacks leading up to, during and after both of my births.
This type of research is a good idea not only for women that are preparing for natural birth but for all women giving birth.2. From the moment my daughter was born in 2005, I knew my daughter wanted to be on me and unwrapped, but the nurses kept objecting. Read books and positive stories about natural birthUnfortunately for most mothers-to-be most of the stories that people tend to share about births are those of complications and fear. From the moment my son was born in 2008, I knew he wanted to be bundled and laid down in the bassinet to sleep. Because drama sells, people want attention, and stories about how everything went wonderfully are not as interesting.But fortunately, reality is different. Get a labor support team readyWhen preparing for natural birth, getting a support team ready is the key. With my first baby, I felt like the whole hospital was trying to give me a crash course in parenting before I checked out. Your support team is extremely important, and we are not only talking about people who will be present during birth, but also with whom you share your preparations and who looks over your health and guides you during your pregnancy. The mound of paperwork and information on how to be a good modern mommy that they sent home with me must have axed a whole tree! They kept coming in to go over the information, have me sign things, be sure I knew how to change a diaper… and each time the shift changed, I could swear the next nurse would act like I was brainless all over again.
It can be a doctor, a midwife, a team of the two or any other variation, but you should feel completely comfortable.If you feel uneasy, dump them, and look for another one.
This is a pretty important piece in the puzzle and you should not compromise for fear of making waves. Everybody is different and what you feel is best for you during your labor should be respected despite what any family member thinks.Some women like the idea of being surrounded by a big number of people while others prefer a quiet intimate setting with the minimum amount of bodies present.
I was convinced I needed to squat deep, because that was the mantra back then, but my tight hamstrings make my booty tuck too much in a deep squat which closes my outlet and caused me an episiotomy with my first and a 1-year recovery with my second.I wish I had known how to belly breathe like I teach women now how to activate their core while relaxing their pelvic floor, and how to wrap my own tummy so it healed faster. It can be your partner, a family member or even a professional Doula.In some places you can even find volunteer doulas. Nothing has ever left me feeling so crazy in love and torn apart as becoming a mother.The sensation of a body turning to find her slithering, burning way out into my waiting arms is like none other.

This person has to be able to keep calm and tuned-in to you, and also understand that during labor your needs might change and they need to mold and change with you.
During labor YOU are the superstar, all the attention should be on you and your needs and anybody that might interfere with that needs to be waiting someplace else.4. After all, how blessed are we to have it available to save lives and ease a grueling birth? Enroll on a natural childbirth classFor some, the classes might seem like overkill; didn’t you say that my body already knows what to do? Well, yes, but natural birth classes are not really about teaching you how to birth, but more about informing you on what to expect.If you know what’s coming, and that there are several variations that are still normal, you won’t panic.
Y’all know how my heart did the happy dance then, but I knew that was my chance to speak some truth to her. Also, going to these classes with your birth partner will increase the bond and the understanding between the two of you and the confidence in your ability to have a beautiful birth experience.You will get to ask questions and you will probably learn of options and things you did not even know existed. Another advantage I found in the classes was the birth videos.As a first-time mother-to-be I found myself cringing less and less with each video.
I saw past the pushes and realized how happy all the moms were the instant they saw their baby?all of them forgetting immediately any struggle they had just experienced. Learn about natural pain-coping techniquesThis is the part that most women are hesitant about when they hear the term natural birth. She is passionate about standing in the gap for those who have been led to believe that they will always look pregnant or will always leak when exercising.
They believe that the pain will be too much and they prefer the idea of somebody just taking the pain away. It is more like pressure and discomfort than regular pain and it is completely gone after each contraction.I spent a lot of time laboring under a warm shower and gave birth in the tub, and the water and freedom of movement made things much easier on me. I was asked the day after having the baby if I would have a natural non-medicated birth again, and my answer was a strong Yes!, it was amazing and empowering!It is believed that the main cause of pain during birth is not the physical changes your body goes through but the presence of fear. If a woman is fearful during labor, her brain will send signals of distress to the rest of the body, tensing muscles and interrupting the normal flow of neurotransmitters and this will interfere with a smooth labor.If you are calm your body will naturally produces pain relievers, and you will feel as if you were medicated somewhat, without the negative side-effects.
You have to start trusting in how perfect your body is and how powerful your mind really is.6. The level of activity you can muster has a lot to do with the level of activity your body was used to prior to pregnancy. I feel like sharing birth stories helps so much in terms of women supporting each other and feeling prepared to give birth in whatever circumstances they end up with. This will help you maintain that sense of control you will need even amidst the excitement and nervousness that the birth brings with it. The more you understand about birth and know about preparing for natural birth, the more you will convince yourself of your ability as a woman to make giving birth a wonderful and transformational experience.Remember that when giving birth you are not only bringing a child earth-side, but you are at the same time birthing yourself into motherhood. She has been an ecological educator for Zoos and aquariums, and has been and continues to be involved in several charitable projects and organizations.

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